BREAKING NEWS: Babonneau man drinks poison by mistake, thinking it was ‘chaser’ – sources

BREAKING NEWS: Babonneau man drinks poison by mistake, thinking it was ‘chaser’ – sources

Stanislaus JustinPolice sources say a man who died in Fond Assau, Babonneau Sunday evening (Nov. 23) is investigating reports that the victim ingested a poisonous substance by mistake.

Stanislaus Justin aka Shat, 48, was found at his Fond Assau residence by a neighbour at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday. He showed signs of life and the ambulance was called. However, he succumbed shortly after.

A senior police official said an autopsy scheduled to be done this week will determine the cause of death, however in the meantime investigators are treating his case with an “open mind”

The source added that Justin is reported to have ingested liquid from a coke bottle, thinking it was a “chaser” in alcohol, but the liquid turned out to be a “weedicide”.

Despite this lead, the source said the case could be treated as a homicide or suspicious death.

Justin was a construction worker and father of four children. Originally from Millet, he moved to Babonneau some 10 years ago, according to relatives.

The man's body at the scene.
Justin at the scene.



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  1. Lucian come on all how I read comments under sno ppl always want to speculate or assume they was there to witness the incident we lost a soul only God knows what truly happen may his soul rest in peace st Lucia have too much badmind!!!


  2. wow i think we need a serious investigation department after a few hours you have come up with this conclusion ...


  3. Rather than speculating, we should help each other to avoid the same fate, given that the assumption is true. Any time we displace hazardous substances, the new container should be clearly labelled to avoid accidental usage. I now wonder who placed the poison in the coke bottle.


  4. What is the reason for someone to put poison in a coke bottle when there are other containers around? containers that cannot be mistaken for someone to drink from? what is the reason for leaving it where someone can drink from it instead of putting it safely away to avoid accidents? were children around at that time or was this place there specifically for one person? I rule out suicide, who would drink something that would cause them internal agony and do it not in private but in a public area alone by oneself.


  5. That story is had to digest , a man drink weedicide for chaser, this is hard to believe. Weedicide have a strong smell....


  6. ... Seems that's the latest trend in st lucia now!! Stop those senseless killing then blaming it on poisons/suicides etc!!!!


    • That is so true alcohol is nice when you have it in moderation and when you enjoy yourself but it is so evil also causing loss of life breaking up of families and marriages and the list goes on but I doubt he would kill his self


  7. I've never believed this by mistake stories. Weedicide smells to strong to mistake it for chaser. Unless he was already dead drunk at the time. Whatever the case my sympathy goes out to the family


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