UPDATE: Darren Sammy bows out of test cricket



Darren Sammy, the island’s first international cricketer, has formally informed the West Indies Cricket Board of his retirement from test cricket.

Sammy’s decision follows news earlier this morning (May 9, 2014) that he had been axed as the West Indies Team’s test captain. His fellow team player Trinidadian, Denesh Ramdin replaces him as test captain.

The upcoming three-Test series between West Indies and New Zealand beginning on June 8 in Jamaica, would see Ramdin heading the team, ESPN Cric Info has reported.

According to ESPN Cric Info, Sammy will remain T20 captain for the West Indies and has informed the board that he will continue to make himself available for selection in ODIs.

The 31-year-old All Rounder has served as West Indies test captain since 2010.

Wicket keeper, Denesh Ramdin. *AP photo.

He made his debut in test cricket when the West Indies played against England at Machester in June 2007.


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  1. it almost seems like match fixing to me with some of the decisions the board makes with west indies cricket what a joke for the people that claim to love cricket it might take another hundred years before west indies ever play competitive cricket again u guy really suck

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  3. Sammy has made a greater captain than Gayle, Bravo, Pollard etc. When Gayle walked away from WI, Darren Sammy was there pushing the team. Nobody had any problem with Gayle's decision. the WICB still gave Gayle another chance. Right?
    Now WICB just want to be done and over with Sammy.
    But my boy you make Lucia proud and you gave WEST INDIES a new face. team#88 forever

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  5. as a St Lucian, Darren Sammy has made me proud. 1st St Lucian Cricket player, total respect!! I live in England, and since Darren Sammy has taken over the West Indies gain respect because of the leader aka Sammy. now you got Ramdin, that looks like a backward decision by the cricket board.

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  7. For those who do not understand Test Cricket has no money and has conflicting schedules with the other leagues and takes a toll on the body, due to the long times. Test Cricket is ancient and needs to be done away with.

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  9. sammy hold your head up,u are truly a leader,don't let small minded ppl break u down the lord is on your side he brought u there and will continue to brightening ur future so big up sammy and good luck

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  11. I AM FROM BARBADOS I AM ONE SAMMY BIGEST FAN the best captain we had for a sometime,he carry himself and he play the game hard and give 100% at all time when some other player was there not giving there best.I am saying thank to you Sammy for the leadership you have showing while you have been captian,you have done your best god know that and I wish you all the best as you forward.

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  13. Sammy did very well to retire from test cricket ,coz there is no way the selectors would pick him on the test team coz they always say the team is not balance because of him so good move Sammy .

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  15. Caribbean sistren

    Good luck with everything Sammy. You lead the team the way a great leader would. There has not been anyone like Sammy leading the West Indies the way he did in recent times.

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  17. Is Sammy he reason why West Indies cricket is struggling? If Sammy is not doing well as captain i would assume that it means the coach, management team, and selectors are not doing well either they would possess the same record. So the two boys from the big island Barbados and Guyana keep their work while the little boy for St. Lucia take the blame. Ramdin averaging 27 in 58 tests as a wicketkeeper batsman, Marlon Samuels 35 in 58 test, Gayle well when last he make runs, so somebody name a players that performing name one. Narine T/20 that's it. So is only sammy doing bad everybody else doing great. Give me a dam break. chuuups.

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  19. Though I am saddened by the recent decision by Darren, I'm convinced the decision is the right one and yet again proved more intellectually sound than the garbage I've read by his critics over the years. This is a man I truly respect: never met him, I am not from St. Lucia but he was a true ambassador for the Caribbean region, even if he did not bowl at 150 mph and score 10,000 test runs. His contributions were far more invaluable. I hope when he finally retires from all formats, St. Lucia offers him the opportunity to continue as a fine example to men of all ages in the region.

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  21. Lets wait to see the real (WASTE)Indies in the upcoming test

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  23. West Indies cricket is strong when Barbados cricket is strong is a proven thesis. No offense to others who make up the team but Barbados players returning to a central role in regional cricket is key to the recapture of world supremacy.

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  25. Some of you Lucians really have low self esteem, to be making reference to "big" islands "small" islands.
    If this is all some of you got to make a point, then you are reflecting your own inferiority on the grandeur of things.

