UPDATED: Missing man found dead

UPDATED: Missing man found dead

IMG-20151214-WA0021The body of an elderly livestock farmer was discovered in Barre Denis, Castries after 3 p.m. today, Dec. 14, 2015.

Peter Felix also known as “Cyrus” of Barre Denis, Castries was discovered lying face down in a ravine.

Residents told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Cyrus, who lived alone and is originally from Choiseul, was missing since last Friday.

“His family…calling from Guadeloupe and said since Friday they’ve been calling him and they not getting through to him, and so we know he has animals, cows, pigs, goats, so we went in the ravine and check for him and we found him in the ravine,” one resident said.

Another resident: “…The family members were calling him on Friday and they were not getting him so then they called a neighbour. The neighbour said that they went down to see, but the house have been dark for three days now so they went looking for him.”

The resident added that a family member – brother-in-law – searched an area where Cyrus normally does his gardening when the body was discovered.

An eyewitness told SNO that the body has bruises on the face and arms.

A post mortem will reveal the cause of death. Police are investigating.


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  1. I feel heart broken, condolensces to the family, may he rest in eternal peace.

    "Wtf" i think "The Commentators" remark about drowning crabs was sarcsm.

    And yes crabs can drown!


  2. So sad indeed, he probably fell and knock his head, on a stone. On that day couldn't get up got dehydrated or maybe had a heart attack or a stoke. I pray to God its not no foul play. May he rest in peace. Sympathy goes to the family.


  3. R.I.p Mr Cyrus ! Not pointing fingers at anyone but I know that I grew up with a special love for the elderly. There is no way a grown man would be living alone and I wouldn't look out for him. The neigbours realized that his lights were off three days and waited for a call to become suspicious? Too me after the first night I would've been worried because by then I would've noticed this man's routine and baring in mind that he is of age. I think maybe we should go back to the mentality of caring for each other, a pleasant greeting as "Good morning , good afternoon or good night miss Jane or Mr Jack" that I believe would go a long way.


  4. Perhaps he fell to his death and died of his injuries as that river or stream does not seem to have enough water to drown a crab.


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