BREAKING NEWS: Choiseul residents won’t receive compensation for damaged appliances

BREAKING NEWS: Choiseul residents won’t receive compensation for damaged appliances
Thadia Henry pointing to where the fire ignited in her home.
Thadia Henry pointing to where the fire ignited in her home.

Residents of Belle Vue, Choiseul will not be compensated for their losses by the St. Lucia Electricity Services (LUCELEC) after a two-week investigation found that the damages to the residents’ appliances were not as a result of the company’s negligence.

The residents were hoping to be compensated after their electrical appliances were damaged last month when lightening strike/s caused a power outage in the area.

The affected residents say they were surprised when they received letters from LUCELEC stating they will not be compensated for the damages to their appliances.

Antonius Henry

A letter signed by Nigel Fulgence, construction engineer of LUCELLEC, and sent to Antonius Henry, an affected customer, stated in part: ”We refer to your complaint dated July 4, 2017, in respect to damages to your CPU. Our investigations revealed that on the day in question there was no evidence of negligence on the part of the company which could have led to damage to your property. However, there was a period of bad weather accompanied by thunderstorms. This could have contributed to the damage to your appliance.”

It adds: “In the circumstances we must regrettably inform you that we are unable to accept responsibility for damage to your CPU.”

However, the letter also stated that if he (Henry) finds any evidence of the contrary, the company will be happy to open the matter.

Commenting on the matter, Corporate Communications Manager of LUCELEC, Roger Joseph, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the damages to the residents’ appliances were caused by an act of nature, and that there was no evidence to prove that there was negligence on the part of the company.

He said the incident was caused by lightening which shattered the insulator and damaged a street light in the area.

“When there is a thunderstorm or lightening, not just turn off your appliances, also unplug them from their sockets,” he advises customers.

Meanwhile, Henry said he has spent $680 trying to repair his damaged CPU, but it is still not working. He said he bought a number of parts for it, which an IT technician, who is repairing the CPU, had asked him to purchase.

He said he finds it strange LUCELEC refuses to accept responsibility for his losses.

According to Henry, the day after the incident, all of the bulbs in his house got burnt after trying to put them on. He said the situation is frustrating and wants LUCELEC to reopen its investigations into the matter.

Commenting on her frightening experience during the incident, Thadia Henry, another affected resident, said their home almost got burnt down by a fire which ignited in its roof. She said they had to change the wires and the mete after the incident which had them in fear.

“We heard a loud noise….Then the switch blew off and the wires exposed,” she said.

Another resident told SNO that his lawyer is looking into the matter.

Residents in the area say they are convinced that something is dreadfully wrong with the wiring in the area. They say a few weeks after the incident an electrical pole in the area burst into flames.

According to the concerned residents, whenever the weather is a bit bad, they always experience a power outage in the area, but other communities in the vicinity are not affected by it.

A few months ago a man from the area was killed after holding a stay wire.


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  1. That house doesn't even look like it is up to building code standards. I mean...there is sunlight peeking through under the roof which looks like it is just resting on the walls of the house. A good wind gust and the roof will be gone. The breakers, if you had any, which you should have had, would have stopped any damage to your appliances.


  2. Now that IT technician who take all that money to repair a damaged computer is probably an incompetent scam artist or con man who take the parts to put in another computer!
    You always find people like that who prey on the misfortunes or ignorance of others to make a quick buck. Don't give him one cent more.


  3. I trust that the National Utilities Regulatory Commission (NURC), which was set up to regulate the electrical and water utilities in Saint Lucia, will investigate this incident.
    The affected customers should call NURC's office for advice.
    Is there a conflict of interest between the NURC and LUCELEC which could compromise the NURC's capacity to act on LUCELEC issues?


  4. Do not let lucelec fool you. lightening goes through their cables to your appliance, the same ones you are paying them to protect. They have systems in place to protect you. EG , Lightening rods for example. Transformers, . Something went wrong within their equipment and they must find out what it is. Lucelec must pay up or get sued,. good luck.


    • Whether lightening goes through electrical lines or not, any electric company cannot be held responsible for natural causes by bad whether. If there is a power failure by Lucelec and your appliance is damaged, then lucelec is responsible.


  5. You will never get a fair investigation if Lucelec investigates itself. Shareholders interest outweighs that of a few poor residents in some remote place. If lucelec can avoid fault if a guy died from coming into contact with a stay then that's the beginning of the end of us consumers. Pay and shut up.


