BREAKING NEWS: Dallas ex-cop Amber Guyger sentenced to 10 years for murdering Botham Jean

BREAKING NEWS: Dallas ex-cop Amber Guyger sentenced to 10 years for murdering Botham Jean
Amber Guyger
Amber Guyger

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for fatally shooting her unarmed neighbour Botham Jean in his own apartment last year.

The jury began deliberating the sentence just after 2:30 p.m. Wednesday after hearing tearful testimony from the people who knew Jean best, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Guyger, 31, was on Tuesday found guilty of murder after the jury deliberated for some five hours.

The fired cop had faced between five and 99 years or life in prison.

Guyger was convicted for fatally shooting Jean in his own apartment in September 2018.

She claimed she mistook the St. Lucia native’s apartment for hers. The ex-cop also claimed she thought Jean was a burglar and testified that she was fearful of her life the moment she saw a silhouette of someone in the apartment.

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  1. You all should be thankful she get 10 yrs that's better than zip. Okay lets move on how about the police officer that kill his wife up the Morne walking, eating,pooping having intercourse with my crazy nasty stupid St.Lucian sisters who thinks it's okay with the murderer to walk free like nothing happen. Wake up my people let the revolution begin it's our time to seek justice for what is right please let us not sweep this under the rug let us hold the Commissioner in contempt because he is just getting a salary for doing NOTHING. He and all in charge of the case should do their job without prejudice.


  2. She got convicted only because he wasn't an American and your country leaders were involved to ensure that justice prevails. Texas had to save its face, that is why the jury and the judge were mostly black.
    Had he been an American, she would have walked free. Cold blooded murder by a racist. Utterly tragic for the family of the young man.


  3. I pray for this family to pull through this turmoil. This is a light sentence and she will probably be out within five years if she gets parole for good time . This should be a lesson for the many St. Lucians who have voiced their support for extra judicial killings by The Royal St. Lucia Police Force . We need to remember that our tongue is a sword and should be used wisely .

    Prayers to both families .


    • YES HE IS A SORRY ASS Slave... and the judge who is also a black woman hugging and give lite sentence to this convicted murder... you ever see white people hug black people for killing their family members...shoot they will throw you under the jail if anything and hope you rot in there.

      BUT LEAVE IT TO BLACK FOLKS TO KISS THE RING OF MASA... A disgrace this whole trial upset me.

      You have Botham brother throughing his own brother under the bus.
      The judge in cohorts with the murder and a black bailiff stroking the air of this convicted murder.


    • yes something most of yall small minded and godless people wont understand. she may be wicked but she is also a person just like all of us that need forgiveness. so his action would be mind boggling


  4. I just knew her sentence would have been petty. The benefits of being white....history has shown time and time again; that the law is harsher on people of colour than on whites. Rubbish sentence.


    • Told my daughter a white male officer wouldn't be found guilty; but they found this white female officer guilty, that the sentence would be rubbish. And there it is. A slap; that is rubbish.


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