BREAKING NEWS: Cop involved in Operation Restore Confidence surprised at airport

BREAKING NEWS: Cop involved in Operation Restore Confidence surprised at airport
Members of the local police force on duty. * Photo credit: St. Lucia Star
Members of the local police force on duty. * Photo credit: St. Lucia Star
Members of the local police force on duty. * Photo credit: St. Lucia Star

One of the police officers who was a member of the Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) task force, which was accused of extra-judicial killings by the United States (US) government as well as a special investigation, was yesterday denied entry into the US, a reliable source has told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

According to the senior law enforcement source, who requested anonymity, the police officer was scheduled to attend a family event in New York but when he checked in with the airline yesterday, he was told he couldn’t travel based on instructions from the US Embassy.

The cop was advised to contact the US Embassy for more information, the source added.

“The officer believes he was denied entry because of the IMPACS report,” the source noted.

Our source is investigating another report that the visa of another officer who was involved in ORC was revoked.

“The officer noted that while at the airport he saw another police officer who was travelling to the US and he had no problems,” the source added.

The police officer suspects that a list of the names of the officers involved in the controversial operation were submitted to the US authorities, the source added.

The police officer is the third known member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to have been denied entry to the US.

The visa of former Deputy Commissioner of Police Moses Charles was revoked. Charles was in charge of operations when the alleged “extra judicial killings” occurred.

Commissioner of Police Vernon Francois, who is now being retired from the Force,  was denied entry to the United States to attend security meetings with officials of the United States, though his visa was not revoked.


Between 2010 and 2011, 12 persons were killed during encounters with officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. The alleged extra-judicial killings occurred during “Operation Restore Confidence” – an initiative then Prime Minister Stephenson King announced on May 30, 2010 in an address to the nation.

The police operation was in response to an unprecedented wave of homicides and violent crimes between 2008 and 2010, particularly in the northern half of the island.

However the shootings resulted in a backlash for St. Lucia. The United States (US), citing human rights concerns, took action against the St. Lucia police force and the government.

The US ceased all financial and technical assistance to the St. Lucia Coast Guard. In addition, the Government of St. Lucia was banned from purchasing ammunition from the US for its American-made weapons.

Members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force could no longer participate in any training programme sponsored or financed by the United States. Police officers were also denied participation in training activities in the Regional Security System (RSS), once the training programme was sponsored or financed by the United States.

There were still more consequences. The visa of the former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Moses Charles, who led the special task force during Operation Restore Confidence, was revoked. Commissioner of Police, Vernon Francois, was denied entry to the US, even to attend security meetings with officials of the US. Francois’ visa was however not revoked.

Responding to the US sanctions, and in a bid to have them removed, the St. Lucia government had to show proof that it is taking corrective steps to deal with the situation.

As such, the government secured, through the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), the services of a team of investigators from the Jamaican Constabulary Force to investigate all instances of alleged “extra judicial killings” by members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

The team comprised eight investigators including a ballistic expert, a legal advisor, a data entry specialist, a cyber-crime analyst, and detective investigators.

In a 27-minute address to the nation on March 8, 2015,  Prime Minister Anthony  released the main findings of the IMPACS investigation, confirming that the force worked from a “black list or death list” of persons deemed criminals and officers staged all shooting-death sites to legitimise their actions.

Prime Minister Anthony said the report of the investigators are “extremely damning” and “brings home the extreme gravity of this matter”. He said these findings relate not only to those officers who were involved in the operations, but members of the “high command of the police force” who may have been involved in “covering up these matters”.

Dr. Anthony explained: “The report confirms that the black list or death list referenced by the media, human rights organisations, victims, families and citizens alike did exist. More alarmingly, the investigators report that all the shootings reviewed were fake encounters staged by the police to legitimise their actions.”



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  1. A shot in the dark:
    The random criminal acts which were taking place in our beloved St. Lucia had to stop otherwise the island would become a heaven sponsoring all kinds of terrorism’s and breeding all kinds of criminal, if the situation was left uncheck and allow to breed in fair Helen we then will be voicing our opinion at the point of a gun like some nations do.
    There comes a time when going backwards must stop and the only recourse left is to go forward, this has been such a case with fair Helen, the rights of all individual matters the criminal and none criminal alike, criminals commit crimes! Depending on how comfortable they feel they believe themselves to be untouchable it is with equal force you deter such violence, Martial Law does not work for a few law breakers you must use other methods of restoring confidence, have we gotten this confidence promise to us I should think so, to every action there is a reaction if a black list exist those twelve killings were wrongly carried out except in a case of self-defense. Unite my people.


