BREAKING: Chastanet writes local organisations on CIP, Juffali issue

BREAKING: Chastanet writes local organisations on CIP, Juffali issue
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

Political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet has written several local organisations expressing concern about the appointment of Dr. Walid Juffali as St. Lucia’s representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and said the attention this issue has gained could affect the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

“The unwanted spotlight on Saint Lucia stems from this diplomatic status being conferred upon an individual with no known connection to our country, who has neither the qualifications nor the experience to hold such a position – and above all it is a position which he himself seems to have little interest in, given that he has not attended any of the 27 meetings of the IMO held since his appointment.”

Chastanet continued:  “It is critical that this programme, already viewed by many as ill-conceived and not properly fleshed out, be run independently, cleanly and transparently as the avenues for abuse is numerous. It must also be apolitical to survive international scrutiny,” the missive added.

The UWP leader called on the various organizations to “ensure that the CIP achieves its aim to attract credible investment to Saint Lucia by urging the Government to follow the principles set out above.”

Below is the full letter:


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  1. Can somebody explain the difference between this appointment and that of Mr Gilbert Chagoury, our
    Ambassador to UNESCO who was appointed in 1995.
    I trusted Sir John with that appointment and wonders whether the same circumstances applied to Dr. Juffalis'.


    • I am serious, can anyone who is knowledgeable please shed some light on this issue.... I don't mind the thumbs down, I know what it means..... That's the only attention they think that they're getting, but nobody knows them.


  2. That foreign Interloper must have been advised by some smartass
    Lawyer in London, that the only way you can get out of this is to find a
    reason to excuse you from appearing in Court to contest on your behalf.
    So the Lawyer searches through the catalogs and finds many instances
    where Diplomats can claim immunity from prosecution simply because of
    their political status. But where will he get that? easy, By boy, there are lots
    of poor ass third world so called countries on this Planet hungry enough to
    take up your offer. Did you say - offer? yes, and make sure it is poor and vulnerable.
    BINGO, got it. That was not too difficult was it. Sniff, sniff, a few bucks here and a
    few bucks there, no problem. Now you got what you wanted to save you plus or
    minus $ 40 millions, your bill will be in the mail; ta ta, and a cup of tea.


  3. I voted with pride for the UWP in 2006 when I like many other Lucians saw that Sir John was there to give us a chance. Many of us were happy that he had peopke like Sarah Flood and Ausbert DAuverge supporting him.

    In 2011 like many Lucians I did not vote because of the divisiveness and crassness of the King Administration of which Chastaney was a big part.

    We all want to see the back of Kenny who after so many years in power has been so incompetent more concerned with political survival and his wealth.

    But after seeing how feckless and shallow Chastanet is I like many will again stay away at the next elections. Kenny or Chastanet. Tweedlee or Tweedum! At least Kenny has control over his party.

    Chastanet can get all his paid hacks to hit the up button on these pages but makes no difference. The UWP simply does not have the confidence of the people. Chastanet is not trusted and not seen as competent enough to handle the running of the country. That is the truth.


  4. "why would the gov't appoint a diplomat to represent the country if the country's representative is not obliged to attend any meetings on behalf of the country he represents"

    Organizations such as the IMO has an executive committee and other sub committees. The general body only meets every few years or when there are matters of urgency. St. Lucia is not on any of the committees, thus there is no reason for him to attend.

    To put this into perspective. I am part of my church board as a floor rep. There are several departments that make up the church board such as Sunday School, Youth and missionary departments. Each department meet at least Twice a month. I don't attend these meetings because I am not a member of these departments, there is no need for me to be there. However When the church board meets on a quarterly basis then my presence is made.

    Would it be fair for the church members to question or say that I'm not effective in my role since I didn't attend these departmental meetings?

    It obviously wouldn't be right and it would be misleading and untruthful to be going around saying that I have not been attending board meetings.



    • Really, well then, if St. Lucia is not on any committee requiring a representative then it would be best if we did not appoint a representative as as his/her service is not required.

      case closed!


  5. It is shameful that so many are willing to attack a man who is simply bringing the truth to light.


  6. ti-chat in your mouth.
    you can't stop this.
    you will never be PM of this country. and i say never.
    run your mouth this is all you can do.


  7. I hope all yourll hacks on both sides realise is us new and unsure voters that have the balance of power yet still nobody not saying what the gonna do for us and st lucia instead of arguing over social network. No matter what hacks will always support their party


  8. The more we listen and read about Allen Chastanets take on issues the more I am puzzled as to why the UWP did not vote for Sarah Flood Beaubrun in the last Leadership election.


