Cocaine stuffed in coconuts found at Hewanorra Airport

Cocaine stuffed in coconuts found at Hewanorra Airport


Drug enforcement officials reportedly intercepted cocaine in a shipment of dried coconuts at the Hewenorra International Airport on Sunday.

The discovery was made around noon today, October 2, 2016.

The cocaine was detected in the coconuts moments before it was loaded onto a flight destined for the United Kingdom.

According to information received, the cocaine was detected during an inspection of the produce by drug enforcement officials.

A senior police source confirmed the incident with St. Lucia News Online but could not provide any details.

A reliable source at the airport has also confirmed the incident.

It is not clear how much drugs were found and whether the shipper was questioned or arrested.

Only recently, six kilogrammes of cocaine concealed inside 9 hollowed out breadfruits from Saint Lucia was discovered by British Border Force officers.

No arrests were made in that particular incident.


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  1. Our economy is slow enough for us to be bothered about people making their money. We need money pumped into our economy let the people make their money.


  2. You all just mind your own business, and let ppl make there money tan! Make your own money stop watching ppl business


  3. It's in stlucia shit like that could happen.They get away with the breadfruit you'll trying coconut.You'll killing the country greed work hard for what you want easy come easy go.I hope this time someone get arrested things to slack in this place. Take the contract way from them and jail them.


  4. That is madness......what happen to the shipping agent and the person shipping the goods / items/ produce/ merchandise / did the coconut walked to hewanorra international airport. certain documents would have been signed at the agent office. a vehicle would have drop off the produce at the airport and the airport camera should have picked up all the transaction. something is so fishy about all of this. The police just can't seems good enough to arrest people in these cases. mr. Francis the ball is in your court. The ace was serve and it match point. Meaning time to get at the bottom of all of this. That's to glearing.


  5. What kind of crap is that? Are you telling me that the Breadfruits and coconuts have legs and got to the airport on their own? Some one must have delivered them, I think the person or persons making that delivery should be in custody by now. There seems to be some COCOMACKAKERY going on at Hewanorra.



  6. You would think after the breadfruit incident..they wont try that whole exported produce stunt again....morons


  7. Just shows how much cocaine is coming into Saint Lucia since so much is being exported by these innovative drug smugglers.
    Soon all exports from Saint Lucia will be subjected to scrutiny because of that white powder from South America.


  8. These clowns are working hard to ensure that St. Lucia's export reputation is destroyed. Also they are hurting honest farmers. Very good catch Customs. Hopefully, the law get those idiots and make an example of them. Total idiots!


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