  2. Put criminals in prison, you'll complain, let them go, you'll complain, kill them you'll still complain. Human rights only matters when it is not us being affected, but when they kill our family we call for their heads. Say what you want, it was a necessary and brought good results.


  3. When you can't deal with the message that the US is sending then you deal with the messenger. Typical St. Lucians who only conveniently use personal attacks when something falls in their plate. The US has closed its borders and withdrew its funding, what does that have to do with them being hypocrite. They took away what was theirs. Stupid


  4. Thank you SNO for this news because for some reason we don't get it from the leading source. I'm very happy to hear this but I still feel like the officers have walked away with murder, so to is the PM then and the biggest liar himself V. Francois, who after every police killing came on TV and gave the same bs story, "a .3 8 pistol was recovered", which he knows very well that's the same gun the police planted near almost all the victims. They all should face trial and their asses thrown in jail. To Serve and to Protect god damn it, you'll like too much corruption money.


  5. We paying for ALBA now St.Lucians, the police chief at the time was carrying out orders from his superiors (the government minister /s). He shouldn't be made the scape goat, at this time St.Lucians should stand behind Mr. Francois for his work over the years, he has been the best police commissioner St.Lucia has ever had. (that's a fact). I think government ministers at the time of ORC should take the fall for this cause St.Lucia police force is not governed by it's chief but the government (that's a fact). Also America need to understand these little third world countries are highly politicized and much of the the decisions made have a political bearing.
    Also if America has a problem with Kenny and ALBA please come out straight and demonstrate your intentions. WE St.Lucians from Government down need to grow some balls and stand , support and give a damn in what we believe in. (be more patriotic!!!!)


  6. Thank God I've got dual citizenship,saint lucia/british,f... the US,Saint lucia will always be number one in my heart and it pains me that crime had become so rampant once again in my beautiful country,I'm always quicker to travel to lucia than US,as a former police I know what those men and women go through on a daily basis, is not easy leaving your home for work and not knowing if you might return at all plus they work for peanuts, an operation like ORC must have come from the highest echelons of government not from the boys on the ground following orders,you bring officers from JAMAICA!!! ? FFS one of the most corrupt islands in the Caribbean to investigate Lucian cops mmmmm!!!! ? ? I also hope that whichever minister/s who were involved get their visas revoked also , its high time that the country our government and people stand in solidarity with the police force and hand over those damn US visas back to America to show them that we don't need them, where is CARICOM, totally useless twats, thought they were suppose to be together looking out for each other, anyway I can say so much on this matter right now cause I'm pissed off, this is Bollocks, anyway brothers and sisters don't dispair about not going to the US,they might have just done you a massive favour cause you might have ended up a statistic by being another black man or sister shot by their trigger happy police, spend your holiday elsewhere or buy local, Kenny and Mary Francis I bet if you'll were the ones losing family and friends to those criminal elements your mentality would be different to ORC, BRAVO!!! Let's work together to getting Saint Lucia fair Helen back to the wonderful country she is.WHEREVER YOU MAY ROAM, LUCIAN 2 DE BONE


  7. Some comments on here leave alot to be desired. Jesus will come agaon to get rid of this evil in the world forever...


  8. Maybe we should have trials like the U.S. then find the officers not guilty, maybe then the hypocrites would be satisfied.


  9. Sno,U have been fighting against my comments and refusing them through.U should be dead in an accident.A stroke should also take you in your head.I am praying for that to happen to you.See and believe it when it does happen.Shit St.Lucian country who says they are nice people!


  10. More should b done couse all involved are criminals just as the plp they class as criminal also the then minister of security shud b pinalised sevierly


  11. Lucians will learn to leave the US alone...leave their money,women,credit card,diplomatic passport,citizenship, etc...all of those are means of power and control which the US exercises over us.
    Cuba set a good example, in the early days.