BREAKING NEWS: BCF inmate tries to kill himself

BREAKING NEWS: BCF inmate tries to kill himself
Junior Duncan
Junior Duncan
Junior Duncan

Junior Duncan, the inmate who was shot during an incident at Bordelais Correction Facility (BCF) on Wednesday morning, is recovering well after he attempted suicide at the facility on Friday, according to law enforcement officials.

Duncan is alleged to have tried to overdose on medication for his injury and was rushed to Dennery Hospital for treatment.

According to prison officials, Duncan was one of two prisoners who allegedly attacked a special response team on Wednesday morning.


UPDATE: Inmates involved in BCF incident are behind bars for major crimes – PRO

The three inmates who were involved in yesterday’s incident at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) are behind bars for robbery and attempted murder, Public Relations Officer Kerwin Albert has disclosed.

The inmate who sustained a non-fatal gunshot wound has been identified as Junior Duncan, who has been on remand since March 21, 2017 for robbery, Albert said.

Duncan was allegedly armed with a 16-inch makeshift weapon. He was shot in the shoulder when he and another inmate allegedly refused to disarm and attacked a team from the facility’s Special Operations Unit.

Travis Lionel is the other inmate who was allegedly armed with a makeshift weapon. He has been on remand for attempted murder since December 3, 2014, Albert said.

Duncan and Lionel are from the northern section of the island, Albert said.

The fracas reportedly started when Lionel and Duncan allegedly confronted another inmate, Donaldson Joseph, when the maximum security Delta unit was opened for recreation yesterday morning around 9:45.

All three men are in their 20s, Albert noted.

Joseph, a resident of Vieux Fort, who has been on remand since September 11, 2013 for robbery, was secured into his cell before he was attacked, however the correctional officers reportedly failed to convince Duncan and Lionel to give up their weapons, which were quite visible.

As a result, personnel from the Special Operations Unit was called in, and after the use of pepper spray and riot shields failed to get the men to disarm, a single bullet was discharged by one of the officers, hitting Duncan in the shoulder.

The men were then subdued and disarmed.

Duncan is in stable condition after being treated by medical personnel at BCF and two officers sustained minor injuries, Albert said.

Duncan and Lionel are expected to be charged for the assault on the officers, Albert added.


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  1. There was the correctional officers present anddd. ..... the special force unite present could all those parties involved couldn't defuse that situation with the s peacial weapons they were issued ( baton, electric batons, teazeers) instead of the firearm. Fire arm suppose to be last resort , with what I gather in that fake story .remember we had two sets of law enforcers in that story .the correctional officers and the special units


    • The BCF Officers are human beings too. They have a right to protect themselves too. You would do the same. 99% of these prisoners don't give a shit about their lives and others. You do the crime serve the time and more. Zot kie ar-pwan


  2. Its a picture painted to cover up the officers use of force cuZ there is no reason o hav a firearm on a unit. No officer was not wouned to the extinct they speak. All cover ups. .. they paint a picture lik the two guys from the north attack the guy drom south the officer in question is from south ao did he aide up. Hmm. Not even the system is fair in dis island.


    • Ummmm stage left with the nonsense you are talking there...the facility has all types of you want the guys to walk around with batons and pepper spray???...the article CLEARLY STATED that the pepper spray didnt work to break up the fight...sighhhhh yall ppl are something else!


  3. It's a correctional facility lets not forget the word corrections, if an inmate is behaving this way clearly you guys r not doing your job right as always if not then he should be transferred to a wellness center


    • Dam prison it is. Don't sugar coat it and think you're dealing with innocent babies


  4. Them inmates studying something this place full of knowledge it seems, not put into positive use


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