BREAKING NEWS: Cul de Sac shopkeeper shot during robbery

BREAKING NEWS: Cul de Sac shopkeeper shot during robbery


A businessman was shot and injured during an armed robbery at his shop on Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred in Cul de Sac, Castries next to the playing field, at about 9:18 p.m.

Reports are that  Rufus Pierre, 56, was held at gunpoint by three men, who were armed with hand guns.

The perpetrators took a bag during which the businessman was assaulted and allegedly shot in the back.

He has been admitted a patient at the Victoria Hospital and is listed as being in stable condition, according to the Public Relations Department of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force.

His girlfriend, Georgia Isidore, 42, of the same address was also accosted and robbed by the assailants.

Investigations are in progress.



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  1. I'm really tired of people blaming these robberies on frustrated/unemployed youth. I've been unemployed for 5 years and I never resorted to stealing or violence no matter how frustrated or angry I got, No new clothes, no jewelry, not even a blue soap phone and there were many others like me in various degrees. Now if you look at these thieves they always have expensive shoes, smart phone that always need topping up, signature pouch, always have a guinness and a spliff, HUNGRY and BROKE people don't spend money on these things if they steal it they sell it to buy food and basics!!!!. These are people who steal not as a last resort but because its an easy occupation, these guys too lazy to wake on a daily basis for 8 hours, they have no integrity to be trusted in any work place or too stoned to be productive. They rather sit on the block and watch the runnings to rob hard working people later.


  2. I hope he makes it out ok. Its a shame when these thugs target hardworking small business men who probably struggling to feed their families especially now they have to pay VAT on their stock but not all can claim the refund.

    I think every shopkeeper today needs to be armed with a shotgun. Let them blast some thugs to hell and the thugs will behave themselves.


  3. Where is Kenny and company to address the nation on this escalating high crime rate, and what are they intending to do to combat the crime.


  4. This country is going to the dogs, the police are under resourced, there is no work, ministers shooting themselves in the foot by running their own country down. It has to stop before it gets out of hand, I am even tempted to say "Lord put a hand" and I am not even religious.


  5. WHEN U BUSS THEIR TAIL ppl saying vigilante justice has no place in st.lucia. trust me these thieves will get what they looking for


  6. this is what happens when the place full of guns and ammunition and HUNGRY - BROKE - FRUSTRATED YOUNG PEOPLE....... ....... ..........


  7. I like how the investigation is always continuing... well don`t be surprised people the new upcoming criminals are arriving the venezuelans the mexicans, brazilians the list can go on wait till you see think this is bad wait till they start killing you for just a pair of shoe or a few dollars


  8. I eh promoting tht youll rob d man already gasa youll still giv d man a hot one n in d back agen, if youll so dess try that wit dem rich ass holes that suck our country dry not d 8 too 5 ppl dem at diss rate youll go make dem mongoose squad get back their license to kill agen


  9. NO! not again! yes, again......

    Many are putting off their trip to St. Lucia;
    The daily shooting; stabbing; killing being read in your news papers is just tooooo much! people; that is not the way: do not do harm to your brother and/or sisters.

    You are not getting away with anything: GOD is watching......


    • These perpetrators have no regard to God, nothing or one else..........It's not that they do not know God, they do, but it goes deeper than that...........Generational curses, the tongue(the negative that have been spoken over their lives, reaping what they are now sowing and the list can go on.............But God help us, have mercy on us as a nation that your divine mercy and your loving kindness may pardon this nation from the sins of many in Jesus Name, Amen!!
      Why don't they want to work like any fair and honest citizen?? Come on now, persons can't be sweating so hard to earn an honest living and have their lives frightened by those individuals who refuse to work hard for what they want..........It is rather saddening that this is what this nation has now become..........SAD


  10. Where are the leaders we elected? Where are the ones who claim to have the answer to crime? None of them saying anything? This country is going down in a hurry.


    • are u serious about leaders these fools don`t give a damn about you lol are you even seeing the list of friends they`re inviting over these days country where know crime rate is on the rise the the crimes we have not seen but are beginning to see ---- wait a min LPM promises to be better I hope you go out and vote....


  11. Why poor people you'll trying to rob they have the dane, the prime minster and so many others that have money they even have the banks why always the people that don't have


    • well these ones (dame prime minster politicians banks ) have protection and the poor people sometimes are the ones robbing each other... so what do you think who esle will they have access too.... besides most of these people sometimes know the person they plan these things carry it out with such details now a days its hard to trust anyone.... worse yet st lucians like to talk alot of rubbish and refuse to take action because they are waiting for the government to do something .... times are really changing and no longer the petty crimes we used to have its like real in your face I will kill you crimes yup these criminals have absolutely no regards for life...


    • long as nothing personally happen to them or their families NOTHING will happen. Only then, when they feel it direct change will come and the death penaliti will be implementet


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