Court rules 2013 death of Sarrot woman as “unlawful act”

Court rules 2013 death of Sarrot woman as “unlawful act”


An inquest into the death of a Sarrot woman, who was hit by a vehicle on May 5, 2013, has found that it was “death by an unlawful act”.

Fredericka Ellick, 55, of Sarrot died from injuries she sustained from the accident, involving a grey Toyota Corolla motor car, registration number PJ6869.

The vehicle was at the time being driven by an off-duty police officer, Kurt Joseph, 28, of Millet, Anse La Raye.

Joseph was travelling along the Sarrot road when his vehicle came into contact with Ellick.

Magistrate Michelle Louis, who presided over the case, delivered her ruling today, July 28 at the Fist District Court in Castries.

The ruling has been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions Victoria Charles Clarke for a decision.


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  1. Sorry to hear that the police are going to be sacrificed at the drop of a dime . it's like st Lucian's have become so blood firsty that no one is safe not even the police hmmm maybe that was part of operation restore confidence and the office did an extrajudicial killings shit what's next


  2. Shouldn't that read "...AS A RESULT OF AN UNLAWFUL ACT."
    Because to me, it would seem the police intentionally and deliberately caused the death of the lady and was not, say; DANGEROUS OR RECKLESS DIVING.



  3. yes accidents do happen...but not because it was an accident meaning that it cannot be investigated to find out if the driver was breaking the law or the victim was at fault...if the driver run a red light and hit someone on the road and the person dies dont u think the driver has to be brought to task on this case????same here if the driver was speeding at the time of the death of the lady or he was on the wrong side of the road then he is to be blamed for the death of the lady!!! same thing for the recent accident this week where the truck driver is to be investigated to see if he was breaking any rules of the streets before he can be cleared of recklessness and causing death!!! yall lucians acting too ignorant on simple matters!


  4. "I am a police officer, nothing er going to happen to me, if I kill or beat somebody up" True or false ? this is the question.


  5. The beginning of the end of times. God deliver this nation I pray this in your mighty name. Amen.


  6. Seem they out to get police now I'm expecting a whole lot of charges filed against police. Smh


  7. Kenny Anthony has thrown the entire police force under the bus with his address on the IMPACS report. Officers be careful cause anything u do will be judged guilty.


    • STRAIGHT - I'm no fan of kenny but all he did was summarise the main points of the report, which all Lucians need to be advised of. Sounds like you don't want your homework marked by the teacher.

      Some of you are really ignorant or stupid. Open your eyes and unblock your ears. You don't want the police thinking they're untouchable. Everyone should be equal under the law. If the police are demoralised then they should examine their own deviant actions. In this day and age you can't keep tricking people.


  8. Apparently police officer are targets,officers its time to put down you'll tools and let the ppl rule this land,how could this accident be an unlawful act only because the driver was a police officer,it was an accident which driver would voluntarily want to cause the death of a pedestrian common awa The police force in a mess


  9. Wow it seems like it is open season for the RSLPF officers. I wonder why there was an inquest into this fatal road traffic collision? Is there more to it than meets the eye? Was there a fruid between this officer and the victim? Theae and many more queations to be answered. To have an inquest, it tells me that the magistrate believe the collision was delibrate. Mmmmmmm


  10. So u mean to tell me 2 years plus only now there is a verdict. Why wasn't it done 2 or 3 month after it happened. I guess all the cases against police officer that were on hold will all be brought back to surface because of the impact report and all will be classified as unlawful. That impact report will solve a lot of pains and will cause a lot of pain.


  11. Another 'unlawful' killing by a police officer albeit this time off duty Smfh. Don't hold your breath forwarding things to the DPP . waste of time.


  12. So i guess from now on any death caused by a vehicular accident will be ruled as UNLAWFUL KILLING???!!!!!????? Or is it because the driver was an officer? You'll st lucians too bias!!!! That accident on sarot road on may 5th 2013 was nothing but an accident. GO TRY TO SOLVE THE GOBART CASE. NOW DATS UNLAWFUL KILLING!!!!! CHUPZE


    • this has nothing to do with being bias. Accidents do happen however, the circumstances leading to or causing the accident is what is deemed as unlawful. Was the driver intoxicated at the time? what he on his cellphone, was he speeding? these are the things taken into consideration. Its high time police officers got that wake up call. For too long they were escaping with unlawful acts. Now its time to pay the price. Officers now are too swell headed. They believe because of their position they run things. good going.


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