British tourist raped at Cas en Bas

British tourist raped at Cas en Bas


A British woman was brutally raped in her villa in the early hours of Saturday, February 6, in Cas en Bas.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has confirmed the incident with a senior police official who said the matter is a sensitive one and the police will not be be able to disclose any information.

A source told SNO that the woman is about 45-years-old and had been staying at the villa for some time.

SNO understands that the woman was asleep when she was attacked and raped. The woman’s apartment door was also closed but unlocked, which made it easy for her attacker to enter her room.

The matter was reported to the local police and the British High Commission Office for the Eastern Caribbean.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. Criminals have learned,understood and mastered the operations of our prison systems. Killing someone of not government stature is roughly worth ten years in prison before being paroled on good prison behavior. So we get mad at someone, the gun is also available as an excuse of self defense, is used to take some one else's life. Self defense in most times and murder b simply because we were angry.


  2. Ugly people stop having children, when these ugly pieces of human trash gets older they monkey hormones gets overbearing and become aggressively and these ugly sub-human degenerates gets desperate and starts stocking women and rapes them. So ugly monkeys stop breeding, tie your tubes. I have a suggestion to any governments officials start paying these things to tie their tubes and in seven years crimes like robberies and rape will drop drastically.


    • No excuse can be made for someone who violates another person like that . But perhaps the government should have pay your mother first... cause clearly you have "ugly" issues


  3. Please stop behaving like St. Lucia is so special and crime doesn't happen. Rapes also happen in Britain at a far higher rate than here. Worse crimes happen here so please lets grow up and realize that crime happens world wide and that there will never be a time when rapists will be no more, lets not be ignorant. That being said its quite sad for any woman to be raped no matter their nationality. Bad things happen to people and I wish her a good recovery and that she is not forever traumatized by this affair. It could have happened to anyone even a St. Lucian woman and that would not make it less horrible. The Police cannot fight alone, lets show our humanity by giving support where we can and not bashing our tiny island because its not crime free. Lots of places are not crime free. Maybe if we did a little or a lot of research we could come together as a nation to fight crime, which if you do do your research doesn't really include guns or killing. Yes I know the idea is foreign to most of you and the ignorant replies will come, sigh, but then again most will wonder what is wrong with the world. smh


  4. Seems to be a lot of rapist on this tiny island. Ask Kenny why he stopped "Operation restore Confidence"?


  5. What is wrong with them horny black Gorillas? She should of hit him with a couple bananas,some of them are despicable.


    • Really? There's no need for name calling. ..I agree that these mens should be given the stiffest penalty in what ever way possible but your racist names should be kept to yourself and family. .


  6. I am so sorry this had to happen to anyone. This could happen any where in the world, we should protect ourselves no matter where in the world we live, there is good and bad all around us. Why do some people think that it only happens in st.Lucia, stop stereotyping, get the facts first, i hope the person who committed this crime is caught fast before he does it again.


  7. "St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has confirmed the incident with a senior police official who said the matter is a sensitive one and the police will not be able to disclose any information. " Why is this matter a sensitive one? Shouldn't all rapes be treated with the contempt that it deserves? Rape is rape and all rapes should be treated as "sensitive". Why is it only this one being treated as sensitive? There can be only one reason why this is being treated as "sensitive" and that is because the victim is British and she is white. The police in St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean will go out of their way to look into and to investigate fully crimes involving white folks -when they are victims. They do not employ the same vigour and sentiment when investigating local crimes or crimes involving local people. They are still clothed in the colonial shackles of yesteryear and will go above and beyond to give people of European descent the upper hand in all things.

    The use of force to compel a person to submit to sexual intercourse is abhorrent, abominable and morally repulsive. Rape like an old friend use to say is "Sexual theft" The perpetrator of such a vile and detestable act is penetrating without permission. The bloke is taking without asking. The police in St Lucia should be obliged to investigate all allegations of rape fully. The word "sensitive" should not be employed for one and not all. It should be for all. This sends out the wrong message. Women in St Lucia will not feel safe if such feeble excuses are offered when dealing with a delicate matter like this. Yes, women in St Lucia should be worried when police are using the word "sensitive" when it comes to investigating the rape of a foreign woman. If I was a woman I would be disturbed by such preconceived opinion. Every woman ought to be.

    I have noticed that when foreigners are victims of crimes on the island the police will do all in their power to get to the bottom of it. They will put in the resources to flush out those responsible. Why don't they do the same when locals are the victims of crimes? There are endless unsolved murders in St Lucia and the police are doing nothing to bring those responsible to justice. It was not that long ago a teenage couple was brutally murdered and burnt beyond recognition in the town of Vieux Fort, and up until this present day no one has been brought to book for this. Young Verlinda from Saltibus was another victim. Her murder is yet to be solved. There are others too numerous to mention and neither time nor space will allow me to get to every one of the unsolved cases in the country.

    All rapes should be investigated fully. There have been many instances where women have cried rape and have had men banged up innocently and only after revisiting the scene of the crime and with DNA evidence have these men been freed. They were freed because the evidence against them was flimsy and could no longer to relied upon and so the case was quashed on appeal. Some women can be wholesomely spiteful at times and that is why the police need to give allegations of rape the toothcomb treatment. They should go through every detail with a fine toothcomb. No stones should be left unturned.

