AIMU official arrested by police; could face charges soon

AIMU official arrested by police; could face charges soon
AIMU Gros-Islet campus.
AIMU Gros-Islet campus.
AIMU Gros-Islet campus.

Police have arrested a senior official of the American International Medical University (AIMU) located in Gros-Islet.

Sources have confirmed that the male university official was arrested yesterday.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the official could be officially charged on Wednesday.

Police conducted searches on AIMU office on August 17, where they seized a number of documents.

The official’s home was also searched and documents seized too, the source added.

The arrest is said to be part of ongoing investigations into the operation of offshore medical institutions here.


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  1. They should look into Atlantic University next. That school has some interesting characters who would prefer to fly under the radar!!!!


  2. I am one of the graduated student of AIMU recently got my license to practice at my home country . Please stop posting nonsence comments and stop spoiling students future.


  3. This is the worst of worst advice to other students who wants to study in this school..
    1) its waste of your time and money.
    2)u will never get the education /knowledge to become a proper doctor
    3)Raj & Uma they just financially rape you
    4)they never think abt students life's,they don't care about student problems.
    5)all they think or care about is your money.
    6)while joining in the college they will take all the certificates and never give to student until they finish final yr in that school.
    7) in order to get graduated you have to pay 2000$ only graduation fee apart from the lots of tuition fee.
    8)the best part is you have to pay student tax and malpractice fee as a medical student.everything is in US dollars.
    9)after you get out of the college the thing you will be left with is .....u have lost all the parents hardearned money but don't even hv an ounce of medical knowledge to go any further.
    10)all the things they boast abt pass rates and all is a lie.
    11inorder to study in that school u hv to make up your mind to play the role of a slave to them.
    12RAJ & UMA they both must be arrested for defrauding students,for financially raping them,for I'll treating them.


    • How can you become a doctor when you dont deserve to be ...Jealousy man dont be too jealosuy ...shitt smells man..You are jealous because your friends are all practiscing and you still popping here and there


  4. It's like everyone that was fired from the school, kicked out or just has a problem with indians is crawling out of the woodwork to cast remarks with no research, no proof and no regard for the reputations of the students.


    • Folks interested in what has been going on at AIMU should read the blog on Value MD below


  5. I taught at AIMU for a year, and I saw the mistreatment meted out to the students- especially the St Lucian students. I heard this man and the Associate Dean from Russia allegedly talk down to the students when they spoke out and complained or asked questions.

    When persons posted the truth on ValueMD, they deleted it.

    AIMU allegedly took full tuition fees from a young St Lucian girl to do Occupational Therapy even though they knew at the time they had no staff.

    AIMU allegdely fired and cursed a Medical Technology Teacher because she refused to use straws for pipettes and because she had no materials with which to teach.

    AIMU allegdely offered pre-med courses in Chemistry and Physics but had no proper lab. I recalled when Mrs M had to use beet juice as indicator and to collect Chlorox and similar items from the supermarket to use in a "lab" that was a fire and other hazard.

    A St Lucian man who worked as handyman and jack of all trades allegdely died suddenly from viral meningitis after unloading a container.I believed he contracted his illness from stuff in the container. There was no investigation by local officials.

    At AIMU students who allegdely failed exams were passed anyway. The officials said this was to prevent them from defecting to other schools on the island.

    Later AIMU went so far as to disallow the teachers from even seeing the marks students got on their exams after the computer graded their exams. I can go on and on but will stop here......for now


  6. People who say that AIMU is doing human trafficking , does they really know what is the meaning of human trafficking ? Is there any student given a complain that AIMU was trafficking the student ? I dont know on what basis people talk .Just because they want to create a news they do so ...


  7. Well is not always good to run our mouth too fast and conclude we are all leathers tomorrow judgment will account for those who are guilty...lets wait patiently while the police carry out their investigation...then we can talk business....St Lucia lovely place to be...the police are doing a wonderful job i respect the police BUT,they should applied wisdom in all they do...thank you viewers....


  8. Oh yes, jail all those BASTINO'S, they used and abused poor people enough. Make those SALOPS pay for their wrong doing....


    • They haven't even said what the charges are but you're ready to crucify the people with no proof of anything.


  9. I do not understand why people compare AIMU with the Lambirds school. AIMU did not start the operation overnight like Lambirds. Its been in operation since 7 -8 years and many of AIMU students have graduated from the school, got their license to practice in their countries. People are trying to bring the school down but why they don't understand by doing so, they are spoiling the students future .


    • That's right, at the end is not the entire school, is just the Indian CEO behind all of these. Get rid of him, bring new administration, and continue running the school and things will go better.
      I am pretty sure that the new one cannot be as bad as that person.


  10. Why only now is this school being investigated? Which government body gives these foreign people/companies to opwn schools without proper vetting procedure. Wonder who is getting their cut to authorise unauthorised accreditations.


  11. Another one bites the dust? I just hope for our sakes no government official, past or present or any civil servant is tied to this mess.


  12. Is all medical offshore school in Saint Lucia accreditated ? As far as I know only school in Saint Lucia accreditated by CAAMHP and may be 4-5 school in whole caribbean . So why only AIMU is been raided why not others?


  13. What's really going on from LAMBIRDS to AIMU smfh jah know star that's why the poor will always be poor cause when the poor man tries to help himself obstacles with come in his way smfh and that's exactly what's happening at AIMU


  14. He is a master mind that man. It was time. The board outside had which minister approved it and all their signatures




    • AIMU and Lambirds are completely different, AIMU has it's accreditations and has been in operation since 2008 and has students who have graduated and are working, Lambirds has no graduates. The two are not connected and we need more details about what the official was arrested for before we can start jumping to ridiculous conclusions. What does Hinduism have to do with what's happening?