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BREAKING NEWS: Arrest made in Castries Chinese restaurant robbery

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online staff reporter/editor

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Police have made an arrest in connection with the armed robbery of Sea Town ‘Chinese restaurant’ on Brazil Street, Castries by two bandits on Sunday night, May 5, according to law enforcement sources.

One of the bandits was arrested on Tuesday, May 7 by Gros Islet police officers, sources have told St. Lucia News Online.

The suspect is from Corinth, Gros Islet and is believed to be the bandit who was armed with a firearm and only placed a towel over his face shortly after entering the restaurant, sources say.

The second bandit was armed with a knife and wore a greenish hoodie.

According to sources, the suspect hasn’t been charged but he remains in police custody.

Videos of the robbery, which was captured by security cameras, have gone viral.

The bandits got cash and beverage but did not harm the Filipino chef and the cashier.

A male customer who was in the restaurant dashed out seconds after he saw the bandits, leaving a child he had brought with him.

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  1. Great Job officers...be like the Jamaican police officers. I Jamaica, police men don't waste time with criminals. They just gun them down like dogs. St. Lucian police should start doing the same. If these criminals have the guts to just take someone's life, why spare theirs? We need to bring St. Lucia back to what it was.

  2. They Should be interviewed Professionally to Recover the Firearm

  3. yup...picked up the wrong guy

  4. As none of us know for sure how we would react; but I pray to God, I wouldn't leave my child behind. Now he has to live with the shame of running out on a poor helpless child

  5. As none of us know for sure how we would react; but I pray to God, I wouldn't leave my child behind. Now he has to live with the shame of running out on a poor helpless child

  6. this guy has no love for his own child. my first instinct would have been to turn around looking for my kid after seeing this, scoop him up and run. the "waste of time" simply looked after himself.

  7. Good job St Lucia, if we can always solve our crime situation as quick as possible all the time no one would ever get away with any crime committed

  8. As things getting hotter technology must take another step. What is that step. Start making x-ray surveillance cameras so that even if you have any type of mask you can be seen. Good catch policeman . No long delay before they are caught.

  9. Now hang him by the balls. Perfect opportunity to send the message, magistrates/judges. Forget about rehabilitation. Dem mun mind burn already!

  10. I hope that busy trying to get the gun to do the forensics on it. It might mean some more jail time, but for a gun runner.

    Mummy's nice child. What a good boy!

    Put that POS in jail.

  11. Yawn! Bail of $5,000. He will back on the block doing the same deviant stuff. Wash, rinse and repeat.

  12. 🌎The shitstem is rigged🌋

    The worst part of the story is where a terrified customer run away leaving a hopeless little child behind.....what a coward!i certainly was not leaving without my child.

  13. good job police and citizens

  14. Love to hear that

  15. Now throw the book at him, POS. What a dumbass waste of oxygen. Make an example of this guy, and before anyone says anything, he ain't no good boy.


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