PHOTO UPDATE: Homicide in Barre Denis

PHOTO UPDATE: Homicide in Barre Denis
Jamal Frederick
Jamal Frederick

St. Lucia’s homicide rate continues to skyrocket this year with the island recording its third homicide in six days, and its 19th since the start of 2017.

The latest victim, 19-year-old Jamal Frederick aka Edo and Edovic, was stabbed by a known male around 9:30 p.m. Friday in Barre Denis, a well-placed source said.

Frederick was pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital.

The suspect is currently in police custody.

No further details are available.

This is the third homicide for the week.

On Sunday, March 5, 31-year-old mother Sophianna Edwards was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Peter Donovan, who appeared in court on Friday, charged with non-capital murder. The incident occurred at a house in Ciceron, Castries. It was Edwards’ birthday.

On Wednesday, March 8, as St. Lucia observed International Women’s Day, the nude lifeless body of 52-year-old Virgil Roberts was found in a house in Cantonement, Augier, Vieux Fort. Police said her body bore marks of violence “all over”. Her boyfriend was detained for questioning.

Jamal Frederick
Jamal Frederick

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  1. Fathers need to play a Better roll in the lives of their children because a lot of the young men grow up without a father and they.grow up very angry and when you hear the shout they unleach that anger on everybody.fathers please even though you are not with their mothers take part in the up bringing of your kid because they are the future


  2. We need our leaders to take a strong standsense on crimes.There is no press conference when these things happen u hear about it today tomorrow it's dead no follow up means nothing anymore.


    • Great comment! Some people would say what can politicians do to stop this. You have just given them the answer. They need to address this crime problem especially as we are so heavily reliant on tourism.


  3. I love your island. I traveled to a lot of places throughout the Caribbean and I was really hoping to purchase property in the next few years and move there. But with all this crime, it is really giving me second thoughts. I pray for the people of St. Lucia. They are truly some of the nicest people I have met in the Caribbean. I hope the government and people can fight back to stop this. RIP young man.


    • Thank you for loving our island. If it is giving you second thoughts please don't move to our island because we will never hear the end of it if you move here and something bad happen to you.

      You foreigners always blast St.Lucia in the news anyway when something goes wrong.

      Thanks for the love we appreciate it.


      • Why do you have to turn what this man said into something negative ? Why do you need to group him with other foreigners who have had bad experiences in the country. Please, find the message in what he is saying. He is praying for our healing , and he is saying that something needs to be done about the crime. Stop telling ppl "you foreigners" what does that even mean?


  4. RIP Jamal I barely knew you but you were so sweet...sad to see you go so soon. St. Lucia our sweet St. Lucia. What have you become.. ?


  5. Those in government breaking get laws everyday. No Deputy Speaker, Ubaldus have his balls all over Facebook and no outrage because to us that is small crime. Only when people die we all come out saying omg.

    Make up your minds. You either want a law abiding society or you don't. Crime is crime and the law is the law no matter who. Why so much outrage when an ordinary citizens break the law and we all pretend it's okay when government break it. RIP young man but at this rate we can all sit back and ND wonder if we next because Saint Lucia is LAWLESS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.


  6. This is just a reflection of the frustration people are experiencing in the country presently. People are unemployed, poorly educated and powerless. The statement elected `for the people by the people` has little significance in this country when all the voices on the DSH project in the south are silenced and our patrimony is being given away with consultation. People have reached a boiling point and the slightest provocation results in senseless killing. People need to concentrate on the bigger issues, leadership. They need to unify to get the government to represent their causes and not let their leaders operate only in interests of their own pockets. A government should represent the interests of all its people not just those who voted for them because that`s democracy. NICE workers dismissed, computer program for schools ended, WINTEX pulling out are all examples of decisions made in the interest of party and not country, one set of leaders trying to undo what has been done by another. In the interest of the country, if something that has been instituted by another government is good, it should be built on not torn down; no need to reinvent the wheel. Sick of this petty politics that is threatening to ruin this country and the general populace should be too. Stop being distracted by insignificant issues like forwarding pictures of gruesome murder scenes and pornographic content and focus on putting the country back together from the top down.

    Meanwhile, Grenada achieves the position of being the most educated in the Caribbean. Congratulations Grenada! It would be nice to see, in Saint Lucia, a thrust to develop our people similarly instead of focusing purely and unconscionably on a highly vulnerable industry like Tourism at the expense of our patrimony.


  7. I am planniing to move back to St Lucia but honestly I am afraid for my husband and I. Is this what we have resorted to no more walking away no more apologies just taking anothers life? St lucians plz behave!!




    • Did you mean to put a "?" after this statement? It can easily be misinterpreted, sounds like you're saying everywhere has crime so nothing's wrong if we have crime too... and I don't think that's what you meant. Punctuation marks are important 🙂


  9. St. Lucia let us return to the Living God. Let us go back to basic and obedience to statutes and laws, that's the only way to obtain peace. This is the channel for love.


