BREAKING NEWS: Armed robbery at Western Union branch in Rodney Bay

BREAKING NEWS: Armed robbery at Western Union branch in Rodney Bay

firearmPolice are investigating a daring armed robbery that occurred at the Western Union branch in JQ Rodney Bay Mall, Gros-Islet, at about 5:45 p.m. Dec. 7, 2015.

Reliable sources told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that a man walked into the business place, brandished a firearm, demanded money, and walked away with about $61,000 in cash.

According to reports, two employees – a male and a female – were at the counter when the robbery was taking place, and subsequently a female janitor walked in and was allegedly told by the gunman not to say anything or he will shoot.

The assailant, who was described as tall, slim, fair complexion, was reportedly wearing a sunglasses, cap and a “whitish” long sleeve shirt.

However, sources alleged that no security guards were present and the camera/s were not operational.

A source based in the Mall told SNO that a man was observed acting suspiciously earlier in the day.

“We saw a man at the restaurant about fives times and he bought nothing,” said the source.

Western Union is located next to the food court.

SNO understands that, at around the time of the robbery, a man fitting the description of the robber was seen walking “calmly downstairs”.

Police sources theorised that the gunman may have had an accomplice waiting outside in a getaway car.

Western Union is not the only money transfer service robbed in recent times. MoneyGram in Rodney Bay was reportedly robbed of a large amount of cash earlier this year.


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  1. are u kidding me it must be and inside job one of the people working there took the money and y do the have so much cash on hand


  2. Without taking away from the seriousness of this crime, at least that is one less set of bandits to rob people over the christmas period as they have already made their money for the season. I hope that Western Union insured their money so they could give people cash that was sent to them from foreign and not hold out d payments due to d robbery!


  3. I am not surprise. I did a transaction at that very branch a few months ago and I was taken aback by the lack of security and the actual placement of cash. In fact, the whole set-up of the office was just wrong. Very easy access. This was just waiting to happen. Not surprise.


  4. Come a money place have no security officer present it was begging to be rob.This place is isolated and without a security officer.This is a wake up call.Glad the workers were not harm.


  5. Deep down a lot of us probably thinking we should of "tried a ting." I'm sad it happened but I at the same time, lol.


  6. Doesn't need to be an inside job. That place was poorly secured. I went there last year to draw some funds and I was shocked by the lack of security and the laid back approach of the staff. That place was begging to be robbed. Any brave person could have pulled off a robbery.


  7. The man walk into Western Union and collect his $50000 transfer. Cool so. Heads must roll at Western Union as that was easy money for the bandit.


  8. Enuff said : On the brighter side : Hope the thief is Lucian...Can boost the Economy more than UWP & SLP has promised ... just saying 😉


  9. These fellas so daring, you mean no didn't see anything surely security cameras from other merchants may have picked him up on camera, they need to check on that .....smh


  10. Police should check everyone that works there telephone/Cellphone log,secretly watch each of the employees spending habits as well.Who ever decides to go foreign in a hurry then that's your culprit.Thabk me later......Where are the cameras at that mall btw? I have used this western union already & it was just a matter of time before this happened...Now before I get bashed I'm not saying it was an inside job,but nowadays "You never know"


  11. It is said that crime comes with development, well that kind of crime has shifted to the north of the island, I guess they have given the people of Castries a break, According to Kenny criminals please give the people a break to enjoy their Christmas


  12. Oh God Christmas is coming no work, no money people are desperate, desperate people do desperate things, in that case that robbery was a desperate arm robbery. Smh. Thank God no one got hurt. Please be careful my fellow S.Lucian be safe Merry Christmas to all lol.


  13. Christmas is coming and kids need gifts .... people need to eat ....this is so sad turn to God for help don't steal


  14. He must have known of the security lapses. Non-operational cameras and no security guards. A robbery waiting to happen and it did.


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