  6. Please people ... Unplug your appliances during a thunderstorm especially ones which the lightening and thunder are near or touching down in a distance. You can also turn off your main breakers to do it quickly.A few minutes without is to be preferred than the loss of expensive appliances like computers, modems, television ect. You may also want to invest in a surge protector.If lightening touches down on a power-line near your home or anywhere close where it can penetrate your electrical system there is nothing LUCELEC could really do to prevent that....If they take the power again you would complain.


  7. Lucelec's dark beautiful full fledged side counter worker , with interesting eyes ,said that ....She cannot recall I making any complaint about how the electricity fluturates so disturbingly in my house.

    Later , I lost my house to fire. I only saw their reprsentative after I repeated ,exactly what this same worker explained to me on National TV...1.Go and make more observations
    2.After our team will come to attend to you fluturation matter.
    Then I asked who Will pay the team?.
    When she answered ...Lucelec I quickly asked ...why not send this team with me now . She said no
    I also told the worker that she is big & beautiful and that I have a big beautiful Daughter too.Even though Lucelec did not give me a copy of my complaint , this worker who refused to be honest about my report , can never hide that from the God that we serve. I lost my house but some day I believe that a worker reading this will be honest enough to ask each other which one of you attended to this fire victim when ...Karma Strikes. Thank you for reading.


  8. Lucelec is to be blamed. On the very night one of the workers said that if they had already put the transformer that would not happen
    There is something wrong in the area. A young man got electrocuted in that area earlier this year leaving to mourn a single parent with two infant children. No one represented lucelec at the funeral
    Very very bad.
    Lucelec does not care.


  9. Even if there was no bad weather Lucelec would still say is lightning because they no it will be difficult to prove them wrong.These people have they own workers investigating so I don't expect them to blame Lucelec .Government need to get independent investigator to check these matters.


  10. It is the company's fault. Many times LUCELEC cuts off the power supply without any notice to consumers. So why the hell did they (LUCELEC) did not turn off the electricity supply under such weather conditions? Yes, it is negligence on their part. Yes, customers have a responsibility, but the company has a greater responsibility to ensure that the service they provide is safe at all times. Stop taking advantage of the poor people of St. Lucia. I hope the people of the community together and file a class action lawsuit against the company. The case is not that difficult to win!


  11. Typical greedy vultures. They could have at least offer some small compensation given the circumstances, if nothing else. It would have taken rarely anything out of their bottom line to show that they care and appreciate their customers. Goes to show you how selfish and self-centered some of these companies are. The more they take, the more they want. And so the struggle continue for our people.


  12. Let's be real we must know the law, how can anyone company or individual be responsible for act of nature. Get insurance coverage. Stop causing confusion


    • yes. BUT the point is, where is lucelec proof that it was lightning., They just say that with no evidence. Pull them into court to prove it, then I can accept that. Or they provide the proof to the customer. Not just some report which may have fabricated and unqualified evidence which one cannot fully verify is true. This is blindsighting




  14. People always want to find someone to blame form their negligence. On the many LUCELEC radio and TV programmes, many times they have made the very IMPORTANT statement to unplug all appliances during a thunderstorm, but nooooo body takes heed to that warning. They continue to be on their computers and TV, they don't want to inconvenienced, no patience at all and when lightening strikes they play DOE DOE and as if they take moo moo pills and want LUCELEC to compensate them.
    Go Figure. Everyone is quick to jump on LUCELEC.
    Its time Consumers play their part and listen, act properly during a storm and be safe. Electricity can be used safely. Stop the BLAME GAME.


    • There is definitely a problem in this particular and Lucelec need to carry out a probe to find out what it is. One person have been killed and then this so there is a problem and try to put ourselves in their shoes, we all would blame the power company which is not always their fault.


  15. How is the company fault in the damage done by power outage due to a thunderstorm. I could HV understand that the company took power without noticing anyone and in sending the power back the appliances got burn them there is a case with the company. But apart of that its a natural disaster issuedeadeal with the problem


  16. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. and I want i the class because I am their victim aswell. they never at fault. Well we need to make them at fault.


  17. Lucellec must share part of the cause . They may not be directly responsible ,yet they are part responsible. She would not loose her appliances if she did not have Lucellec. SUE THEM . NIGEL IS A SUCKER. GET A LAWYER. WATCH THEM SING A DIFFERENT TUNE.


    • lol... according to your logic... maybe she should get a wind turbine to generate her electricity instead then...


  18. boy boy boy......SLUCELEC.....even with their millions...can't pay pennies but we are expect to pay every cent that is robbed from us ...time will tell


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