  9. The leader of the United Workers Party have written to local organizations expressing concern about the appointment of Dr. Walid Juffali as St. Lucia’s representative to the International Maritime Organisation.For once I think he has a point in raising this matter with folks at the grassroots level.
    There are some credible points raised in his convoluted and ambiguous memorandum which strikes a cord with some of what I have been saying about this odious and unsavoury character from the Middle East, who is our ambassador to the IMO. All this shenanigans could have been avoided had the former High Commissioner to the UK not mislaid his moral compass. He of all people should have known better.What was he thinking back then? Did he think that this would have been a slam dunk and end of and no questions asked? Well he thought wrong.

    In this letter the opposition politician applauds the maverick British MP Andrew Rosindell for questioning the legitimacy of such an appointment. According to a report in the Daily Mail Online right wing Rosindell became the first politician to publicly question the appointment of the Saudi born St. Lucian appointed diplomat. MP's in the Commons ask questions all the time about anything from immigration to animal cruelty. Some are paid to ask questions. Rosindell is a Eurosceptic who supports the re-introduction of the death penalty and the detention of asylum seekers.He is an Essex boy who dislikes the European Union and what it stands for.

    This is a man who In 2010, was accused by the BBC of breaching UK Parliamentary rules for accepting subsidised overseas trips to Gibraltar and subsequently raising multiple Gibraltar-related issues in Parliament without disclosing the trips in the Register of Member's Interests. A Daily Mail columnist dubbed him the 'King of subsidised jaunts' for sitting on 90 groups concerned with overseas locations or causes. This MP looks like he can be easily bribed and open to purchase by anyone for the right price. Westminster is awash with corruption characterised with corrupt dealings. What do you expect from such a man?

    Now why is Rosindell asking questions about Juffali's diplomatic immunity if there was nothing in it for him?That is what we would like to know in the St Lucian community here in Europe and back home. No One does nothing for nothing. He has jumped onto the bandwagon after realising that there might be something in there for him. I do not support the appointment of this Saudi businessman to head St Lucia's mission to the IMO but by the same token I do not appreciate a maverick British MP seeking to besmirch and sully the image of the country for his own selfish and personal gain. It was not that long ago he was almost sent packing by Bermuda's minister of national security David Burch.Why is De Chastanet aligning himself with this controversialist? He is crediting a man with zero credibility in Westminster. He could have written this letter without having to drop the name of this controversial character in it.I suspect he likes a bit of name-dropping especially of someone from the high circles of British politics even if that someone is tainted.I understand the two of them are pals and this could also be the reason why he decided to bring him into the fray. Is that the best you can do De Chastanet?

    Burch told the Bermuda senate that he had the power to put Mr Rosindell on a “stop list” of people who are not allowed to enter the British territory.He said: “I want them to know, not even as a member of the government, as a Bermudian, I am offended that you would presume... to tell us what to do.
    “It’s not good enough. The fact that you are English and the fact that you landed on British [territory] is not sufficient to come here and tell us what to do.“It’s disrespectful, it’s like you invited me to your house for dinner and all I do is bitch and moan about what you served me.” Serves him right.

    The British have always liked to boss people around, tell them what to do, how to take care of their affairs even if they are quite capable of doing so themselves. Rosindell and his cohorts in Westminster is after Juffali because he is well-heeled. He can easily buy a few MP's in Westminster. They are not happy simply because he elected to do business with a country a few thousand miles away in the splendid Caribbean. They are consumed with envy and jealousy. It's eating away at their every core. If Juffali had come to them instead and made an offer then that would most likely have been the end of the matter. We members of the public would not have known about Juffali. The deal that would have be done would have been keep hush hush - They would go to great lengths to keep it secret and out of the public's domain.

    Juffali's wife is threatening to take him to the cleaners in the UK. So instead of settling with his wife of many years out of court, a plan is hatched to make him an ambassador to the IMO where even if he is not qualified he can be coached and told what to say - With this diplomatic post comes diplomatic immunity and with this immunity he will escape with his tail intact. He cannot be tried in Britain. This public spat all started after a mercenary from the sleazy and shabby Daily Telegraph published a story about this ignoble Arab. Other papers picked it up and now you have this wretched MP fanning the flames from his stinking cage.What right does he have to get involved in the affairs of a sovereign state like St Lucia?

