UPDATE: Bakery broken into

UPDATE: Bakery broken into

burglary_by_nixelzPolice are investigating a burglary/robbery that occurred at two Ideal Bakery stores in Castries between Sunday night and early Monday morning.

According to a source, two Ideal Bakery stores – one near the Gros Islet bus stop and the other by Block X – were broken into and a number of items were stolen.

“Their vaults were ripped out and goods were taken,” the source added.

More information soon.


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  1. This just shows the majority of poor and hungry people we have
    in our society. Imagine going to steal at a bakery, to get bread, cakes etc
    Hope they find them, not because a person is hungry that he/she should steal


  2. I hope they had cameras hidden... because this is what you call an inside job.... that person or persons knew what they were looking for ..... could be close friend employees ----- emmmm you can`t trust people these days.


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