BREAKING NEWS: Body with throat slit found near Castries Comprehensive School

BREAKING NEWS: Body with throat slit found near Castries Comprehensive School

Saint Lucia police are investigating another homicide.

The body of a male was discovered behind the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, in the water,  on Sunday morning.

“The body has marks of violence. The throat appears to be slit so yes we are investigating another homicide,” a police source told St. Lucia News Online.

The island has seen a spike in homicides over the past week.

On the morning of Saturday, July 20: A masked gunman, dressed in all black, opened fire on persons in a bar in Pavee, Castries, killing 26-year-old Gino Joseph and injuring three others including two teens.

On Thursday, July 18, Curtis Christopher, 36, was shot dead after he left home to buy bread around 6 a.m. The incident occurred in the Bois Patat/Morne Du Don area of Castries.

Between the night of Monday, July 15 and the morning of Tuesday, July 16, in Pavee, Castries, 45-year-old Earl Emmanuel was shot in a house. He was pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital after suffering injuries to his abdomen and buttocks.

On Thursday, July 11, 2019, around 9 a.m., 16-year-old Nadeije Mitchell of Gros Islet fatally stabbing 26-year-old Marjele Williams, also known as Moon Head and Marley, on Marina Street, Gros Islet. Mitchell was remanded in police custody after appearing in court on a murder charge in connection with the killing.


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  1. What is a 14 yr old doing in a bar? SMH. The one who got killed didn't really bother me. He obviously getting it for payback, but a 14 yr old in a bar. smh.


  2. This is a very likely negative impact of the GOT. We have become desensitized to cruelty and man inhumanity to man, globally. Of course, the slitting of throats is part of the Bible. The Jews did that a long time ago to themselves, mind you, but to commit suicide, rather than being captured by their enemies. But GOT made it almost a routine for getting rid of enemies.


    • Just because it is in the Bible does not make it less barbaric. Slavery is barbaric even when practiced by kings and queens of so-called great civilizations, and by the wealthy in expensive clothing. Call a spade a spade, no matter who is holding it.


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