BREAKING NEWS: Brigg Unicorn ex-captain and wife found safe

BREAKING NEWS: Brigg Unicorn ex-captain and wife found safe
Arthur ‘Sam’ Alleyne (left) and his wife, Sharon Went-Alleyne.
Arthur ‘Sam’ Alleyne (left) and his wife, Sharon Went-Alleyne.

A couple who were reported missing on a yacht on Saturday have been found.

The couple were found earlier today and returned to St. Lucia sometime after 12:00 noon.

Brigg Unicorn ex-captain Arthur Alleyne called “Captain Sam” and his wife Sharon Went-Alleyne, who both reside in Gros Islet, were sailing between St Lucia and Barbados when contact was lost.

An air-and-sea search was launched by the coast guards in St. Lucia, Barbados and Martinique, which proved unsuccessful.

However, the couple’s daughter Tao Alleyene told the media that a family friend informed her that her parents were found today.

Tao said she made a phone call to her father.

“He told me that he unfortunately lost signal half-way through, but he told me that both he and my mother was fine, except that they are dehydrated and hungry.”

According to her, Arthur did say the yacht was drifting during their journey. However, it is unclear whether they managed to reach Barbados by themselves or someone recused them.

The Nation News of Barbados also reported that another daughter of Arthur, Arianne Moore, said he and his wife were “on land in Soufriere,” when she spoke with him today.

“He just said that the mast is all ripped up, the sails are shredded, the engines gone, but they are alive. He just said ‘We are alive. Your father is not going to die like that, girl,” she stated.

The couple’s children had appealed for anyone in the surrounding islands with access to boats, light aircraft or helicopters to join in the search as the yacht might have been drifting.

A Facebook post from Toa read: “A message from my mother who just got home. Thank you once again everyone! ‘With God’s blessing, Sam and I survived five days, four nights at sea that had us doing almost 600 miles. We want to thank all those who have sent their prayers, who organised searches, or helped us in any way. Right now we need to rehydrate, eat some food and get some much needed rest. Will give the whole saga when I can think straight.”


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  1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... Knowing Captain Sam.. I had high hopes that they were ok... Overjoyed.


  2. Like I said in an earlier post. Cats like that with 40 years experience on the water don't give out just so! I somehow always knew they would be found in good health.


  3. Our good is good. Thank you for his favor,grace,and mercy.Take time out to thank praise and glorify him always.


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