    • Don't think this will help, we are in the last days according to the bible. Im not surprised of all these killings.


      • We're always in the last days. The last days was apparently 2000 years ago, then 1500 years ago, then 2012. Geez you people.


  10. Well well well. Where was the campaign promise to make Saint Lucia safe again? People were killing each other because the Police Force had no morale and no support from the government. They were killing because Kenny was no creating jobs.

    Nine months later, what the hell has this Government done to make me safer. Fed up.


  11. Live life love life there's a God,know one in the world can't stop crime,even if they put back the gallows,one thing I can say watch ur serounding watch ur friends trust no one watch who u talk to An lime with course ur shadow will eat u alive


  12. Meanwhile authorities are more focused on DSH and Dolphins than to come up with a strategy to curb the sad crime situation.


  13. Yet they choose to bring gambling over here. Bleak future for our kids. Land taken away and more gambling introduced.




  15. Ppl getting on like is St Lucia alone ppl does kill one another the killing is all over just pray u not the one to be murdered if u ask god to protect u from sudden death he ll


    • Comments like that, really gets me mad. Not because everywhere have murders should we be the same. We are a tiny island in the Atlantic. We need to change our ways and be each other's keeper. We need to be more positive. If you see someone has an issue, try an reach out to them.

      The government, the churches, the schools, they need to put a hand and stop ignoring this. It will only continue to get worse if it falls on deaf ears. At the moment the people committing the crimes to people whom they know or are close to. If this is not taken seriously, criminals would target people and kill at random. Sad to say, this is already happening in some of our sister islands already.


  16. People wake up. Our ego is killing us or putting us behind bars. We need to come up with better ways to resolve conflict. Instead of turning to violence, turn to God. Let's stop and think before we react.


  17. Oh please. Educate our youths that the bible is fun of lies. They are from a bloodline of royalty going back to Egypt. The Jesus with the long hair is the problem. The bible said he's hair is of wool but y'all giving life into a fake Jesus..the system is crippled from Hitler,Napoloean and so on. If they enslaved us for this earth, why would they give us a bible the pathway to heaven?


      • Why is it disgusting? Some of what Kim said, is correct."If they enslaved us for this earth, why would they give us a bible the pathway to heaven." Kim, I think most black people forgot they were enslaved and are still so mentally enslaved. Also, if you Mn8.. V, read the comment properly, no where there does Kim state that God doesn't exist.


  18. Some ppl say the world ending some St the devil strong but I St from the time the white man ws allowed to rule the black man again all fall down when slp ws there all crime ws because of them well as uwp there with a slave owner at the helm expect the worse the place being sold out and the white man blatuntly making us know that our voices mean nothing but slp echoes we are doomed blood sacrifices for power


  19. 2 Chronicle 7:14

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land


  20. Why are people killing each other? You gave no one life, you have no right to kill anybody, Man hearts have grown cold, there's no love in this world.. Lets love each other St. Lucia,, please young men and women be a role model to the younger generation. Even at primary school you notice the violence behavior among the kids. Lord im calling on You, please heal our Nation.


  21. Condolences to his family. People, please stop saying other countries have crime too. We need to look at how many people we have on our island and better ways of dealing with conflicts. Parents, teachers, leaders please help and start teaching our children better ways to resolve conflict because that is where it has to start.

    God bless my country St.Lucia.


  22. Unless people change their ways we will not have peace only God can make the difference


    • You are rejoicing in the murder of a young man? Wow!! you must be overseas where you think you are safe. You are a sad piece of work. Ignorance is surely not bliss my friend.


  23. So my question to st Lucia is , since the crime rate is so rapidly growing, what measures are they putting in place to calm the situation? Sometime needs to be done and very fast, we put you all there to work for us not for good looks, I really hope that they will come on tv and tell the nation something or pretty soon st Lucia will turn to be an ocean of blood


    • Politicians cant do nothing for us, they them self more evil. .we need God..we need to give God full priority in our lives. We dont pray, we all over in the fet , raising our children without the fear of God. If u check the crimes arent happening with ppl who are Christian. .why?


      • Hey fool!st lucia is 90% christian.....just observe in which religion they are laid to rest.


  24. Tears I have no clue who this young man is but that sad such a peaceful place like home but for the past 3 years the crime rate is outrageous! Come on people I know in other countries people wake up to shootings and others violence but we can make a difference! Whaaaa!


    • But not like this
      Big canadian cities
      Barely have 3 murders

      With our small population this isn't right


  25. Wah, seems like the entire country becoming a "hot spot" them days smh.

    RIP yute man and condolences to his family


    • Yup, so sad, I am also tired of all them country bookies, that keep talking about Castries. Instead, they commented positively, most of them said Casties is a dump with a lot of criminals. Look what is happening, all over the island. Stop bad mounthing one community. At the end of the day, it is one St.Lucia, stop being so divided. When someone in Vieux Fort gets murdered I feel the pain. When someone in Dennery gets murdered I feel the pain. When someone in Canaries gets murdered I feel the pain. By the way I am from Castries.


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