    Because when you look at it, the Caribbean is just a group of poor islands who cannot even make that much of an impact "Economically" on the world stage.
    We all are a laughing stock and sitting ducks on the world stage.
    It's only in the Caribbean do we want to show each other who is this and that, because we know none of our islands "ain't" shit out there.

    So let's put things in perspective, shall we?

    As a British Philosopher said, the progress of the Caribbean and its people is hindered by Politicians.

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  27. Dat just goes to show dat all he wants to be is captain a dont want to play under anyone else being captain.

    • No it doesn't. Don't you think that he would prefer to focus on the shorter form of the game? Do you know how much pressure this man has been under? The criticism, the hatred? Do you even realize that the WICB has something against St Lucia? When was the last time we had a match at Beausejour?

    • Sammy has made a greater captain than Gayle, Bravo, Pollard etc. When Gayle walked away from WI, Darren Sammy was there pushing the team. Nobody had any problem with Gayle’s decision. the WICB still gave Gayle another chance. Right?
      Now WICB just want to be done and over with Sammy.
      But my boy you make Lucia proud and you gave WEST INDIES a new face. team#88 forever

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  29. vcn mm u,l mk i tyioio

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  31. Darren Sammy took a group of Trinis, Guyanese and Jamaicans and made them into a team. He reunited the team and brought passion back to west Indies cricket. He played the game like it should be played with passion and fight, thats why the greats like Viv Richards love him.

    But we should have seen this coming with the new CEO. We cannot hide from the fact that their is widespread insularity. We are small islands so we cannot lead, leave that for the big islands with all their arrogance. But then has anyone ever heard of servant leadership. Sammy has never placed himself above the team or the game for that matter. And for that he was criticized severely even by his own people.
    Darren, walk with your head held high, you are what many people only hope to be in life truly humble and truly a leader and moulder of men. Thanks for lifting our cricket spirits up!!!!!!!

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  33. Hey, even if we are Lucians we should not be so selfish. Sammy's days were numbered on the team. He started well but began becoming less of a test player. The position on captain on a team is not one of just name it is one of performance. It really tied the hands of selectors. St. lucia manipulated the team selection for a while by having Hunte and Ernest on management. I never forgot the day I heard Ernest say that he must make Sammy play for West Indies. I guess Sammy knows to himself that he cannot make the team so he resigned. Call a spade a spade.

    • Sammy became captain when West Indies cricket was at an all-time low. There were divisions that included narcissistic behavior on the part of important players. Behind locked doors “St. Lucian-influenced” officials pulled strings so he would lead the team. He served as a great healer even though the WI team remained on the bottom rungs. The demise of Sammy was his own doing...failure as a leader to deliver on key occasions. That has always been known to end careers. Had the skipper consistently scored high and took a few wickets in test matches, we would not be having that conversation. Would we?

      When management of any organization wishes to point in a new direction, generally, it relinquishes the present leadership. This is what has happened. Sure, Sammy is a nice person with a big heart, however, we are confusing personal and business decisions. We are thinking a big heart is enough. It is like saying the guy with the pretty outfits at work should not be fired even though his productivity is low. I would not describe Sammy as an abject failure; that he is not. Instead I look at his tenure as one holding the position and performing satisfactorily at test level. I wish Sammy luck and that St. Lucia find a place for him to mentor young players because of his wide experience. Most successful coaches are fair players in their craft but have learned the skills of motivating players. Good luck Sammy.

    • Wam there, wam there? tell me who on that team is performing? tell me who is consistent? the great Gayle is a failure. That's right i said it, he is a failure. marlon samuels plays when he wants. the team could not bat four days. you give a guy a disfunctional company and expect miracles? Really? what Sammy did with that team is remarkable. remember the embarassment of 2007? before and after the world cup. it was about the players and their earnings not west indies cricket.

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  35. The man bow out gracefully knowing that his chance to ever make the side again is slim to none. He ought to be remembered for his exuberance and passion. He fought valiantly and brought some respectability at a time when Windies cricket was deteriorating badly.

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  37. Man from the East

    Sammy is a limited cricketer he got lucky in the right place at the right time and made some money as a result. St. Lucia is not known to produce cricketers maybe his example may lead to a few more locals improving their game.

    • It is so sad to see all the rubbish people post on here. Just because you can say it, doesn't always mean you should. Give the man his props, well done Sammy, and good luck to you!