    The Telegraph is a morally offensive and mean spirited broadsheet which has absolutely nothing to offer anyone. They picked stories from elsewhere and often rewrite them to make it look like it's original. Most if not all of their hacks are closeted racists and fascists. To date they have no black staff reporters working for them. The right wing drivel that they churn out daily fits well on Rosindell's agenda. The yucky reporter who wrote the article which he nicked from St Lucia News Online is busy looking for another hit right now. He wants mud which can stick with his next story on this subject. He is looking out for his own self-interest and does not care how much damage he inflicts on poor Helen. We need to be careful with people like that. Do not give him any more wood to burn his fire. You only offer him wood if there is water nearby. St Lucia's beautiful image does not need to be battered any further.

    As for this revolting and morally challenged character called Rosindell, he needs to stick his nose in what concerns him. Juffali's divorce and all the shenanigans that comes with it is no longer a concern for the British. He is now a St Lucian diplomat much to our annoyance and if he has any sense left in him he should cease doing any business in the UK. The British are a sad bunch of losers who pride in the downfall of others. They sneer and snigger at the success of others. My word of advice to you is to move back to your Royal kingdom of Saudi Arabia and if you really love and appreciate our lovely island like you say you do then come and seek refuge on it's shore. We are a friendly caring and loving people. St Lucia would welcome you with open arms.De Chastanet has no right to involve Rosindell or any of the British papers in this. This is a matter that should be taken care of at home in St Lucia and in the St Lucian community. Would Rosindell be happy if a St Lucian politician were to get involved in the internal affairs of Westminster? No he would not be nor would any other British politician for that matter.

    If De Chastanet's party were in power he would have done exactly the same thing that the government is doing.Who is he trying to fool?When the UWP were in power back in the 70's and 80's they brought everyone and anyone with money to do business in St Lucia. They couldn't care less about their backgrounds or checking up on them before allowing them in. Remember the saying 'He who lives in glass houses should not be throwing stones.' I will say it again I do NOT agree with Juffali's appointment but the Flambeaus would have grabbed him with open arms had they been in office and he presented himself to them.

    Let's hope that Rosindell's scornful and derisive statement in the Commons is relegated to the dustbins of Westminster's history. This man has no credibility and no class. He is an Essex man who will do anything for his fifteen minutes of fame. Now that he has had his fifteen minutes of shame I hope he stays well away from matters that do not concern him. Like I said before the only reason why he raised the question is because he is motivated by his own self interest. This obsequious conformist will swing in any direction which brings in the goodies. He like the other sycophantic MP's in Westminster have no conscience. They represent no one but themselves and their cronies.As for De Chastanet the opportunist perhaps he should try looking closer to home when dealing with matters of such significance and of national importance. That is a Lucian matter and concerns no one else but the powers that be and people of St Lucia - It certainly is of no concern to the loud and inebriated politicos of Westminster.

    Viva St Lucia The Land Of My Beautiful mother and the land I love.
    Malcolm L'overture
    Berlin Germany


    • Very well written Malcolm. I took my time to read every bit of what you wrote and I fully agree with you on everything that you dispensed. You are a fantastic writer I must say and I am pleased with your opinions and the manner in which you expressed it. We need more people like you to comment and expand on the many issues facing St Lucia. I have noticed that there are not many people who like you but don't worry if you are not liked. You are doing a good job by sharing your thoughts with us no matter what they say. I have not heard from you in a while now. I remembered reading your posts in another blog and sometimes in this one SNO. I like your way with words. Your structure and vocabulary are intact. You are devastatingly accurate on a lot of things I have noticed. As for me, I am not into politics but I enjoy your analysis and take on St Lucian politics.
      You keep up with what you are doing and I wish you well in your endeavours. Keep dishing it out and someday more of the readers in this forum will like what you dish out.


  10. No amount of likes can take away from the solidity and potency of an argument stated. SOME individuals who lack any meaningful contribution would rather demonstrate their intelligence or lack thereof through likes and dislikes. How sad!!!


  11. This letter says a lot about how you are going to run the external affairs of this country if you unfortunately get into power!! I cannot trust that you will make wise prudent decisions about our international affairs so how can I trust that anything domestic will be of any substance. This man is not fit for office and I will not vote for him. I don't like the current government but the alternative is FAR worse!! Are we doomed in Saint Lucia??


    • yes your vote brought us bitter days, don't worry Kenny and his hacks and cronies will never again lead this land.




    • This statement is Loaded with ignorance!! It's people like you Chas looking for to push is propaganda the uneducated and ignorant. Every country in the world is at risk of terrorism because your own country men and women maybe willing and able to join the terrorist. So how is Saint Lucia any different because of CIP, and how does that relate to Saint Lucians being denied visas. Same bull Chas was trying to say which is total nonsense what does he expect for us to close our borders like Trump suggested, they sound the same so it figures. Go read a book and get off the internet its not ready for your level of ignorance.


