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BREAKING NEWS: Another arrested in connection with senator’s blackmail case

By SNO Staff

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Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond

Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond

Another individual has been arrested in connection with the nude photos/blackmail scandal involving Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Acting Police Commissioner of Police Milton Desir has confirmed.

A young female has been arrested for blackmail, Desir said Saturday evening, but could not immediately provide additional details.

In January, 18-year-old college student Curshaby Alexander of Beausejour, Gros Islet, was charged with blackmail.

She was granted bail and the matter is still before the courts.

The matter is connected to the publication of nude photos on the internet.

Senator Raymond had said at a news conference that he was was the victim of an extortion attempt.

He remains part of the Cabinet despite calls from various political and non-political organisations to resign.

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  1. Big man to big man. If you are reading this drop this case immediately and beg forgiveness from your wife. The girls are school kids age and it is time for you to grow up and leave the little girls alone. They would have learned their lesson by now and hopefully you yours. Stop making a mockery of your position and putting the judicial system in St Lucia in this awkward position.

  2. Let God deal with the sin that he committed and let the law deal with the crime these young women committed. And by my knowledge there is nothing the law can do to him about his sins. He did not rape them like a politician I know!!!! nothing was done for that. Leave the man alone and stop judging his wife, she vowed for better or worse...

    • You agree that is that what support for a party extends too? Defending a grown ass man who should know better? How is that the girls alone are the victims?

  3. No amount of arrests /resignation will wipe the shame ubaldus has brought unto his family and this country, but for the sake of the country resign...with the 1% of dignity you have left in your shameless face. You crying victim. You are just as responsible as the young lady. She didn't beg you the nudes. Once upon a time you'll were like sugar and spice. Things get sour over $700 ? For you both this should be a lesson.. Ask for your wife she's should be ashamed when she saw her beloved minister, her husband... tickle me elmo cock all over the internet.. She knows o too well that's her magic stick... She knows it in and out...been riding it for years...

  4. Apparently Anonymous you went to Church but it did nothing for you. You just warmed a bench you worshiped the devil just like us

  5. Minister of Fine Ass. HE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!

  6. Ubaldus has been and was involved in some creeping there is no doubt about this fact. He is a filanderer and an adulterer and so are many other Saint Lucian men particularly those who are in high positions in our sick society.

    Whle there is no written moral code for behaviour in public office but we all should have some basic standards as a people for what is acceptable behavoiur when you are entrusted with high responsibility for the wellbeing of our country.

    Sure enough cheating on your wife or spouse if done out of the public eye is a situation for you, your spouse, and your God. But when you bring it to the office that our taxes pay to maintain you have crossed a line and should be held accountable.

    In Ubaldus's case he is not an elected parliamentarian but selected so the ball is in the court of the Prime Minister and his decision to do nothing is testament to his own lack of morals because he has tacitly endorsed that kind of behavoiur by his non action.

    There is no doubt that people chose their position on this matter depending on the party they support and not from the point of view of their own moral compass. It would appear that the SLP are saying they have a moral compass and the UWP does not but we know as well that this is not true.

    Nobody's (party affiliation be damned) moral compass has been suficiently aroused on the side of decency and integrity to say in unison UBALDUS HAS TO GO. What that says about us as a society is that we are a nation of corrupt, immoral, bastards. ALL OF US.

    A nation without a moral compass is doomed to go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah. We do not stand for anything so we will fall for nothing.

    • You say "we" are supposed to have moral codes but according to whose standards if the standards itself is not standardized. Stop making foolish statements like those politicians which has never solved anything.

  7. Right now our representative for our country is a disgrace . well some of them. Hoq could we have known we had put immature minds and unproductive beings to run parliament we'd done better !!

  8. That poor excuse for a man gets me sick to my stomach you have kids yet you have no principle, you want to crucify a young girl for your shameless nasty behavior, you held your cock to the camera you did your crap. But if you have any inch of Christianity left in you know that God does not sleep. Drop the dam case and get this crap over with for the least accept responsibility for your actions ask for forgiveness and move on.

  9. He is right . Get down to the story and arrest all of them.
    Get the ring leader .
    This is the price you pay for the Internet and photoshop.

  10. his wife is the biggest Ass in all this,all these I love you and now you get to know your man child was never faithful or honest to you and you do nothing, in the eyes of the public you got a chance to set an example for all women and you did nothing, oh yeah they gave you a promotion so you shut your ass, money make people forget. now the whole lucia know the little wee wee you taking, must be cheating to cuz no woman would stand for this. wait for it................................ cheaters 2 the presequel.. when the wee wee is to small.

