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UPDATE: Beaten bandit appears in court (photos added)

By SNO Staff

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.togethermA bandit who was disarmed and beaten by patrons of a shop in Girard, Babonneau last Sunday has been formally charged, police said.

Police said 25-year-old Reynolds Alfred of Carielle, Castries was this morning charged with robbery and appeared in court

Alfred was reportedly charged after an identification parade/procedure this morning, and eyewitnesses have finally given official statements to police after they initially refused to cooperate, sources say.

Reports are that around 1 a.m. Sunday, Alfred, wearing a mask, dressed in full black and armed with a gun, entered a shop/bar in Girard and demanded money from persons in the bar and also took rum.

However, the patrons put up a fight and overpowered him and took the firearm.

He was then beaten, stripped naked, and his photos were posted on social media.

Shortly after the beating, police were alerted and they took him to Victoria Hospital in serious but stable condition.

togetherm2Alfred was discharged on Tuesday morning and was reportedly not under police guard when he left the hospital. It was also revealed at the time that police had not received any official witness statements.

Police arrested him at his residence on Thursday and brought him into custody, accompanied by his lawyer.

Police are now seeking at least two suspects who were reported to have been in a getaway car at the scene of the crime.

The firearm used in the robbery was never handed over to police. However, on Thursday evening, around 8:30 at Hill 20, Babonneau, police reportedly recovered an Uzi submachine gun and two rounds of ammunition in a nylon bag, that was allegedly dropped by two suspicious males who ran after seeing two off-duty police officers approaching them.

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  1. i used to work with dah man. i know he have dem gangsta ways but not doing robbery. reynold ur family have money dat u doing, they right . u were a promising chef in the business . now u a disgrace...u eh get enough

  2. I heard too too (choiseul's cereal burglar) is out. We waiting for his ass down there . Worse shit will go down if he try that shit down there again.

  3. All these wanna be gangstas. Putting the communities in fear, for what?

  4. That's the type of crime happening and they're letting hear people walk free look at the type of gun used to commit the crime. What has this country become? Where are these folks getting these types of fire arm! Oh my we better brace ourselves folks

  5. Look like Quagmire from family guy. Giggldee

  6. Im only human!this kid have me feeling sorry for him.forgive him father for they know not what they doing....make it serve as a hard way for him to learn his lesson afterall everyone deserves a second chance.

  7. Angel by day, devil by night....u working and that's what you doing....salop u eh get enough

  8. Idiot... Thou shall not f.steal... Live by de gun through robbing people i pray that you die by de hands of a vigilante man. Pardon papa...

  9. Mate eh leave nothing for ghetto yutes.....yall well working..why u do DAT? Yall just making yall parents and family and friends ashamed....jus doing roguery yall not accustomed to..since when das ur.roll? Sak salop woy tun...

  10. best they had leave that mask on .that face dam

  11. Mate head real big wahh

  12. 10 years hard labour teach them boys to work !!

  13. I hope the witnesses get witness protection

  14. This motherf***** is well off. Rich kids putting down hit.smh

  15. [email protected] the westside symbol.... What west side you from...the actual gang would kill you for insulting their group.

  16. Glad he's off the street, coming from all Careille going to Babonneau. On another note mate BAZOO really big weee !!!!! damn !!!!!

  17. That not true where is the gun in the court that guy can be set free

    • Why? Because the weapon was not recovered? Stop watching them fiction crime shows and read your own laws or pay attention and get a clue. He was charged with ROBBERY and NOT Armed Robbery. You don't need a weapon to commit Robbery.

  18. This guy is lucky to be alive. Don't understand how these crooks are so lucky! I see good, innocent people dying so often and these thugs always escaping death. Some of them don't even get sick. Guess the devill does not want them, so we in poor SLU is stuck with them!

  19. I hope the police have conducted a thorough search at his house.

  20. Thank you sno.showing the faces will help, just in case we happen to see them in public we can be aware.

  21. POLICE now that you all charged the man you all suppose to interrogate for hours night and day to make the boy talk. Find out if the boy and his friends have done this before. Make him talk about others involve.

    Don't just drop the man like is case close...Am sure that's not the first time, he knows more....Make de boy swill apply the pressure...Use the law to add charges.


  22. YES MAN, IT'S TIME YOU ALL START EXPOSING THE FELLAS...These guys taking their bullshit to far now. People have to start fighting back and the media exposure is part of the fight. We can't keep protecting thieves, rapist, and molesters. We have enough problems already.

  23. Make the man talk and give up the others. Else add more charges like obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting if he refuse too talk.

    Zero tolerance don't give them fellas no bail, he is a flight risk. He planning to fled.

  24. Nice vigilante justice

  25. But he didn't rob the place.. So I'm thinking the charge should be intent to rob.. But glad they have him either way

  26. viay sal0p that right to happen to you. What ever happened to earning an honest living and making your own money? Next time I hope they beat your a$$ to death!!!

  27. no wonder mate had a mask. messay foot, mate led wi

  28. Salopla. The people should chop off both your hands, Saudi Arabia style.

  29. You better don't say "Pass it" in jail.

  30. Salop u didn't get anything

  31. Good for you, work for what u want........Stop that crap now.......


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