  13. Mr.Chastanet is fully aware not one or any government has written to St.Lucia including the British Government and the British High Commission Office in Barbados about the matter.

    Just in case Mr.Chastanet is not aware the British Foreign Office approve the ambassador appointment and approve him for Clarence.

    He could not have been an ambassador resident in the UK without the BFO permit.

    As a leader you have no vision and therefore you have no plans.

    Criticisms does not run a country, lies, comess and marginalizing is not the way to promote yourself.

    The court have already told us about your creditability.


  14. Well Said Garry!! Their lack of knowledge and understanding of diplomatic affairs is what Chastnet is praying on.
    The strategic appointment of Honorary Consuls in major economic centers not
    currently represented by Saint Lucia is needed and Mr. Jaffali fits the bill. Candidates should be economically active and or well-connected persons, capable of opening doors and having the ear of economic targets. The objective will be to both promote available opportunities in Saint Lucia and introduce Saint Lucia to hitherto untapped sources. But Mr. chastnet would rather have the public believe otherwise. Sad attempts at a scandal at the expense of the country's name and diplomatic/international respect.


  15. The great SLP has labelled so many of the past administration as corrupt and dishonest, but by far they now have the greatest corruption happen right in their camp an act of corruption that has far reaching repercussions even on an international scale! Not only do we have a situation where a diplomatic position was entrusted to someone who in turned used that position of trust for his own alleged personal gain by selling it, we also have a situation where that dishonest move has sullied St. Lucia's name on the international arena! No other High Commissioner or diplomat has committed such an atrocious act...a true betrayal of his country act which in my mind shows a total disregard and disrespect for his country and the people who live here. EH should NEVER hold any position of trust in this country. With the backing of the KDA, he has shown that he does not give a damn because the big man himself supports him!!! And this person is aspiring to be PM? Lord forbid!


  16. Look you can see the signs of a Desperate Man fighting for POWER. You have NEVER for once Tell the young people of this country how in the Hell you are going to make their lives better, all you do is talk SHIT. I have heard guys on crack talk shit but not as much as you. You are a scunk. I wish you all the best man and the citizens of this country who rely on you to make their lives better. How STUPID they will be. The LPM was on track to make the changes that we wanted but derailed their attention to the local electorate and instead went to lunch their election campaign in New York to a bunch of illegal immigrants that can't even go to JFK to see their friends departure back to their homeland. What a shame for the LPM. So am wondering where else can we go. All are the same no difference. Third World Politicians. Opportunities


  17. This man is hell bent on making this thing an issue even to the detriment of the country itself. Is it that you haven't gotten clarification or that you are not satisfied? Also you need to proof read and remove the untruths stated in this ill-advised letter it may further harm your credibility.

    To those unaware please research the position or Honorary Consul and then look up the list of Past non national representatives for Saint Lucia under both parties and there are many, I'm sure you have never heard of them, the majority of them are actually millionaires.

    What is different about them is the fact that this man jaffali is a Billionaire, is that the crime or corruption that he has committed. So much emphasis of his appointment being made public when the long list of past appointment are also unknown to the public. If this is the stance you are prepared to take on the matter could there have been "corruption" under your party's appointments as well?

    Man stop peddling this nonsense and the further degradation of Saint lucian's name trying to keep this story alive and find a more constructive way to campaign, the voter on the fence would much rather here about your policies, change, implementation and fixes to our current predicament. But given your take on this matter and lack of knowledge and foresight in diplomacy I am not sure how sound and well researched your ideas would be so for this reason I am more apprehensive that welcoming!!


  18. Golden Balls is a hypocrite, is clutching at straws to see if his bid for office will gain some traction. The trouble is you are guilty of far worst. Remember Steven Seagal? Why don't you clear the air on that one. In any case why invite foreign organisations to pry into our country's internal affairs? Golden Balls if the appointment of Dr. Jufali of a source of concern lets deal with it internally. This a bad example you are setting. Its perverse! Besides talk about issues directly affecting the quantity and quality of what goes on our table. Tells us how you propose to get us out of the red and into the black. Tells us where the present government has gone wrong and what you would do in their place. Man stop talking gibberish and make sense. Even if that appointment was transparent etc. if the government's economic strategy is flawed, the appointment would make no difference. So get real man cha!


  19. DR Hilaire was paid enough to fund his campaign when DR kenny Anthony gives him DR lewis constituency. Wait for it


  20. I see know difference between this act and the one where Kenny wrote to investors saying don't invest. Poor st. Lucia is being thrown under the bus by everyone!
    Its our problem let's deal with it internally, that is why we always seem dependent on these big nations and y they control us like puppets!


