UPDATED: Photo of drugs found in BCF officer’s private part

UPDATED: Photo of drugs found in BCF officer’s private part
The hashish and the foil paper discovered in the private parts of female prison officer
The hashish and the foil paper discovered in the private part of female prison officer

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has obtained photos of the drugs discovered in the private part of a Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) officer on Sunday afternoon, April 12.

The drugs, suspected to be hashish – a product of marijuana – was tightly wrapped in a clear plastic bag and further concealed in foil paper.

The entire package, which reportedly weighs about 25 grams, was hidden in a sanitary pad worn by the prison officer, a mother of three from La Pointe, Mon Repos. She is expected to be charged on Monday, April 13.

Inspector Burton Deterville, head of the Drug Unit, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) said initially the officer refused to be searched or spread her legs. She instead requested to be taken to Dennery Hospital, where a doctor removed the drugs from her private parts. Deterville said a female officer accompanied the prison officer to the hospital.

Deterville said all prison officers are subjected to a routine search when they arrive at work. He said female prison officers are usually “frisked” but on this occasion the officer received a “body cavity search” based on intelligence received.

“We don’t do body cavity searches unless there is a reason to or we received intelligence,” the Drug Unit chief pointed out.

Other reliable sources have told SNO that prison officials have long suspected the prison officer of drug smuggling.

“We knew about her activities but we never caught her, until today,” the source said. “She is known to the police. Her house has been searched several times.”

It is alleged that her boyfriend is an ex convict who was arrested for firearm possession in Martinique.


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  2. BA did u take a smell of that harish cocoon? Seems like u very high to be taking on a woman. An educated man would not use his experiences with one St lucian woman to judge the rest. Its obvious you had a bad experience and that's for Lady lee show on 105.3FM.


  3. some of you all keep talking about corrupt, don't you all think she came in and she wasn't corrupt and is in the job she got corrupted.


  4. you only get caught, when your luck runs out. I bet there are still some who will still and is. Still doing the same thing that she got caught doing. Sometimes we are ready to judge and we are no different. I am not saying that she is right for what she did.


  5. How some of us don't read before we comment is beyond me....for heavens sake the news said Corrections Officer.....Not Police Officer, but we so quick to fall on Police....we want the world to know how bad we talk about our Police....that's why they should let bad boys burst your behinds....because you all like to undermine the Police too damn much....you need to know how to read and understand before you all come here and make ignorant comments...some of you...your comments makes no sense and learn to spell and write a comment properly...the world is watching your ignorant selves.


    • You have to understand that not everybody understand what they read. That is why people have to take reading comprehension as part of exams.