  11. I want to think that St. Lucians know had this unthinking simplistic idiot was in any of the countries that we traditionally look up to (the UK, USA, Canada) if he didn't resign voluntarily he would have been asked to resign. The court of public opinion would have ensured that.

    But in any case Chastanet's hands are tied. If he fired Ubaldus who will he replace him with? He has used all all his reps. So one can say the big well-dare-dare Chastanet only ever digs his own hole and this one is quite a hole bearing in mind he has a deputy speaker role to fill.. Such incompetence. Chastanet have to go!

  12. concerned foreign citizen

    Good. Arrest them one by one until they find the leader of the gang. God is good

    • yeah god also saw his lil dingaling showing off for a girl more than half his age, god also see him soliciting young women, knowing he has a wife at home, yup god is good so good he allowed him to stay to face better judgement later, oh and god also saw him going to church being hypocrit knowing the nasty things he does behind parliaments back.

  13. Ubaldus was never chosen to lead because he was married. I don't think if he was voted in it would be because he was married nether did he loose to Stephenson King because of any inclination on his part to be faithful to his wife.

    St. Lucians are one of the most promiscuous and unfaithful set of people​ in the. Caribbean and I know most of you also have your cake and eating it. So which 50 year old wouldn't want an 18 year old. Most of you had two children by 18 since when that's a crime? Many ministers past and present have been engaging young women and the women dealing with married persons . So why all this hypocracy if the man has committed a crime.

    If such behaviour is so abhorrent and we sincerely want to correct it then why don't we demand a written moral code of ethics? You know why we won't? It's because we will want to use this convenience at some other time and we want to leave the subject obscured enough to influence stupid people into holding foolish and naive positions.

    • You're right. People aren't elected because of a moral code not to cheat on their spouse. But, it brings into question their honesty and integrity. Cheating takes a lot of lying and subterfuge so how can I trust you to represent my interest in an honest way when you can't even be trustworthy to your family.

      • Garbage! Set of Hippocrates! The man has done nothing wrong. What has he done that all yes all of us consenting adults have not done. Some of us don't believe that a man should have only one partner. Wa wrong wit that. Those of you hippocrates who say otherwise do your shit quietly and in public, you act like saints. So what's the difference.
        And those of you who don't have many partners steal, lie, kill etc. etc. you get my drift. So leave the freaking man alone and move on you so called moral people.

      • Well that's your morals certainly not mine. I dont judge people by Christ standards because we all are human and if you think that you cannot cheat on your wife/husband then that's good but think of Al the other immorals that you commit, don't you think that people should judge you by them? No one has a right to assume that someone is something else because of sex. What about the women who have affairs with married men for years which we may have already elected to parliament? Makes no sense shifting the goal posts. A written code could solve that s ok why not. This is the essence of my contribution

  14. It is so unfortunate that most of the comments are not directly related to the topic. To those who chooses to have unrelated comments, do you think your comment will have an effect on the courts decision. At least two young ladies might take a jail for apparently doing something wrong. If so who influenced them and why?



  16. A man I used to admire and every time I see him. I get so disgusted and embarrassed. You are a disgrace to this country, to your party, to your church, and to your children. Notice I didn't say your wife because she is part of it too. Do us all a favor and get out of our faces. Nasty, shameless piece of man!

    This is nothing to do with these young girls. Ubaldus and his party are persecuting these young girls to get to RF. But Ubaldus I hope for your sake that Karma does not visit you and serve you what you deserve. What kind of chor homme are you to put your children through this for the sake of politics? Your wife is just as situez prostituting herself for the sake of eh see she get the big post to shut up...those poor kids! Shame shame shame!

  17. Lots of Labours on early today, this Holy Christian Day. Apparently you all did not go to church. Typical of Labour. Worships the devil.

  18. Karan Cumberbatch

    Why will he not do the honourable thing and resign? He has lost all credibility.

  19. Good time to arrest them. I hope she is charged so that she cannot get bail until Tuesday. Is she related to Richard?

  20. Its PHOTO shop,Ubaldus Raymond.All i want to know is who send her.And who paid her.I already know the answer,but i want names.The little extortioner,she watching to many movies.People talking about Ubaldus Raymond should be charge,you'll so stupid.The case is on the little tweet,she's the hot point.She pur it out there on facebook,the worlds favorite website.She wanted attention she get it lol.Ubaldus Raymond need to sue her,the evidence will be found and then he need to sue her or her family.Shes a bad head.Head sick.She's suffering and she needs help Cashaby Alexander,shame on you.

