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At least four injured after landslide crashes shop in Millet

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — At least four males are nursing injuries after a landslide came down on a “crowded shop”in the community of Millet on Saturday evening (Nov. 10), according to eyewitness and official reports.

Heavy rains in the area likely triggered the landslide, residents have told St. Lucia News Online.

The incident occurred about 7:15 p.m. when about 14 people were in the shop drinking and socialising, according to residents.

“The shop was crowded,” one resident told St. Lucia News Online. “It’s a rum shop. That’s where the young guys come, they have fun, they play. They usually have pizza selling in that shop. It’s shop that they usually cool out in. There’s a lot of young people around and that’s where they meet, in that shop.”

The resident said the shop was built about 12 years ago but is newly renovated.

Emergency authorities responded to the incident at 7:30 p.m. and four males were transported to Victoria Hospital by Castries ambulance in stable condition, officials said.

According to reports two of the injured males complained of internal pain while two others suffered bruises. Two of the injured are reported to be 16 years old, one is 14 and the other is 25, a resident told St. Lucia News Online.


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  1. sooo thats where all the young men go to , in the rum shop, no wonder we looking for them but we cant find them

  2. I guess st lucians to busy abusing each other when comes politics but they don't listen to the weather reports, they have been saying in the weather rain rain for st Lucia and the lesser Antilles. Radio st.Lucia that can give news, all the radio stations in St Lucia is giving the weather reports

  3. No NEMO warning and Radio St.Lucia has been silenced i guess everybody has to check for adverse weather conditions on their own.

  4. No more radio St Lucia so no one knows where to get information on time. We all knew if we listen to the station we would get updates on current events like the weather.

  5. Meh rum is bad for u anyway...hope the two guys recover soon though

  6. Thank you Millet Community .
    see you soon.
    strength .

  7. Its very interesting that I haven't heard and weather advisories coming out from any related agencies regarding this severe weather affecting us....

    • It's not funny, but when advisories are issued people feel that they're overstated.
      Remember the weather reports are not an exact science. Let us all keep safe for I feel even if there were bulletins, the hard headed guys (lol) would still go to hang out. Lessons still to be learned

    • Im pretty sure I didn't get anything on my cell phone. So yes. When they warn you, expect nothing. When they don't warn you, be afraid.


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