Boguis man charged for killing and cooking iguana

Boguis man charged for killing and cooking iguana
Kennedy with the slaughtered iguana.
Kennedy with the slaughtered iguana.

Kennedy Vincent Chastanet of Boguis, Babbonneau has been charged for killing and consuming a protected iguana.

Chastanet was arrested  yesterday, July 29 under the St Lucia Wildilife Protection Act 1980 (revised 2001) and charged with the illegal possession, slaughter and consumption of an adult female iguana.

He also admitted to the offence and was fined $5,000 or 12 months imprisonment but released under special conditions.

Forestry officials say Chastanet paid a portion of the fine and has made arrangements to pay the balance.

Chastanet was tracked down after photos of him appeared on Facebook with him cooking the iguana.

One photo showed the iguana being roasted on a grill and the other being boiled in a large pot.

Forestry officials say at least one other person was at the scene of the cook-up with Chastanet.

The forestry department said an iguana, as a protected species under the St. Lucia Wildlife Protection Act, is never to be captured and slaughtered. The department said there is no “in season” as it relates to iguanas.

“[As in the case of iguanas] that is definitely a no-no,” a source in the department said.


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  1. The age of Facebook. He will think twice the next time. People do not value privacy anymore. Everything gets posted on Facebook. That's laughable. Duh....


  2. All of you are ignorant, its a animal, we eat the animal, it's the same as killing any other animal, chicken, goat, anything, animals is animals, so there is no reason for him to be arrested, you St.Lucian people just want to see someone fail and like to much drama and that is facts I'm telling you


  3. When he feels for iguana meat he can visit St.Maarten And Curacoa, it's legal and there's plenty for them


  4. That's good investigation man. Get these guys on Face Book and make them pay.


    I've seen the guys beat two dogs that were mating and got stuck during sex...

    And the turtles is a all to common issue... Smh

    Why you so IGNORANT?

    St.lucia is a progressive country stop acting like a CAVEMAN !!


  5. Wow this guy must be real hungry! If you want to eat flesh there's chicken selling all over the place, you can even buy yourself a live chicken and eat it, or beef, mutton whatever...

    But you choose to eat an iguana a protected species...smh

    Some of you St.lucian's are to ignorant. Who does that man? You guys treat animals like they have no feelings.

    Ignorance is bliss !!


  6. For eating a layza a man was charged 5000 but stabbing an innocent mother of six attempting to stab her whilst she was helplessly on the ground (thats attempted murder ppls) because of ur selfish ways , dat man was charged 1000 $mfh ppl the law of this country sucks try to get out of here bfor u start eating iguanas too.


  7. Good example....charge him....u eating a lizard?....Shame on these it humans next?


  8. Boy o boy the country. Hard for true that could not even buy chicken barks he had two face the hoods


  9. I am thrilled that he was caught. To the the guys and gals at Forestry a big thank you. There is a heartless few who are bent on destroying the things that they inherited. The things that make home special and natural. I am dying to see the day when the first poacher of Leatherback Turtle is caught. I hope they make a special example of his *ss.

    To those idiots who believe that an iguana is going to fill an adult's stomach, and that there is no food on the island...wake up. Most yards have a peas tree, pumpkin or something growing; even the poorest Saint Lucians. I say those lazy mfers need to plant something in the yard or on government land.