Canaries man charged for threatening to kill PM Allen Chastanet

Canaries man charged for threatening to kill PM Allen Chastanet

(St. Lucia News Online) — A fisherman from Canaries has been formally charged for threatening to kill Prime Minister Allen Chastanet in a video that went viral on social media.

Charged for making use of threatening words is Steve Alexander who is originally from Canaries but is now a resident of Soufriere.

Police said he was charged on Friday afternoon and remanded in police custody until April 8.

Alexander was arrested earlier in the week after the video surfaced, in which he threatened the prime minister over the sudden implementation of the 24-hour seven-day curfew to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19.

The video was filled with creole-laced expletives.

Alexander wore a mask in the video but that did not stop the authorities from succeeding to hunt and track him down.


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  1. So rude and disrespectful of that ignorant idiot to threaten the life of the Prime Minister. Why? simply because he is trying hard to protect the people from such virus,we cannot handle this out break we are not prepared. Does that moron have a TV in his hut to watch what's going on around the world? I say first lock him up for being so stupid and then give him a hefty prison sentence for the threat how rude.


  2. Good to make an example of you for others to learn, ,people must learn to respect authorities and those willing to help us, the pm is in our best interests


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