BREAKING NEWS: Cocaine found in suitcase at Hewanorra Airport

BREAKING NEWS: Cocaine found in suitcase at Hewanorra Airport
* Not the actual drugs found in the suitcase.
* Not actual drugs found in the suitcase.
* Not actual drugs found in the suitcase.

Some 19 kilos of cocaine was discovered in luggage at the Hewanorra International Airport on Sunday and seized by drug enforcement officials, according to reliable sources.

The illegal substance was found in an unlabeled red suitcase destined for Toronto, Canada on a West Jet flight which was scheduled to leave St. Lucia at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, November 8.

“The bag in question was 90 percent filled with cocaine blocks,” a source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

A senior police official confirmed the details, but said the authorities have not made any arrest in this regard.

According to the official, the bag could not be traced to anyone on the flight.


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  1. The idiots that have the most st. Lucia , you 'll know yourselves , you'll seize every week/month. I know you 'll eh want to check people but that eh you' ll work. Blind leading the blind guys that's a 1980's shot........

    Why we still surprise we want the benefits of ALBA , some pelico coming across we all still surprise. Last time I check we do not and cannot produce it here .


  2. thats uite normal for hewanora. Lots of trafficking going on there. For every 1 kg thats intercepted, 9kg passes un detected.


  3. That's a load of bull shit! Red so visible and the bag cannot be traced!!!! By right, every person who had to travel on that flight and all workers that day should be held for questioning! Them police though....
    Anyway, I'm sipping my tea watching to see how this one unfolds....


  4. HIA has always been a gateway / transhipment point for cocaine to Canada and the UK. There was a ring involving customs, security, and airline employess. It still exists. Who will guard the guards????? Sick country ..... Just be careful one day instead of cocaine it will b an Isis bomb inside the suitcase...... Then Slu finish. Greedy money hungry ppl.


  5. But, something wrong somewhere!!

    When you check in your luggage at the airport, it is tagged by an airline official - a tag listing your name and destination. So if the suitcase was found without a tag, it would have to be taken off somewhere from the check-in airline clerk to the baggage handlers. Or deliberately overlooked as not having been tagged.


  6. man that's not coke that's. They have the test for that home now. I don't think the dealers would risk loosing all that. that's a dry run. Just checking the vibe. Common.


  7. Why wasn't the bag allowed to leave to catch the culprits. Are we going to sell it to put money in the treasury?


    • You'd let a bag with a mysterious white powder go onto a plane destined for a foreign country? Why you want Canadian Customs to hansle the problem instead?


  8. Not even camera footage of someone walking in with that luggage? Seems like you can just walk in at HIA and plant any thing and get away with it.


  9. Inside job the guys who work on the plane in Toronto would just clear that out where did all that stuff do they make that stuff in st Lucia


  10. Dem so called border officers aka Customs always giving me a hard time and look at this embarrassment!

    I suggest you all leave all ports of entry free flowing if you cannot find the person who brought in this suitcase? You mean to tell me there are no cameras at UVF?

    Awah awah!


  11. Such Bs...the authorities know bloody well who this luggage belongs to. Stop bull-shiting ppl. You passing with a soda the scanners picks it up is not cocaine that will go unnoticed.
    Hope it doesn't go from cocaine to baking powder/soda, flour....but that's just wishful thinking


  12. name bag.....smh...if was somewhere else they would be able to trace and get the culprit....maybe a gimmick


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