    Why was this woman's door left unlocked? Was it left unlocked because she was expecting someone to visit her? Something isn't adding up there. This woman through all intense and purposes would have been warned about leaving her property unbolted and unfastened. Why didn't she do just that? In an area where crime is so prevalent one has to be vigilant at all times. You simply cannot afford to take chances.
    Not much is being released about this crime which tells us that the police are aware of the damage it can do to the reputation of the island. The British tabloids get their hands on this and they will have a field day. Their irresponsible reporting will sully and besmirch St Lucia's good name abroad. The authorities will have to guard against this as an incident like that can easily tarnish the island's reputation. In this tough economic times, St Lucia can do without any form of bad publicity.

    The press in the UK has been reporting about young Brits going abroad and making false accusations against people in the countries they visit. One case that springs to mind is the one where a young female claimed that she was been set upon by people in Brazil. It turned out that her claims were motivated by money. She wanted to claim insurance money for a crime that had not been committed. No one did anything to her and even the British authorities had to conclude that this young woman was a compulsive liar and a fabricator of the truth. She was indeed scarce with the truth and would not know what the truth was if it were to hit her on the face.

    That is why the police need to know more about the victim in this case. They need to find out why she left the door unlocked and if she was expecting someone that night.They need to probe behind this. Who was the person she was expecting if indeed she was expecting someone? Is this person responsible? Did she have a falling out with that individual which resulted on this? The police have their work cut out. Just because someone cries foul does not mean it's a foul. The authorities will have to decide whether this woman's rights has been violated. If after they have carried out their investigation they find out that she was unlawfully penetrated and force to submit unwillingly then they can start looking for the suspect. They should not go and pick up any man from the street and assume that he is responsible for this sexual assault. There should be no miscarriage of justice. Investigate,probe, leave no stones unturned and find out the motive. If this woman is found to be lying then she ought to be punished for making a false accusation and wasting police's time.

    We should not allow anyone to come to our shores making accusations that is false and unwarranted. She is English and will have the hawkish and esurient British tablod press coming to her rescue offering her inducements to tell her story. They will milk it for all it is worth. They will slaughter our splendid isle without impunity or mercy. They do not care about whether they are doing damage to a country's reputation. They are in it for their 15 minutes of fame. They want to sell papers and will do anything to achieve this. Too many innocent people have gone to prison after being accused of doing things that they have never done. Most of these people got done because the police and prosecution refused to believe their side of the story. There are two sides to a coin and two sides to a story. Both arguments need to be listened to. No one is above the law. The police should always present clear and coherent evidence for all to see. The judge will direct the jury to find someone guilty if there is irrefutable evidence. If the evidence is weak and tenuous then the judge will either throw the case out or ask the jury to find the defendant not guilty thereby acquiting the accused. It's a simple as that.

    This woman lived in a gated community. I am assuming that security was provided as well as CCTV. What were the security guards doing around the time the incident took place? Were they asleep ar watching TV? How about the CCTV? Police will have to take a look at the video to see exactly what transpired on that fateful night. In the meantime I would implore the police in St Lucia to give consideration and application to every crime committed in St Lucia. Crime is crime and all crimes should be investigated. It was not that long ago a white tourist stabbed a taxi driver and the matter was settled out of court. The police did not care to bring the case to court to be prosecuted. Instead they allowed the culprit to offer compensation to the poor taxi driver.
    Someone once said that there is no justice in this world anymore. Think this was echoed in a song and this is so true and so relevant to what is happening in our society today. The wheels of justice can be bought in St Lucia. This should not be happening but sadly it is. Like the prime minister would say 'Let justice takes it's course'.
    RSLPF need to investigate all crimes and not just some.Fairness is what justice really is.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian Lucian
    Berlin Germany


    • The human brain is very busy and it’s easy to forget or think that you have checked on your security. I am security conscious, yet I have left my back door closed but unlocked numerous times over the years. Yes, I open myself to potential burglary or possibly rape or both. But society should not tolerate the idea that you are guilty for whatever happens to you because you were not imprisoned in your home or accommodation, behind bars, locked up and bolted up.


    • The victim did not live in a gated community. She was a tourist visiting St Lucia and the area was poorly secured. The villa had no security guards. The victim was not "expecting" someone to visit. It is shameful to suggest this when someone has been the victim of a brutal attack, an attack that was confirmed by the other people staying in the villa. The matter is sensitive because of the nature of the crime, not because of the race or nationality of the victim.


    • Several of the assertions in your comments are factually incorrect. The victim did not live in a gated community. She was a tourist visiting St Lucia and the area was poorly secured. The villa had no security guards. The victim was not "expecting" someone to visit. It is shameful to suggest this when someone has been the victim of a brutal attack, an attack that was confirmed by the other people staying in the villa. The matter is sensitive because of the nature of the crime, not because of the race or nationality of the victim.


