Relative: Pierre was looking forward to baby shower, giving birth next month; no foul play suspected

Relative: Pierre was looking forward to baby shower, giving birth next month; no foul play suspected

A relative of former Miss Gros Islet Pageant contestant Janel Pierre, who was discovered dead in a house in Reduit, Gros Islet Tuesday evening, has ruled out foul play, stating that Pierre had no known recent illness and was looking forward to give birth early next month.

Pierre, 27, who was eight months pregnant, was allegedly discovered by her mother around 7 p.m. on the floor. The baby also died.

The relative told St. Lucia News Online (SNO): “As her aunty I can assure you there was no foul play involved here. The lord giveth and he taketh.

“We were actually planning her baby shower for the 4th of October, this is the same month she would have given birth to that beautiful baby boy. God had better plans for them.”

When asked if Pierre had any known illness of recent, the relative replied: “None we knew of. As a matter of fact, she had her doctor’s appointment yesterday and all was fine.”

The relative said Pierre would have been “more than excited to hold this little boy”.

When asked if Pierre had already disclosed the baby’s name, the relative said: “We would have found out at the (baby) shower.”

Pierre was a former student of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. Classmates of the deceased remember her  as “always being a star”.

“She was in the first class to do CXC theatre arts, and was head cheer leader,” a former classmate said.

Pierre, representing Dilly’s Supermarket, won first runner-up and best performing talent in the 2013 Miss Gros Islet Pageant.

She was also an early childhood educator at Montessori Centre and member of a local dance group.

Below is a biography of Janel Pierre, one of the ‘Captivating 8’ contestants in the 2013 Miss Gros Islet Queen Pageant. This article was featured on St. Lucia News Online on June 19, 2013.

Janel Pierre is employed at the Montessori Centre as an early childhood educator. She is the eldest of two sisters and one brother.

As a young child, Janel realized she had a passion for the performing arts. She attended the Castries Comprehensive School and prior to her fifth year, she participated in a play written and directed by Travis Weekes. Following that production, she was selected to perform at the Caribbean Drama Festival in Trinidad & Tobago; with her consistency and terrific performance, Janel received an award for “Outstanding Work in Acting”. This experience boosted her confidence and she opted to include theatre arts to her list of subjects for CXC.

Janel graduated with eight CXC Subjects – mathematics, French, English A, principles of business, building technology, geography, technical drawing and theatre arts, achieving the only grade one in theatre arts at her school.

In 2008, Janel travelled to Canada where she studied childhood education at the Toronto York Dale Adult Learning Centre and received a certificate in early childhood education. She interned at the Church of the Messiah Day Care Centre and returned to St. Lucia in 2012.

Janel Pierre

While studying in Canada, Janel used her free time to volunteer at the Youth Assisting Youth organization. This opportunity enabled her to mentor and work with children on a one on 0ne basis; this ability further enhanced her passion for dealing with children outside a classroom, particularly in cases with matters relating to bullying and social development.

Notwithstanding Janel’s passion for the performing arts and her aspirations to develop herself as a performer, her goal is to further her education in the field of social work. Janel hopes to work with underprivileged or at-risk youth, and children with special needs with the objective to someday manage an organization for students with learning disabilities. She also feels the need to develop an outreach programme to assist persons in abusive relationships or homes.

Janel’s desire is to educate everyone on the “importance of encouraging individuality” because everyone learns and develops at their own pace; people will not achieve the same goals at the same point in their lives.

Pierre placed first runner-up and won best performing talent in the 2013 Miss Gros Islet Pageant.




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  1. Don't know her but just so very sad at this. This young lady seemed to have a very bright future ahead. Pregnancy is known to be "one foot in the grave and one foot out...." Could not understand the Aunt's insistence that there was no foul play. Wondering if she knows something since it's a bit unusual for a reasonably healthy 27 year old pregnant young lady to pass away so very suddenly and without warning. But pregnancy has its unpredictable moments so anything can happen. Condolences to her parents, father of her baby, Aunt and other relatives who could only be in shock at this! May souls of the un-born and mom find peaceful rest.


  2. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen


  3. I remember she and her sister they were always together with they mom n they grew up so beautifully its a while I havnt seen them especially they mom n dad I know her is takin it real hard n dad curtis zues said accept his condolences u guys work together at renwick I have a 5 yr old daughter n it scares to know that I watch her grow up into a beautiful young women n then she is takin from me oh how could we live n move on


  4. What is up with all the suicides? Illumanti? I can't believe dis gal just there so and kill herself...obeah?


    • Who the hell told you was suicide, if you got that from the article then you must be an ass.It could be that she died from natural causes or an an illness that was not yet discovered. Go back to school because clearly a part of your brain is underdeveloped


  5. Why are they so quick to say no foul play? Death comes in so many mysterious ways people would be surprised. I would ask questions first. She was young, successful, beautiful, healthy and pregnant. What happened?
    Being pregnant is not a medical condition. I'm not ruling out there was no foul play, I'm just saying......


    • The word foul play MEANS that there were no signs of a struggle, marks that would stay back if someone did it. from an external aspect. however from the autopsy, we would discover what really happened


  6. Being pregnant is the greatest feeling out there yet still being pregnant is risky. I remember being pregant with my first child went to the doc everything was fine. Later that day i started having seizures and an extremely high fever i had eclampsia almost lot my life and my baby. No warning signs just swollen feet which we all chuck up to be part of being pregnant. RIP young lady god chose you and your son for a reason.


  7. No foul play,no known illness so what the hell happened. This young lady had so much going for her,my god. RIP sweetie,only god knows.


  8. God'd giveth and taketh to soon a beautiful gem and a valuable assist to the youth. May her soul rest in peace and may the passing of her life remind us of our. May her family be consoled by our love.