BREAKING NEWS: Amber Guyger found guilty of murdering Botham Jean

BREAKING NEWS: Amber Guyger found guilty of murdering Botham Jean
Amber Guyger (left) and Botham Jean
Amber Guyger (left) and Botham Jean

(DALLAS MORNING NEWS) — A Dallas County jury convicted fired officer Amber Guyger of murder for fatally shooting Botham Jean in his apartment last year.

Cheers broke out in the hallway outside the courtroom after the ‘guilty’ verdict was announced.

Jurors will now resume deliberating to decide Guyger’s punishment.

Guyger, 31, fatally shot 26-year-old Botham Jean in his apartment last year and has said she mistook his apartment for her own and thought Jean was a burglar.

Jurors began deliberating Monday after the prosecution and Guyger’s defense presented closing arguments.

Guyger’s defense team urged the jury to think “coolly and calmly” about the case, which they cast as a tragic mistake. They have said Guyger made a “series of horrible mistakes” that led to her shooting Jean out of fear for her life.

But the prosecution said arguments of self-defense don’t apply to Guyger because Jean was not a threat. They said Guyger had other options besides killing Jean and that she acted unreasonably by failing to notice she wasn’t at her apartment.


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  1. Do we as a society truly care about justice? I think allot of what going on here is just virtue signalling and hypocrisy! If we truly cared, extrajudicial killings would not still occur in our country without any accountability or indeed justice!


  2. Putting her in jail will not bring him back.his family need to forgive her for some healing to start.she will serve her time and never forget.she needs to work with some black people to understand how wefeel.


    • My issue is that the first thing from her mouth (referring to the 911 call) was that she would loose her job. Really, that is the first response to taking a life?


    • Put her in Jail because she murdered a man and is lieing about it ,jail a man for a joint ,but don't jail a murderer ,break out the AR15s


    • That can be said for any crime committed, any person killed. According to your logic, no one should be locked up or punished for killing another person because it's not going to bring that person back. Spending time with black people is not going to help her. She needs to pay for her crime and learn that there are consequences for your actions. She was found guilty of "murder". Give her whatever the law allows just like you would anyone else convicted of the same crime.


      • Why are Black's always being asked to forgive. If you cannot read the Bible correctly then leave it alone. What you are advocating is a slave bible narative where the slave forgives the master need I say Caucasian whilst the master punishes the Black when wrong, in the image of god.
        Non productive old outdated foolishness. Now if you don't agree with me then forgive me.


  3. Justice Indeed has been served. So let's see if the same justice will be given in the case of Arnold Joseph. Still no word from the police on that matter.


  4. We Lucians are praying people. Botham is with the lord. But where are you. Have a good life in prison. You fool. I hope the bullies take advantage of you in prison


  5. St.lucians are hypocrites and the almighty will surely judge y'all as such.i am happy justice is being served for Botham who by all accounts was a wonder human being.But where is the same outrage for the poor and marginalized youth who get gunned down by our own police officers who are supposed to abide by the law and constitution of St.lucia.Where is the same outrage for the victims of the impacts report on operation restore confidence conducted by royal st.lucia police force I 2010-11?The extra judicial killings that still occur in our country up to this day under the guise of fighting crime where I the outrage?I know the police officers have a difficult job and I support all police officers who try to do their best in upholding and maintaining law and order but what about those who took and still continue to take the law in their own hands?Granted some of the victims are criminals in truth but don't they still have human rights?Don't they still deserve to be granted due process and prosecuted under the law of our land instead of being murdered on the streets by the same people who are supposed to represent and uphold the law?This makes me question the mindset of the st.lucians who cry for justice for Botham Jean and yet egnore the open atrocities taking place against mostly the poor marginalized people who In most cases have gone the wrong direction I life.#JUSTICEFORALLANDNOTSOME R.I.P BOTHAM JEAN


    • I just want to say to the two haters of your comment it's people like you who support the action of the police officers who wrong us here in st.lucia by disagreeing with comments that concerned citizens of st.lucia make regarding the atrocities committed against the people of st.lucia ...s.i.p to all lucians who have lost their lives and their murders go unsolved.


    • W I am relief justice has prevailed God is not sleeping you can't go in with your life just like that and come on some cock-and-bull shift story what do you think you're fooling and Amber who do you think you fooling we know better and we needed Justice Power Man of the soil born about going in the woods and be a happy now Justice reveal


      • Rot in jail Amber you need a life in prison you take a young man's life Without a Cause for no reason at all how do you feel if somebody did that to your son how would you feel if somebody takes your own child's life how do you feel I should
        You need to be l in in jail for life you doing deserve any parole how heartless Can you be and and now you trying 2 and now you trying to pretend who who you Fink you fooling dummy


    • she admitted that she intend to kill him.he didnt bother her,thats murder.hes dead shes alive.the sentence will be 31-33 years in prison.shes gonna be a bull she will be with killers,alot black ladys gonna get her,she cant run r hide now. they gonna make her but hurt.she will be gay if she live it out.she knew wat she was doing,she thought she was above the law.she will get 31-33 years in prison.the age jean,thats wat the jury gonna give want be life but a big long x police.


      • I truly cannot understand, how someone could kill another person by mistaking homes I can't get it!!!now imagine that tragedy the opposite way, a black man mistake his home with Amber guyger's home what do you all think that would happen???She need to be sentence to death, for just taking some young man's life like this for no reason!!! This young man was full of life and he didn't get a chance to live his life fully!!!She just took his life just so!!! And to make it his own home doing nothing could you mistake your house to somebody's??? Not same furniture, not same decoration...I just can't get it!!! Now I trust the law to give her death or life without any way out. She deserves it.


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