City police arrest La Toc man for urinating in public

City police arrest La Toc man for urinating in public
Sgt Yone Camchon said it is high time an example is made of someone.
Sgt Yone Camchon said it is high time an example is made of someone.

A man from La Toc, Castries has been charged for indecent exposure after he was caught urinating in a public place.

Christopher Daniel was arrested on Sunday, March 25, just after 11:30 a.m., after he was caught exposing his genitals at West Hall Lane, Castries.  He was brought to court on Monday, March 26 to answer to the charge which carries a fine of $1,000. The outcome of the case was not immediately clear.

This news comes over a year after City of Castries Mayor Peterson Francis warned that persons caught urinating in public will be named and shamed.

City Police Department Sergeant Yone Camchon pointed out that this was not the first time the offense was committed but this is the first time someone is being rought before the courts.

Usually offenders are cautioned but Camchon said it’s high time an example is set and the laws are enforced in the city. He added that this is a warning to offenders, noting that the stench on the streets from this act is not healthy.

The city cop also emphasised that the city has adequate public facilities for persons to use instead of indecently exposing themselves in public.

He pointed out that the opening hours of the city’s rest rooms have been extended: from six to 10 o’clock.


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  1. This is the reason lawlessness will not stop in this place. We have to start somewhere. Standards have to be set and upheld. Pee before you leave home and if you really have to, there are public restrooms near the town hall, on jeremie street near customs. Let us have some more pride in ourselves.

    It is high time men stop pulling out and shooting everywhere. I see it all the time and it doesn't even matter if there are people (including children) around. Why is it that women don't stoop all around town to do the same. They urinate everywhere and we pass and touch the walls - don't y'all think of that? for those complaining. The other thing they need to address is spitting all over the place. Goodness! find a gutter!

    I endorse the action. I bet you he will NEVER do it again!


  2. A lot of St. Lucian are untidy in the creole word! the persons who drop garbage from their vehicles, the ones who leave their home with garbage to put on other people property they too need to be arrested. At the beach has garbage bins yet they leave it right where they were sitting.


  3. The cop did the right thing…this is an adult, not a kid he should know better. It is time we stop this nasty culture of just urinating any dam place we please. We need to stop condoning nonsense and start building a better environment for our youngsters… many of them are so lost, due to the fact that we show zero integrity, love for our country. We need to start acting like the adult that our youngsters look up to. Most of the nonsense that we do to this very day in many cases are the reflection of our past. So, change this dam mine set and do better. ADULTS


    • Bravo, city cops!!! Make an example of them all. Some Lucian men are too nasty. There are too many areas in Castries that people can't walk because of those nasty men urinating anywhere.


  4. And what happens between 10 pm and 6 am? If someone has an urge to go to the restroom how will they find it? Aren't there supposed to be signs? If we want to act modern then we need be modern. This calls for some responsibility on the part of the authorities to make the services available. There may just be a counter law suit if someone of affluence is charged, and maybe they won't be charged because of that person's affluence. However that would open a bigger can of worms since subsidiary legislation such as these must be fair and strictly applied, hence they can have a discrimination lawsuit on their hands.


  5. Wasco dumps thousands of gallons of raw S.H*T ( pee+ poo) in the harbour each day and Mayor says nothing, Lucians inhale that like is fresh "Dennery" breeze! I agree that some men over do their nastiness but this man may have not had no choice! I would rather let it out on the doorstep of the townhall than to spend time and money at VH with a serious medical illness.


    • Idiots like you are the real problem. No logic at all in the bunch of S.H*T you spewed there.


    • Really?thats how you feel about your beautiful country st lucia?A human being normally knows in advance when they need to go to the toilet..especially doesnt come up on you like a surprise...its a build up of fluid over time so my point is you have plenty of time to find somewhere away from the public vicinity to do your excuse..I bet you wouldnt dare try to pee in public in another country so why spoil your own?


  6. How many junkies will be arrested. Saw one urinating on the posters of the fence of the city hall. No police saw him there?


  7. Just last evening I was reading an account of a man in the US who was registered as a sex offender because he urinated next to his vehicle. He said he had a urinary issue because of some surgery he had. Just goes to show how these things are dealt with in different places.
    When I read the man account I said, well we would have a lot of persons in St.Lucia who would be registered as sex offenders.


  8. It's people like you that are the cause of the city being so damn stinky. Check ya'll try and defend that nastiness. Lucians again. Nothing is ever good enough for you. He got what he deserved. I am tired of seeing people relieving themselves anywhere like dogs. Have some class. -.-


    • Yes. I don’t know how many public restrooms in the whole of NY but there is a station on Broadway and 32 Street. Nice and clean with disposable seat covers and all. Free (no one pays). That station has several toilets. There is another in the sitting area next to Macy’s on 35 Street. These are within close range and all free. However, they are closed at nights.


      • I hope you are putting it to use because your rental home toilet must be the pit toilet we used to have back home long ago. Again stop showing off be careful ICE is on a rampage,you will never know where they will show up.


  9. If you cannot hold your piss,lut it in a bag,... nasty....I would Castrate your ass,The Mayor instilling cleanliness and that idiot still Pissing on the ground,Talking about Restrooms,st.lucians don't care about their country...Put a depends,on your ass.Or a damn diaper,lock ot up,lock it up....Shit, $1000.00 good,They will learn about Order,nastiness and more nastiness.


  10. "The stench on the street" Is always there regardless. All they had to do was fine the man not arrest him. Must have been a slow day and they had nothing to do well I beg to differ there is always plenty to do and correct behind the Castries Market where on a daily basis A thru Z is in full effect in the open view. If you from Castries we all knows what goes down on Jeramie Street as soon as it gets dark.


  11. There's not enough public washrooms plus they're not open 24/7. I totally agree that we need to stop the 'urinating in public' practice but that was a really dumb arrest considering the guy probably had nowhere else to go. That officer just want some attention > next time bring de mun at your home or the city mayor home to pee instead of arresting him.

    More Washrooms please!!!!!!!


  12. Hey are the washrooms open on a Sunday?No!!!!they are not therefore, He had release.Think about iti


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