BREAKING NEWS: Chopping in Piaye

BREAKING NEWS: Chopping in Piaye
The victim of the chopping incident.
The victim of the chopping incident.
The victim of the chopping incident.

A male was injured during a chopping incident in the southern community of Piaye, Quarter of Laborie, on Saturday evening, November 21.

Reports are that the incident occurred around 8:30 p.m.

The victim, known as Martin, was chopped by a known male.

One of the victim’s fingers was partially severed and he reportedly sustained wounds to his arms.

At the time of posting this report the suspect was reportedly still on the run. The victim was taken to hospital but his condition is unknown at this time.

No further details are available at this time.


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  1. The suspect is on the run after you chop up someone you go hiding wow how coward its shows that you know what you did wasn`t correct why hide after all you are known to the person plus you were video taped and can you imagine there`s people out there hiding this man come out folks give him up .... sick sick sad


  2. St. Lucia is becoming a terrible place to live. Let people thumb me down(dislike my comment) or tell me to shut my trap when I am speaking the truth. That is right the place has became terrible! it was never like that! A small island, people should have more love and be each other's keeper. Not so much hatred, how are our children going to learn how to love? when all they see is fight, fight fight, kill, kill, kill, rape, rape, rape. WE NEED TO SHOW MORE LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE!


  3. Right now seems I can kill anyone and escape with it, I go just check a lawyer, cause the ppl in power will just dismiss the case..I'm not going back to my county I love this foolish country


    • well if he well known, why don't you call the police, on private, and give his name and other identification to get him arrested, just don't give your name, to be on the safe time


  4. A whole bunch of savages couldn't careless who is human who is beast. They never take a minute to think they react instantly and ask questions later,sick sick sick did I mention sick.


  5. U know why they do it? Becuase there is no accountability. not from the lawyers, not from the politicians, not from the government, not from the police. not from anyone. So their thinking is that they can get away with it. The police will come up with some low bail. It will take forever to reach court and they will walk. The criminals are aware of the lax criminal and justice system, so they committ crimes with impunity. We should build a "Caribbean Alcatrez" where once you go. you never come out of that hell hole. I am pretty sure that with this in mind, those who rape, mutilate and murder will think more closely about their actions before they do it. And we should start hanging by injection. let the word get out and you will see how quick these criminals would think.


    • i agree with your points made. at present a criminal checking in in HOTEL BODS and all the PUNISHMENT is to get up in time and go to bed at time !!! thasts why people got angry and some take the law in theyr own hands.
      are our leaders living in a dream world ?


  6. The reason y this and other stories are allowed to happen is because God allows it to happen and no amount of love is going to prevent this. Pray and repent and hope that nothing happens to u and ur families


  7. Uuum 'nennen' of course hatred n malice was displayed back in your the form of obeah which is even worse! So pa try sa!


  8. I grew up in St. Lucia during the 50s,60s,70s and 80s and I never experienced any of the hatred and malice that St. Lucians have to deal with now. Oh my God. Why are st. Luciana becoming so violent? What is going on?


    • Shut your trap which country doesn't have those kind of incidents? Why u think St Lucia is different from everywhere else?


      • Of course all countries have their crime but you need to understand what the person's comment was before you attact. It was a recognition that the level of crime and violent behaviour was not so apparent. Which by the way is a fact and we better not be accepting of this reality because as a small country this levell of criminal behaviour is way too much. Stop accepting the nonesense and blaming it on "it happens everywhere" syndrome, so it's ok!


      • crime happen all around the world, but what it need is to compare crime to the population (crime per 1000 people) . and this comparison looks very negative on St.Lucia.


      • You are too defensive darling. Someone was only expressing how home used to be in his childhood before migrating. I share his sentiments. We have become a country with very defensive civilians with poor conflict resolution skills. I hope that we learn to exercise patience and respect for one another.


    • if you never heard of or witness anybody being brutally chopped within those days you either didn't live in ST.Lucia or you grew up in doors at Cap estate.. or plain and simple lying cutlass brutality have been there from times


      • I use to live there as well and true they were chopping but not so much. There was more love and not so much negativity and hatred.


    • Why are St Lucians becoming so violent? Or should it be why are people so inhumane now? These things don't only happen in St Lucia, they happen worldwide. These are societal issues stemming from so many different things; movies, alcohol etc. Signs of the times I suppose!


  9. I enjoy reading the news but the one thing that pisses me off is that you guys posting the photos but you blocking. People like to also see what happens and blocking the photos not only pisses me off but other people also


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