Chinese chef stabbed at restaurant

Chinese chef stabbed at restaurant

A Chinese employee of the Sunroof Restaurant in Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet has been admitted to Victoria Hospital in critical condition after he was stabbed Friday night during a suspected burglary.

Sources say Manyao Yang, 27, has not been able to say exactly what happened because of his condition.

According to reports, a security guard from a nearby business place saw the Chinese on the road, naked and bleeding, while holding onto his sides.

“It looks like it was a burglary. An amount of cash was stolen,” the source said.

Our news team understands that Yang, a chef, was staying in a small room at the back of the restaurant. St. Lucia News Online will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  1. you'll hypocrite lucians living in metropolitan countries acting like there is no crime in America,Canada and london make me sick, sicker than the news of crime coming from st.lucia. You'll more scared to walk at nights or be in the subway alone or worse late. you'll have 3 time the lock on you'll doors compared to the one lock we have on our doors back home. cut the crap lucians and make comments that show that you'll are in tune with reality.


    • that's only because they accustomed to the island being a safe haven; it's a shock to the system to see it get like this. You are right better, tune in with reality and sadly st lucia is also getting the pros and cons of development.

      Before it was tim tim bwa sek but with the cable and internet having influence on some of the undeducated scum walking around in fur coats in 30 degree sunshine thinking they cool and wanna follow the gangstar lifestyle and whats even sadder is that they truly believe that this is a way of gaining respect. Getting a lot of money through illegal means and some upcoming would be criminals looking up to them like role models.

      We need some strong, positive leaders and don't get me wrong, NOT POLITICIANS. I'm talking about the fathers, brothers, uncles, stop leaving the young men to become the men of the house too early by all means necessary. The mothers, sisters, aunties, go out and do something positive so that the younger ones can follow suit and don't depend on the family court business.

      Big up, St Lucia still nice.


    • Core Lucian, that is what I don't get. Fellow St. Lucians are saying things are bad, they're not coming back. Yet, in the US, Canada, Great Britain, etc, etc, things are much, much worse, but they are still there. Hypocrites I tell you.


  2. Tell them "That's me alright",always coming n say O lord put a hand or what's becoming of st.lucia n where they themselves live always have mass school shootings or terrorist attempts...Still beats me why he didn't use Kung fu tho.


  3. To much wickedness going on! No morality! Without that the place cannot be clean.. time we turn to the CREATOR.


    • Boy! Have vacation planned for SLU to stay at Gros Islet but I seeing so many stories now I'm scared. I just read too that a prisoner escaped from Rodney Bay prison - he was staying in Gros Islet- ammunition. O wow!


      • Like y'all got money to buy a plain ticket. BARVAR!!!

        I bet you can't even walk on the streets in racists country USA. I bet you are a target for a Racist white Police officer in the US or where you Lucians like to boast of so much and put down your own.

        You unpatriotic Lucians make me sick!


    • If you worked hard for your retirement, then you should be comfortable building your fortress in St.Lucia and feel shielded.

      I wonder why you're not scared living in countries where you constantly hear of worst crimes than what happens in SLU.

      If i were you, i would stay where i feel is safer.

      You pick.


    • Watermark and the rest of you 'so called' St. Lucians, tell me, in the area where you live, there must be no crime whatsoever.


  4. Its not "kool" that the "so called" news is always published with hearsay and what allegedly happened but never the actual facts. To make it even worst, we the people who read this "hearsay" immediately start pointing finger and placing blame without knowing what really happened..
    e.g "breaking news, minibus drives into house and takes life of 12 yr old girl whilst she slept on the living room sofa, by standers said the minibus just leave the road and land in the man house as if it was a plane" police on the scene we will update once more reports come available.
    Comments: "whats wrong with these drivers"
    "Stop speeding"
    "I know that minibus, mate always drinking"
    "Omg, where did he buy his license" etc..
    Right away we pointing finger, no one bothers to ask the facts before they jump in the "stew"
    In that same e.g "update on minibus that landed in house, the police have concluded their investigation and the minibus involved was stolen from the owners garage by a man who was furious that his wife was cheating on him with the owner of the house so he delibrately drove the minibus into the house in an attempt to kill himself and the owner of the house. The 12 yr old girl was not a member of that household and lived 2 houses down, she often spent the night at different houses belonging to single men. She is known by everyone as the "village bombar" always seeking $ for sex.
    How can we fix whats broken if we do not know how it broke in the 1st place?


  5. Lord put a hand and a foot....Some of my compatriot has gone stir crazy. Mr Yang I wish you a speedy recovery.