BREAKING NEWS: Woman escapes attempted rape in Marisule

BREAKING NEWS: Woman escapes attempted rape in Marisule
Blood stains seen on the floor of the woman's apartment.
Blood stains seen on the floor of the woman’s apartment.

A woman who is believed to be in her late 40’s, was nearly raped this morning by an unknown man, who entered her home and held a knife to her throat.

Reports are that the an unidentified male entered the woman’s Marisule home at about 3 a.m. and attempted to rape her, sources told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

A neighbour told SNO that he heard someone crying out but he wasn’t sure where it was coming from. He said upon inquiring, he saw a male running out of the yard and heard loud screams.

“He was bareback. I figured that he came from a neighbour’s house, because there are two other tenants in the yard. Upon going outside I realized that my neighbour was bleeding from her throat. She also had a cut on her finger,” he told SNO.

The man said the alleged victim explained to persons that the unidentified male held a knife to her throat, which caused her to sustain a cut to her neck.

According to him, the woman said she is not sure how her attacker was able to enter her home, stating that her doors were properly locked.

The alleged perpetrator also went away with some of the woman’s cash, which was taken from her bedroom.

The woman claims that she was not able to identify her attacker, because the place was dark.

She is said to be hospitalised.

When contacted, the police said they could not confirm whether they received a report of the incident.


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  1. Moderator..................tell me what was it about my comments you found unfit to post, i know there was no foul or sexual contents to it,so this is your gig are we to say only what ytou agree with.


  2. Protect yourselves. Put something under your pillow. NO doubt there will be someone (low life) who disagrees with me.


    • The element of surprise is what a perpetrator intend to prevent people from reacting or defend themselves. To avoid being a victim you need to think strategically. You need to plan for the inevitable and come up with many strategies to use in such an emergency. If your dog(s) bark and the exterior house lights go on – who in your neighbourhood can interpret this to be a call for help!

      To tacking crime, we are back into cultivating neighbourhood watch. A stranger is seen wandering around - is this ignored? People supposedly mind their own business but will gossip about how many outfits they see you wear in a week! These perpetrators are exploiting the fact that communities are fragmented to carry out their despicable crimes. Be each other’s eyes, ears and cover each other’s backs to defeat them.


  3. So sad to say. I leave in the marisule area and I was waken by the barking dogs. This person wasn't to far from my home. We r in the Christmas season n around that time u hearing all kind of criminal activities. Ppl r no longer safe at their home again. Am wishing this young lady speedy recovery. Time for the police to get them perpetrators out of the street n time to bring back capital punishment.


  4. Anonymous December 10, 2015 at 12:40 PM
    If the place was dark how was he able to get the cash

    I think i may have been a little too quick to hit the thumbs down button because when i read it it sounded like a cynical comment.But, upon reflection how can someone who is unfamiliar with the lay of the house fumble their way to find cash in the bathroom?? can they even find the bathroom in the dark??
    These questions in no way is meant to cast doubt on the victim who has gone through a harrowing ordeal,may the scum who did this be hung by the [email protected]@ls until dead.


  5. This is not the first time this has happened in marisule she was lucky to escape with her life but the police needs to look deep into this matter before someone takes the law into their own hands


  6. How did you guys come to the conclusion that it was attempted rape? Did she say he held her down moved her clothing??..made advances at her private areas...i don't see any mention of such...this sounds like a break-in gone sour...


    • Sure caribbean men are disgusting, american and european men don't engage in such behavior isn't a regional problem.......stop being an idiot.......

      A Caribbean Man


      • I second your comment Mr.Drizzy...because the Caribbean is such a cess-pool of violent and sweff male counterparts...since you have travelled throughout the world testing all what it has to offer in terms of the breed of man...then us the favor and take your shallow self elsewhere...


    • I find it very offensive that you have general Caribbean men into the same grouping as these idiot not all men are rapist and certainly not all Caribbean men. that kind of thinking is small minded!


      • You know what sickens me about WE sickens me how effortless it can be for your'll to put down your own country...your own neighbor for that matter...look at the amount of upvotes this individual received downgrading the quality of man found in the caribbean to those whom downvoted i pray you find the perfect man...and keep him in a a nice collar with a name you chose...and feed him twice a day....your'll are ridiculous.


  7. The carrying of knives and other sharp objects has become very common in the society. It's now too common. The time has come for people to highlight this problem. We need immediate and sustained police vigilance and arrest of carriers. In so doing we might be able to save lives.


    • Seriously?! What type of question is that?! Are you some sort of insensitive - emotionless - senseless species? If you're a woman, shame on you! If you're a man, well that explains it!

      Have you ever turned off the lights in your home and walked through it? Your eyes take only a few minutes to adjust in the dark. The perpetrator who has been moving around in the dark can see perfectly well compared to the woman who has been awoken from her sleep in fear.......

      Here are some examples of questions you should ask:

      1. How did he get into her home?
      2. What is going on with this little island and it's male population, that girls and women are no longer safe in their own homes?
      3. What are the authorities going to do about this? Workshops for men? Self defense classes for girls and women?



    • Consider this. There are serial rapists/robbers at large who target women. Supposing the perpetrator observed the woman's movement, and then cases the joint and its content when she was out. Fixed the door so that it looks secure to ensure that he can return in the dead of night to pounce on his victim! This perpetrator is not a mere opportunist. Why hasn't rape victims included women sleeping with men? The victims tend to be young single women or two females on their own!

      In answer to your question 'If the place was dark how was he able to get the cash', he probably knew where her money was or that she had money! Also, a criminal mind is a devious mind which would not stop until he gets what he wants and will resort to using brute force and violence.


  8. It's no longer 'tis the season to be merry" but "tis the season to be worried". These guys are unbelievable, I have no mercy for them. Stealing and raping; disgusting, worthless idiots degrading our society.


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