BREAKING NEWS: Chastanet and Preville to battle for UWP leadership

BREAKING NEWS: Chastanet and Preville to battle for UWP leadership
Chastanet (left) and Preville.
Chastanet (left) and Preville.

Allen Chastanet and Dr. Claudius Preville will battle for the top post of becoming the next leader of the United Workers Party (UWP).

Both were nominated for the top position today at the party’s delegates’ conference held at the Mon Repos Combined School where all 17 constituencies were present.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert and former Public Service Minister Lenard “Spider” Montute were nominated for the post of deputy leader of the UWP.

Incumbent chairman of the UWP Ezechiel Joseph and party member Eldridge Stephens were also nominated for the post of chairman.

Dr. Preville recently announced plans to run for leadership of the party. Preville is of the view that there is a void that needs to be filled and he may be the one to do that.

The economist has expressed confidence in uniting and strengthening the party. He plans to contest the Babonneau seat.

Chastanet was elected political leader of the UWP in August 2013. However, ousted member Richard Frederick has accused Chastanet of causing a division in the party.

Chastanet was also accused of allowing disrespect within the party, which led to former Prime Minister Stephenson King, getting booted out as opposition leader.


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  1. I went to there is nothing on the Nov. Convention. No info on any of the persons who have put themselves up.

    If there is a link would someone share?


  2. I am very happy to hear this BREAKING news, this means fresh ideas for the U.W.P party , God knows the party needed that As a Babonneau resident and business owner I cannot wait to vote someone that i think can change the present direction of the country. you can tell he is not our regular joe on the block , he is confident and can actually give an intelligent an straight answer to every question pose to him. To him i said welcome and am looking forward to working with him .


  3. I'M A Die Hard UWP what kind of nonsensical comment is that.
    I'm not sure if Chas is a business man. I know his old man is a very successful businessman. Someone please clarify. If he is a business man can someone please tell us which business does he owns or has shares in.
    I see why Fedo is talking the crap the he is talking. It is because of the small mindedness of people like you.


  4. NB:St. Lucians are a great people; but lucians are all empty headed. All of them try to run to North America to live under white people's rule. So lucians stop this ignorant talk about Chastenet and white; ignorant;ignorant talk.


  5. Daren (bal) What year were you born? Where were you in 1979? Kenny is still the youngest ever minister of education facts.


    • So how did this help Saint Lucia? Jackass, SMART PEOPLE ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE RESULTS.

      If you were much smarter you would have most definitely ask, what was or were the lasting impacts of George Oldum's warped vision of changing the constitution for a greenhorn, only because Kenny showed communist tendencies?

      See how this so attractive to the foreign investors after he moronically and naively publically embraced and stated his love for Communist Cuba and Fidel Castro? You consider that smart?



    Two guy who have never won a seat but yet they are the candidates to lead a party. Can't even secure a seat in the house of representatives but yet they rule over you all. !!

    Is it because Chastanet is the son of a wealthy business man and the other guy is a doctor you all scared to challenge them?




  7. Isn't strange that though Chas is not a parliamentary representative yet he wields so much power an influence within UWP?

    One would have thought given the fact he is handicapped (having no seat) that he would be quick to cure that Mal-piea by announcing which seat he would be contesting, as the Dr. Preville have done.


  8. First impression last . Chastanet father said he is spending money like a child that never see toys so we can't put him in power to bankrup st.lucia.and besides why vote a party that is so divided. Choops tan


    • So you want UWP to come in and help their "own" people, right?

      So you one of those whose about recycling, Right?


  9. Chastenet is the best man to lead the party by far he is a business man . plus the Chastenets
    have over 400 people employ in St Lucia