BREAKING NEWS: Another fatal accident

BREAKING NEWS: Another fatal accident

A motorcyclist has died as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Vieux Fort on Monday.

The deceased has been identified as Emron Jn Marie of Beanfield, Vieux Fort.

Reports are that Jn Marie’s motorcycle collided with a vehicle around 5:30 p.m.


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  1. The drive need to go to jail! On a road like that you killed sombody awa and the man has all his protective gears on


  2. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    Then a cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my dearly loved Son. Listen to him."
    – Mark 9: 7


  3. 28th of October will be 10 years that my mother was killed in a road traffic accident on the Millennium Highway.

    It is a real shame that each year since, the government continue to not taken due diligence to making improvement in safeguarding traffic movement and also bringing drivers to justice who are liable to the accidents and fatalities.

    10 years on, the driver of the car that caused my mother's death is still walking unpunished despite driving illegally. 3 prime ministers have taken office since then and still this concerning matter is not a high priority in St Lucia. What will it take? ?


    • And imagine, 1 white foreigner die by Rodney bay marina and they put up all sorts of protection there. Just goes to show how much those politicians care about their constituents.


      • It's because the whites are de life blood of this island, you idiot! If they stop coming because unsafe. We all go down de $hit-hole. St. Lucians we so simple & stupid.


        • lol Negros can't do anything themselves apparently. Need white massa to provide for you? How long until tourism money dries up.


        • Okkk and if we keep dying eventually these taurist tht u speak of wilñ have nowhere to go... So?? Its ok for our government to not look out for us and allow us to die. But its not ok for them to put our needs above tht of taurist ?!? U wsnt to talk sbout stupidity?


      • Government NVR spent a cent. All the money for the "stuff" U c at Rodney was was from Rodney Bay Marina - NOT GOVERNMENT.


  4. Poor boy today I was going at his work place to change my tire and because of the time I didn't go I said I will go tomorrow since am off and I bet he would have been the one to take the tire on the shelf to put for my car and he would always ask me for my son they were friends ,its sad to hear but we all are walking with our death underneath our feet,so long my dear r I p


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