  21. Has this dr Juffali ever even been to St Lucia? I thought I read somewhere he had not, so how could he say he loves our island?


  22. Is thios the man we wish to have represent us? We nned to look at the biger picture and ask what is Mr. Chastenet's motives? Does he has St. Lucia's best interest at heart? I don't think so. His motives is just as bad as that of Tramp and that is to create fear and anxiety amounst the populist. Just saying.


  23. Mr.Chastanet your writing skills tells me you are not ready to be the leader of SLU.

    Just to be advised you never start an official letter with the words of "As you are ware"...

    I am quit sure my English teachers Mr.Robert Lee,Mr.Kendal and Mr.Lawrence who is know in heaven will agree.


    • Why are you critical of the man's writing skills? It's hard to please people like you. The letter was very ably written. You are being critical for the sake of it. For someone who was taught by men like Kendal and who may have attended the elite St Mary's College, I find your composition and writing skills to be tainted with mistakes.

      For example, you write: "I am quit sure my English teachers Mr.Robert Lee, Mr.Kendal and Mr.Lawrence who is know in heaven will agree."

      Shouldn't that be who is "now in heaven" instead of know in heaven. And the word is quite sure not quit sure -You are so busy ranting on about someone's usage of the English language that you failed to notice your own infractions Mr. St Mary's College. Why are you Lucian folks so critical? You should try removing the debris from your eyes first before you attempt to remove that of others. Kendal, Lawrence and Lee didn't do a good job with you by the looks of things.

      Who are you to tell people how to start an official letter? You college boys think you know it all, but you know nothing. I am happy I never went to that corrupt educational establishment.Like Invader said, "If it's people's business you are minding you are not contributing one damn thing so Bare." Get a life mate!


  24. Chastenet I agree with you 100%. Ernest Hilaire needs come clean. The SLP has shown a total disrespect for the citizens of this country by refusing to clear the air on the matter and acting as if they owe us no explanation. St Lucia's name has been sullied internationally and they behave quite arrogantly and pompous about it.


    • Ingrid, I try not to post on these forums but I believe that your comments deserve a reply.

      Keep in mind that I don't support any political party over another. I am truly independent.

      Ernest Hillaire and others have come out and given their side of this story (Their spin on things). So far it seems all logical and fair. If some under the table deal was done and he was paid, do you really expect him to come out and say that. Furthermore there is no proof or anything to suggest he was paid. All the questions posed about this assignment has been answered.

      St. Lucia's reputation is being sullied more by what Allen Chastnet is doing. For example there was no need for Dr. Walid Juffali to attend the 27 meeting that Chastnet keeps referring to. This has been explained on several occasions. Yet he perpetuates this untruth. The only person of substance to really comment on this internationally is someone with a checkered history and also a history with the UWP.

      So by Chastnet feeding the British tabloids and having his agents in the UK perpetuate these untruths and also to be writing God knows who about these untruths he is hurting St. Lucia in his pursuit of power. He is by extension disrespecting St. Lucians by perpetually pedaling these untruths and misrepresentations.

      Furthermore and Chastnet being of the opinion that the CIP program is ill-conceived, yet his wife according to reports has applied to be part of the process. This seems like a double standard in some ways.

      Lastly, I do believe that the SLP could have been more forthcoming regarding this, but i believe that when questions were asked they were answered.



      • just befuddled,
        why would the gov't appoint a diplomat to represent the country if the country's representative is not obliged to attend any meetings on behalf of the country he represents.

        Why has not accepting a sorry excuse for not attending meetings be perpetuating untruths, the excuses does not change the FACT that he never attended a meeting.

        Lastly the fact that he is speaking against the CIP should send a message to his wife if she has applied to be part of the process.


        • you should ask chastanet why he appointment all these useless diplomats like Steven segal and the others first.


    • Hello!! Ms.Ingrid I would love to inform you and all your UWP friends of the following.

      All the senior officials and candidates of the SLP are people that can be employed on the international World Organization at anytime.

      Please take note whenever a SLP candidate has not been successful at the polls they all move on to Regional and World Organizations.

      Mr.Hilaire can be employed if he want next morning by any world August body.

      Please take time off to look up your fail candidates and senior officials they all fall by the wayside looking for help.

      Therefore please be advised Dr.Hilaire does not need your vote or your money.

      Dr.Hilaire can be employed by the following if he so wish, Government of Jamaica, St.Vincent, Dominica and many more ASAP if you are not aware.


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