BREAKING NEWS: Body suspected to be of Lyana Serieux found in cistern of abandoned building

BREAKING NEWS: Body suspected to be of Lyana Serieux found in cistern of abandoned building

ST. CROIX — V.I.P.D. Commissioner Delroy Richards has confirmed to The Consortium that at about 2:00 p.m. today, police found a body in the cistern of an abandoned building located behind the Mutual Homes Housing Community, which police were “70 percent” certain was the body of Lyana Serieux, 24, who went missing on Friday.

The commissioner said while the V.I.P.D. would not have a positive identification until the body is looked at by a family member or a pathologist, “preliminary wise, some of the objects that she was last seen with appear to be those that were found with,” Mr. Richards said.

The commissioner said that investigators, as of 5:00 p.m., had only gotten a high view looking into the cistern.

“We know it’s a female, we know the female had bracelets on, we know that she [Ms. Serieux] had bracelets on, but that’s not enough for us to conclude that that’s specifically who it is,” the commissioner said.

At about 5:00 p.m., St. Croix Rescue members were situated near the Eulalie Rivera Elementary School, waiting on Waste Management workers to empty the cistern using a vacuum truck, before they could enter.

As of 5:30 p.m., the vacuum truck was still removing water from the cistern, with a St. Croix Rescue employee telling The Consortium that about two more loads were remaining before they could move in.

The St. Croix Rescue personnel were outfitted with yellow coveralls.

They said a determination on whether the body would need to be placed in a a bag with holes pierced in it for ventilation. That depends on many factors, include the position of the body, as well as its condition.

“We will wait to confirm but based on the preliminary, it is suggested to us that it could possibly be the missing person, because there are items which I will not disclose at this time that were found on the scene, and they remain items of evidentiary value,” the commissioner said. “I would say that we’re about 70 percent certain that that is who we’re looking at.”



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  1. we need to get her ex in for questioning,this is so sickening,for the young lives lost,this wonderful lady killed,what did she come across,that would cause that could cause a disgusting punk head to do this.?


  2. I wish men will learn to treat women with more care. It goes both ways, but women are generally weaker and more subject to acts of violence. Very sad story indeed.


  3. So heartbreaking. I hope whoever did this gets caught and suffers the consequences. May they RIP.


  4. I pray the individual who did this to this young lady and her two innocent boys whether alive or dead may never find peace because only a heartless pig can put a family through this terrible odeal. Jesus receive the soul of lyanna n her sons and present them to the most high. R.I.P MY DEAR AND ALSO UR SONS......


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