“Lock up the man gasa” – crowd expresses anger as ‘dead man’ detained

“Lock up the man gasa” – crowd expresses anger as ‘dead man’ detained
The man was detained after he was reported dead in the Roseau river this morning.
The man was detained after he was reported dead in the Roseau river this morning. See photo gallery below story.

A man who was found motionless in the Roseau River this morning (May 6) and thought to have been dead, has been detained by the Marigot police, but sources say he will not be charged.

Police said a report was received at about 9:15 a.m. of a dead body in the river. The lawmen proceeded to the scene.

However, on further inspection, and to everyone’s shock, the man showed signs of life. The man was handcuffed by the police, placed in a police van and taken to the station. It is not sure if he will be charged with a crime or not. A police source said the man has not committed an offense.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the man, who appears to be of unsound mind, was seen in the water motionless. Reports that the man did not respond when concerned onlookers shouted at him in an effort to see if he was alive.

“When the police came they ran the yellow tape around an area and then proceeded to the body,” he said.

“Since the body was in the water no one went to make sure if the man was dead or not until the officer saw the body move,” the eyewitness added. “Then the guy’s brother went in a little closer and shook some branch he was on in the water and the man just woke up.”

A large crowd gathered at the scene. Many expressed anger with the man who was thought to be dead. A few others remarked that the man is a “mad man,” who is sometimes seen in the area “doing his thing.”

“Lock up the man gasa,” one man shouted, a similar sentiment expressed by many others at the scene.

“Choops, waste of the police time,” another said.

A man in the crowd told SNO that he has never seen such a large crowd at a Marigot fete.

“Everyone stopped what they were doing when they heard the news and came here,” he said.

A young woman jokingly called the man Lazarus, who is the subject of a prominent miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after his death.


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  1. Do lucians take they ... time to read or they ass cant read lmao at you'll stupid ppl


  2. There are so many mental patient out there these thing will happen from tome to time the police should bring the guy to the wellness center to get a assessment before the drop him .


  3. Zafe moun dem people like,d man deh taking a short nap whilst cooling off, Yourl going and call police about dead body floating in the water.lmao start minding yourl business(the ones who called wolf).lol


  4. I just wish the cost for internet service would triple this year.
    And i have my reasons why.


  5. Are URL idiots even reading , this wasn't a crime Lucian need to learn to read


  6. That good. Lucians like people business too much. Youll leave youll business to go and watch a dead body.


  7. Did the idiots even read??? The new article clearly states that the man isn't dead...jeez....Don't understand why he was arrested tho...unless he tried to commit suicide...Golden Hope much!!


    • Smh.
      Considering, you can't spell the word.
      That makes you a super intellect and a genius at that

      Not even "spell-check," could help you.


  8. Lucians mad because theman not dead! smh with Lucians the man on his business doing his thing yal quick to report the man dead lol...police release the man tan yal sud arrest the person who called yal.


    • i so agree with that the man didnt trouble anybody and he was just taking a nap yoll mad cuz yoll like to mind ppl business too much u see


    • I've always said, that St. Lucians favourite activity is to beg for murders and other violent crimes so they can rush and quickly sit their uneducated, illiterate, ignorant, worthless, hypocrite selves to their small tv's at 7pm to ensure their front row seats to enjoy a good night at another down-fall.
      And the tv stations have now synced their 7pm or 8pm news-broadcast with radio stations to replenish the thirsty evil twisted minds of it's audiences again and again.

      Never trust those who come and offer you a hand in your times of trouble. You may not know how many times they laughed and praised at your hour of testing.

      For this reason I have refused to mingle with as many St.lucians as possible.

      They sole purpose of existing is the enjoyment at the expense of another.

      Take a look on this website, you will soon realize how their flock like ignorant stupid buffoons asking to hang anyone, yet no one knows what secrets they are harbouring in their closets or what they may have done years ago.

      I was born on this island.
      However, I do not go where they go.


      • lol A B @ "selves to their small tv’s at 7pm to ensure their front row seats to enjoy a good night at another down-fall." I HAVE HEARD LUCIANS MAKE COMMENTS LIKE NEWS HOT
        TONIGHT OR EVEN NEWS BORING NOTHING EH HAPPEN. Its like they enjoy the watching while others suffer and they go as far as rediculing the grieving family if they make errors while on news, they circulate video clips of they people when they make errors smh


        • It's true.
          They've developed a culture who feeds off th pitfalls of others. And it's sad.

          This is why a few years ago, I stopped watching any evening news from this island, due to so called friends of mine who would make it their duty to come over, echo the very same line also "News HOT TONIGHT OR EVEN NEWS BORING NOTHING EH HAPPEN," whilst the news is on.

          Regardless who the person in question is when the news is being relayed, it is nothing for anyone to feel so obsessed with, that they must expect the worst from the evening news.

          We have become predators of each other.