    • its Curshaby*. And no, she did not expose the minister. Yall just think yall know it all. smh

    • How do u know the pics are photo shopped? Are u his wife ex girlfriend have u been intimate with him? Did he not know he was married to stay away and not fall victim. Did he consider his career, his wife, he's children the church he belong to, those he made great impression on. He need to understand he failed and move on. We all make mistakes. Would he be asked by the court to stand naked to be sure its photoshopped till then no comments

      • seems like he payed you your seven hundred ...the only thing you did not say is that he is jesus christ.

      • hey Mrs.Raymond you need to horn this piece of shit back and tell him after u do it too..he cyan leave u because he is a notorious (national word).. and you forgive him.he too nasty ...shes not the only one.... and he dragging you through the mud..make him check himself ..horn him...

  21. In the first place, a minister apointed by his country and citizens who trusted him to lead us to success expects more than this. I was disappointed with this case. I believe that it was not dealt properly with. The girl, her friend and the minister are to blame. The minister have alot of responsiblility. Why not help your country instead of trying to get into young teenager's pants. Help us the youth to do better. After everyone got the screenshots of the conversation betweeen the two parties, you would deny. Why ? The proof is shown and you present yourself on television with pride and dignity? Everyone around the world would see this and thats want we want tourist to come and see. In that mess. He should resign!!!

  22. Two wrongs committed... One person facing consequences...if this was the US UK or Canada wrong and strong smalbaldus would be kicked out and right now would be serving fries at burger king...but on this corruption ridden rock...its who u know and who knows u.shameful embarrassing...

    • A second person was arrested. Stick to the point.

      • Their point is very clear! They have arrested two (2) persons but The Senator has YET to answer for HIS part in the incident. If this was the US he would have been asked to resign or be fired long time ago. How is this fair or even considered justice? The ladies indeed deserve to pay for their actions...but so does he. "Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere"...just wait, this is not even the tip of the iceberg...

    • The guy is desperate to prove himself smfh

  23. Two wrongs committed... One person facing consequences...if this was the US UK or Canada wrong and strong smalbaldus would be kicked out and right now would be serving fries at burger king...but on this corruption ridden rock...its who u know and who knows u.shameful embarrassing...

  24. So many other cases we've had and is that one you'll can investigate what's about the guy who was coaxing the little boy to bull what's about the video of the little girl with the 2 men having sex with her and sharing the video are these children not more important than a fee photos of a minister if he didn't send it to her she wouldn't have it or if he'd pay her the $700 he's a big man let him face his consequences and let's put our efforts in our younger vulnerable kids instead. I'm tired of hearing that ubaldus crap

  25. and this is the guy that's suppose to grow our economy

  26. It right for a woman to expose/blackmail mun. But when her nudes leak, all hell break loose. Smh. Stupid lucians.

  27. So he innocent in all this? Chhops tan!!!

  28. Oh yes

  29. There are many others like him in church like him.scrutinize the so called church.

  30. There are many others like him in church likewise.

  31. I wonder this time if is a $550 dollar note they go come up with because it seems ubaldus was going very cheap



  33. Why so many young women black mailing only u bald us that man just need to resign save your wife and kids the rest of the embarrassment obviously you were involved in some way now not one young woman you on number two maybe people believed you the first time and gave you the benefit of the doubt but this time around just resign man and if I were your wife I would be heading to divorce court right now because after all lucians eat their easter dinner it will be more ubaldus ridicule just you wait let the long weekend end and lucians process this wifey I would pack up because the fire is about to spark chastnet as pm do the right thing get u bald us out of office and ubald us since you are a man of God go back to you Bible

    • I realise Labours can't understand. There is only one blackmail. Apparently (it appears) it was a group who try to blackmail the guy. They are just picking them up 1 by 1. They are coming for the head of this gang.

  34. Really help me holy ghost

  35. This case makes me sick..

  36. Go read the meaning of indecent exposure. .they must learn not to put people nude photos on social media..arrest tout

    • He's not the first to be exposed and not the last he's just using his power God ain't sleep I hope he learned a valuable lesson and others involved in such activities learn from both parties

  37. ubaldus like the young girls

  38. So many other cases the justice system has ignored choops but as is minister url digging for answers. He needs to be charged too. 700 u can't give a woman u had affair with. A woman like me u needed all now so my bank account loaded.

