BREAKING NEWS: Citizens nab man after attempted rape incident in Vieux Fort

By SNO Staff

The man who was allegedly caught after he tried to rape a young woman.

A young woman’s screams and the quick action of public-spirited citizens led to the capture of a man after he allegedly attempted to rape a young woman at Hewanorra Orchards in Vieux Fort on Tuesday night, according to sources.

Reports are that the woman was walking when she was pounced upon by the accused who tried to drag her into nearby bushes.

However, the young woman’s screams caught the attention of persons who were in the vicinity, and they rushed to her aid.

The accused, who is from Grace, Vieux Fort, was eventually caught and handed over to the police.

A photo of the accused has been circulating on Facebook with the caption: “This guy was caught tonight by the neighbors attempting to rape a 20 year old girl at Hewanorra Orchard in Vieux Fort, a friend of mine took his pic, so the police have him. The poor girl screamed so loud that’s why she was saved.”

According to local law, the media is prohibited from publishing the identity of persons accused of rape along with their alleged victims.


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  1. the register of convicted rapist needs to be introduced

  2. Your right to see and know is not impeded because you will still have an opportunity when the person is charged. We St. Lucians are typically of the rorocious, voracious and ignorant type' this is why fake news is pervasive within our society. Nobody takes the time out to examine facts, all we are concerned about is the sensationalism and the idea of getting to know something first. Our impatience is what makes the police botch important cases and also make the citizens act wrongly on impulses. To make good decisions we have to remain calm and temper our prejudices. This mad rush to judgement always presents problems.

    With regards to this case, the man is in custody so leave that alone. If we gonna call everybody who we think committed a crime names like "pig" etc. our anger really needs to be directed properly. What happen to having a proper justice system, after all people are just people and they will commit acts against their fellow men. Many of us have crossed that line and if we were true Christians as professed, then by our actions we are definitely casting the first stone. Protecting the identity of people is NOT a dumb idea in fact the person who doesn't understand the reason for it is more dumb because they refuse to find out. The people caught are only suspects and we cannot label them as criminals because that title comes when you are career law breaker, have we proven that? Matter of fact most of us are only hearing the story, we were not there. We have no idea if the right person was caught. It is for the police and judges to find that from the evidence. We need to stop acting on impulses but rather employ a rational strategy. You may say that it has not happened to me so that's why I have that opinion, true but we must train ourselves to act properly and avoid sending out the wrong message because we just might not know who is listening, we have children. Recently a man was allegedly stoned to death by some children, we have not found out the circumstances, is that what we want to be the norm?

    Do we want to have a society where violence is met by more violence? If such attitudes persists we will become a vigilante country ruled by warlords who administer their version of justice. Is that what we really want? Curb your enthusiasm, don't be ignorant. Its also better for your health. A level headed approach to crime is needed not one riddled by impulse and emotion.

  3. Once it is a rapist his face is hidden, yet we speak of laws protecting women, girls and boys from sexual abuse. The laws are designed tp protect the rapist and no one has seen it fit to revise them.

  4. That's mere bull. Everyone deserves the right to know the assailant's identity in order to protect themselves. Then again if it was somebody else accused of a mere crime, their name would be published along with every other detail of identification. That's stupid!!

  5. The victim is the only one deserving of privacy. These pigs lost their rights to that when they decided to violate people. Show their faces! Shout their names! These people are so bold because our country hides them and gives them more rights than we, the upstanding citizens. As long as you rape or try to rape someone, in my books you are scum..not human

  6. What a dumb law. I will have to start walking with my knife. That is pretty close to my community.

  7. If you put his photo on the net others will take heed

  8. Hang mate by his penis till it stretch beyond recognition.

  9. I hope the nylon bagg had condoms in it ...ain't care if he catch an std.

  10. they covered his face but i'm sure his mama and siblings know who he is.

  11. Probably not his first time.

  12. Some street justice would do his azz well. I ask one question,why is the beast face covered? Expose the perv so everyone will know who he is, let the people smoke him out he'll be so ashamed when he have no place to run and hide he will grant us a favor he'll get some rope and do the unthinkable problem solve. Wake up St.Lucia do NOT protect criminals.

  13. People like this man should be castrated also name and shame him.

  14. I am so disappointed that the police have him, he should be in the morgue. This guy will be out on our streets again in no time. Where is Mary Francis to defend the young woman, her human or should i say woman rights have been violated.

  15. The son of a bitch get caught,good neighbors,this is why we need neighborhood policing,and also stunt guns for our women,and the worst part of the situation is these son of a bitches can carry disease like aids or some john.You feeling horny why not go jerk,off your self if it was not for the neighborhood that would definitely be another unsolved crime of rape.Am glad the neighborhood acted quickly,I tell you'll to castrate the demons it better than hanging them.

  16. that's what I call shit law

  17. Yall cover his face shame him let us see who he is ..the nasty there are the ones who dose -- the animals..y dont u look for a woman or put ur dick in an ants nest ..

  18. Show his face so we can know who to trust in our communities.when it's drugs their face all over

  19. It good to beat him on his hands and penis because clearly he can't control them.

    • Go get mama from Jamaica with the cutlass. The citizens arrest him and have him sitting down nice and calm for the police Only in St Lucia.

  20. Hmmm!! All for victims rights. In this case the alleged rapist has a right for his face to be hidden. There is no clear truth of he tring to rape her. I believe in panishment of men overstepping. I've heard many woman said that they will call rape if they have to ( if their boyfriend step out of line, cheat on them or choose an other over them). Calling rape don't only destroy the man, but makes it had for the "TRUE PAPE VICTIMS".

    • that might be true but why are you as a big hard back man waiting in the bushes to jump on a poor defenseless woman? Huh? did you think about that one now? there might not be no clear truth of it but what is he doing that for.
      clearly is not a date they had

    • In the bush?

  21. This cold needs to show the Sob face when they attempt to rape women,why do you always hide their faces. Let everyone know who they really are

  22. prohibited?? show the dog face

  23. Leave the girls alone mate. Go wank yourself if you feeling horny.

  24. Kudos to the good samaritans for not turning a blind eye. Well done!

  25. ehh hheh well they need to ban that stupid law victims only should have that right

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