    • This is a disgusting victim-blaming post. You must be crazy if you think someone would report a rape to get '15 minutes of fame'. The comments on this page and pages reporting similar crimes speak volumes about why St Lucia is a dangerous place for females - clearly there is also anti-white racism. If I were a white tourist I would not visit St Lucia. More needs to be done to publicise these crimes so Western tourists can make an informed decision about whether they want to risk their lives visiting this 'paradise'. Clearly the local people have no confidence in the police either. Your concerns are all about protecting the reputation of the country 'in these tough economic times' - you have no compassion for the victim whose life will have been shattered, you want to blame her for her own rape? You are sick and need help, God help you.


  8. Rape cases are all over the world. Sometime ago,a research was conducted on our visitors coming to our shores. A female visitor from either Canada or the Uk said to one of our journalist. Regardless of those criminal activities taking place in our country,St.lucia is very beautiful and whatever those criminal circumstances are.She wont hesitate to come back on holidays. So,what are the effects on our bread and buttered tourism per say? Likewise,in England,Australia,America,and Canada. There are reports surrounding a dozen of white police officers raping black women while those cases are swept under the carpet. Leaving our black ladies without any justice. But,that doesnt mean any such revenge on our visitors coming to our shores should be term as an eye for eye tooth for tooth. Crime against visitors has been a target in which the researchers cant summerised as to what seems to be perpetuating that level of malicous acts against women. Is it too much porn and technology taking over the world?


    • Why do you have to make this about race? What is the relevance to this case of your claim that white police officers have raped black women? It's irrelevant here, unless you think that justifies what happened to this poor woman. Do you think that the 'fact' - you give no evidence - that black women have been raped by white police officers justifies this white tourist being raped by a black man? And it was a black man, just ask the local police.
      Race is irrelevant. Rape is rape. There is no situation where a woman should be awoken from sleep and raped in her bed, by anyone. The photographs that accompany this story show white people, so do other photographs that accompany stories about rape reported in other local newspapers. Why is this? Clearly in this case a white woman was raped by a black man and in other recent rapes both perpetrators and victims were black. Most people who live in St Lucia are dark skinned, so why show white skinned individuals in the photographs accompanying these articles? If a European country with a predominantly white population published stories about rape with photographs showing black hands there would be an outrage. Wake up to what is happening on your island and stop trying to blame anyone other than locals!


  9. This rape st Lucia has with no justice is very frightening. It makes it very difficult for women to live on their own, whether they choose to by choice.
    It is soon becoming that women in st Lucia will suffer from all sides, as a rape victim and also staying in abusive relationships, for fear of not leaving alone because they could be taped.
    This is a very frightening thought for st Lucian women, and remember it's not a particular age group it is from very young to the very old.

    People this is serious, what can we do about it, the authorities cannot help the situation.
    My suggestion is let us be each other's keepers, and do no adopt the attitude of the western world, that we do not know our neighbours, because this will just get worse with no sign of getting better.


    • Why does this have two likes and three dislikes? Do people think it would be better if this poor white tourist had been killed? God help St Lucia with these attitudes.


  10. As usual brainless idiots doing something that may cost SLU dearly of it's tourist vacationing an spending their money an in return helping d lively hood of d people who depend on them to survive bcoz not even UWP or SLP can save d hotels,jazz festival,cruse ships an foreigners from kicking SLU to d curb if they afraid of SLU an for sure there will be more frustration an crime if these idiots are not kept in check.


  11. Soon they will say that the Eastern Caribbean is one of the most dangerous tourism regions in the world.


  12. Since when rape is sensitive unless involving minors. Once it is reported to police it is open season, unless minors


    • That's a disgusting attitude. In any civilised country a victim of a sex crime has anonymity by law for life. Of course it is sensitive even if minors are not involved. The idea that it is 'open season' stinks. Is it really 'open season'? Is that the local situation? I would appreciate input from other locals as I am comprising some guidance for tourists from Europe who may visit St Lucia and I would like them to visit - if they dare - with eyes open to the genuine attitudes of local people.


  13. Oh boy, not this again, we are gonna get black listed to the world in the Tourism industry. My Lucian people we have to keep applying pressure on the officials who are in charge of the tourism industry so these atrocities are avoided.

    I'm very sad that someone paid money to have a good clean time to enjoy St Lucia and has to go through this sickening event.
    Lorne papa you and your government MUST GO !!!


  14. From which hole do those brutes come from! And let's hear it from empty heads, 'She should have locked her door'.

    Imagined this, your can only come to St Lucia on holiday unless you stay in accommodation which has burglar bars, and you are LOCKED UP and fortified like Fort Knox! Where, oh where is the PARADISE in this?

    I am finding it hard to hold on to my sense of humanity every time I hear about other people's humanity being violated through acts of rape!

    Please, flush those rapist brutes out from their lair! And lock them up!


  15. We are already in hot water with the Jufalli affair, now it is a sensitive affair concerning another British citizen. Lord help St. Lucia


  16. Operation restore confidence please. This time leave no bodies so Mary Francis can run her mouth. And no impacts report also..


  17. These idiots costing the country it's reputation and ultimately it's livelihood when they do this crap.


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