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  39. Kudos to you for making a mark in Windies cricket and giving St Lucia its first cricketer! Good Luck for the rest of your career!

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  41. Move on Sammy....Those fools from the "big Islands" don't want small islands boys to lead them...Now they have given the blind to lead the blind.

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  43. I have been hearing reports but all have been unconfirmed. I am waiting for an official press release.
    However, this is the dirty game of professional sports.

    I wish we had a more developed sports programme and had our own team to compete.
    I would help with it's finance.

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  45. this is exactly why WI cricket will remain at the bottom of the food chain how can someone justify removing Sammy replacing him with Ramdin who is not even good enough to be the front line WK for the team. Sammy is perhaps the best cricketer in the region right now. sorry state of affairs for WI cricket.

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  47. This is surely a sad day for West Indies cricket. A Very sad day indeed. Why is Sammy quitting? Did the powers that be forced him to? Sammy is a midpoint player and I think players of his calibre are ideal to have as the captain of any team.

    An example that springs to mind is the late Hansie Cronjie of South Africa who became captain of that country's cricket team. He could bowl and bat in equal measure. He was not exactly a Kapil Dev but he was able to successfully take charge as the head of the SA test side.

    Darren Sammy should have stayed on for at least a couple more years trying to build the team. He is a team leader and I feel with the right support he could have helped steer Windies cricket back to it's rightful place- The Top.

    He is charismatic, smart,articulate,patient,caring, fearless and a champion of the fans.He gave his all to Windies cricket and look where it's got him. I watched him playing against England on the last tour in 2012 and was very impressed with him and how he kept his composure and batted to bring some respectability to the score when the team struggled. He scored a century in one test and went on to assist the team at one stage when they were struggling at 61 for 6. He guided them to a reasonable total with some brilliant strokeplay. Darren what have you done?

    I don't think Ramdin is the right one to replace Sammy as captain. Ramdin is erratic and does not possess the right qualities that is needed to become the leader. He is green and untried.Personally I think the captain should come from one of the majority. No matter what people said about Sammy, he was just becoming ripe for the job. All he needed to do was to try to boost his batting averages and to pitch the ball a bit faster - at least 87 MPH. he has the prowess to do so with his tall frame and strong body.

    If Sammy could have batted a little bit better and bowled a bit faster then he could have been on par with folks like Imran Khan, Ian Botham and Freddie Flintoff. He was giving his all as a leader. He tried and tried but the players time and time again failed him. Whether they did it on purpose only time will tell.

    Sammy You should have stayed and fight on.Michael Holding once threatened to bowl bouncers at the administrators of Windies cricket-- Well I think Sammy may well want to emulate him and do just that. Bowl them a couple of beamers and unhookable bouncers.. That will warm them up a bit and quite possibly teach them a lesson which they should never forget...If it's not broken please don't fix em.

    Good Luck to Sammy in his current venture. I wish him all the best.Don't Give up Just Yet.There is still cricket life in you.

    • As much as I really want to read this.................it is waaaaaaaay to long for a blog

    • He is not charismatic, not smart,not articulate,patient,not caring, not fearless and not a champion of the fans. Articulate and smart what, what planet are you on.

      • Darren Sammy is well spoken if you are in the United Kingdom watching the game, the commentators will say it. I have it being said before and how he is such a great leader!

      • Caribbean sistren

        He might have a strong country accent but he is definitely well spoken and he never mumbles when he speaks like Bravo and Gayle.So sorti la ek sa ou ca dit la.

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  49. Saint Lucia I belong

    Good job man u have proven yourself now different focus our country needs leaders like you.

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  51. sammy makes no sence ,y he cant play under his own team mate

    • How long have you been following West Indies cricket? A week maybe? He plays under his team mate in the ODI squad...remember that part? He took a bold and wise decision.Maybe you haven't been aware of all the criticism of whether Sammy merits a slot in the Starting-11 for tests....what makes you believe he would ever get a look-in by selectors in the future based on all the pressure they're getting from outside.Far as I'm concerned,he's done a fantastic job to lift team spirit and gel the players.

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  53. You have surely left your mark on West indies cricket Sammy i love you enough to support your decision. although its painful for me, I will forever remain your life time fan


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