Chopping at Corinth

Chopping at Corinth


A male was injured during a chopping incident in Corinth, on Sunday, January 24.

Reports are that the incident occurred around 1:30 p.m.

The victim was chopped by an unknown male.

One of the victim’s fingers was severed and he reportedly sustained wounds to his head and arms.

The victim was later taken to hospital but his condition is unknown at this time.

No further details available.


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  1. We need to stop blaming whatever party that's in power. No government wants
    to put they country on the map for negativity. Blame the young man who wants to make a fast buck and don't want to work like every other person. Blame the parents who can't parent they children. Crime is everywhere.


  2. What is going on with this generation. It is sad that there is no more love and that someone's life has no value. There is crime everywhere and I can understand a human being using a knife or gun to kill someone. This would only take a second. Only a heartless person would use a cutlass and chop someone multiple times. You watch that person bleed, flesh cut open, parts falling apart, person crying and yet still you keep chopping that person. It's about time they give these criminals the same penalty as using a gun or worst. These criminals should not be around people.


    • So what u trying to say, by committing a crime will it help. Some of the young men/women are just too lazy. They like easy money. I don't care what the situation maybe keep your damn hands to yourself


  3. Every time the St Lucia Labor Party in office lawlessness sets and overtakes this peace country of ours. We should pray and pray so we could could get back to where we were. Lets make it happen at the poles my people.


  4. en rouge what did you do to get into power, so much blood is flowing in this land. God help us, deliver us from the hands of labour.


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