  39. Ubaldus suffering from smallcox...

  40. Ubaldus just ashamed because the whole world saw his boo too cock! Nasty piece of work. If your wife was any kind if woman she leave you already... I wish you had daughters ...tan to tan to

  41. Ubaldus, please maintain your kool. All your critics and propagandist will take cover when the shit hits the fan.

  42. So you tell me that is the kind of picture that our senator is painting for the cabinet of st Lucia? Great Job mr minister ... I'm sure there is more inside there doing the job just like you... because you got exposed doesn't mean that it's only you who does that kind of work

    • None sense..he was the one who got caught. Shameful.

    • None sense. He is as guilty as can be. He is getting people arrested due to the embarrassment he suffered and now wants revenge., Hope Karma will strike him soon..,

  43. "Plenty girl have man acting like they single."
    Plenty Senators have wife acting like they faithful!

    • Whining like he faithful,
      Selfies like he faithful,
      Jamming like he faithful,
      Wukkin like he faithful,
      Pumping like he faithful woahhh.
      Anytime he home, he always fully clothed,
      Not a thing exposed when he home with me,
      When he leave the D house, everything come out, and gone on displayyyy.
      Plenty Senators have wife and acting like they faithful.

    • Hahahaha. Lolo

    • Lmao!!!!!!!!!! It hot

  44. Deflection, another U.W.P red herring, Someone is thinking that Ubaldus's indescretions will have more appeal to the public than all the other pappyshow going on within the government,,,,Think again, "WE WATCHING YOU ALL"

  45. I agree arrest them...

  46. Plenty more women wit his nudes, dey shud all start coming @ him, no swlf control grown man like u, chooooops

  47. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all them teens just catching Ls. lol that good, stop taking married men money to stunt on yutes

  48. idiot do you really know what indecent exposure is?.

  49. Hold your ass,U-ballzus.You that should be before the courts.Shame on your,and all the other ministers who condone your actions! #thegirlsdidnothingwrong

  50. So when they going to charge the Senator for indecent exposure?

  51. So when they going to charge the Senator for indecent exposure?

  52. Arrest them. Is time that shit stop in St.Lucia. They must know to respect people privacy. It's time Facebook at one time use to be for greetings and so on, now it's open market to put out people business.
    Arrest them.

    • Respect people privacy???!! They never invaded his privacy, he showed them his stuff and they did what they wanted with it. NO privacy was invaded.

    • Gimmy........ok arrest them and prosecute....and you're fine with the minister remaining?!

      • Did the minister do something illegal? On what grounds should he step down? People do nude video chats all the times, I hope everyone steps down from their jobs.

  53. That senator/minister is he still part of the cabinet or has he gone already? The begging question is, "What amount of credibility and respect and exemplariness could he now contribute to the cabinet or this already beleaguered government?"

    • This is my point/concern as well. These are the people elected, selected, hired to LEAD this country. Look at the examples being set. By examples I mean, this case seems to have been given maximum priority, while at the very same time there are how many unsolved murders, rapes, assaults, armed robberies etc. that are just simply ignored. But this is LEADERSHIP right? If someone cannot control their house (cabinet) and their children (members) then how can they even attempt to control other people's (the country)? This is serious, very serious! This shows that there is no importance or urgency placed on crime fighting etc. How could this be more important that murders? How could this be more important that rape? How could this be even more important that SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT?

      This is NOT the first time this has happened in St. Lucia, for years women have been victimized by ex-lovers or the spouses of lovers and I have NEVER heard of any of those cases being dealt with like this...given attention like this, with the expediency like this. But of course none of them were senators under the government in power. If the saying that one must lead by example is true...this only shows the type of leadership we have. And for the record...this is NOT the rantings of an SLP it SLP or UWP or any party..fair is fair! Party obviously does NOTHING for St. Lucia! They say "2 wrongs don't make a right" ...well it seems 2 wrongs does indeed make Mr. Raymond right! If this is left unchallenged by the people whom he supposedly work for (ST. LUCIANS) then soon enough much more will follow! He needs to be held accountable for his actions and involvement.

  54. No amount of arrests will change the damage that the senator has done to himself. He needs to resign.

  55. Victim my ass! Grand ole man like you want to cry victim!

    • Bitch are you guys for real I thought St lucia had passed that point of ignorance do you guys understand the difference between reality and fake news.

  56. Hmmmmmmm

  57. Shameless!


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