BREAKING NEWS: Accident in Corinth


A male motorcyclist appeared seriously injured after he ran into a utility pole in Corinth, Gros Islet this afternoon (March 12), according to an eyewitness.

The accident occurred after 4 p.m. “directly opposite Riverstone Disco”, the eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

“I was busy helping to get the emergency service and securing the safety of road users,” the eyewitness said, describing his first actions when the accident occurred.

The eyewitness said when he saw the motorcyclist sped pass him he was surprised that “he wore no helmet”, especially on a Sunday. Moments after, the eyewitness said he saw when the motorcyclsit ran into the post “head long”.

“His head got swollen in seconds and he was splitting blood and flesh,” the eyewitness said.

The motorcyclist lost consciousness shortly after emergency services personnel arrived, the eyetwitness noted.

According to the source, the accident may have been caused by the large amounts of gravel on the road, as well as speeding. He noted that construction is underway on the Riverstone road.

“The gravel is dry and loose,” the eyewitness said.


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  1. Most of the riders here have no sort of discipline when it comes to riding, I understand that your motor bike is smaller and you can manuver how ever you like in traffic but when you are in traffic you are just like any other car, bus or trunk. We know y'all bikes fast just be patient and wait, a car would signal to go into another street and y'all would try to zip past us, but as drivers if there is a line of traffic behind us and we look once and it's clear no way we are expecting anything to drive past if we are signaling you are supposed to stop wait then proceed, most have y'all don't have proper tires on y'all bikes or even insurance, police need to start coming down on y'all undocumented,uninsured and those not wearing a helmet, cause the last thing I want is for my ride to get damaged and you saying you have no insurance.


    • A perfect example of the many who lack road etiquette for the commuter on two wheels..please immerse yourself on the rules of the road for a biker.


  2. To all the individuals whom made mention of us revving our engine.... Its because the majority of you commuters dont use your mirrors... Neither do you respect our attempts to get pass you to go on our way...some of you even try to swerve on us. .speed up...when passing beside you guys i will rev my engine so that you are aware im right next to you... Not even the bright light during the day you guys seem not to notice ..a lot of bikes are quiet so we make noiae ..our lives depend on it...and rather than be idiotic how about yourll just go more to your left when you see a bike rather than try to stand your ground...


    • In agreement. All road users need to use their common sense and road etiquette.

      However it's rather unfortunate that some us don't know what either are re Common Sense and Road Etiquette


  3. lol. I am surprised more young men are not dying on those motor cycles and scooters. Saw them speeding all day today with no helmet. Signs saying SLOW DOWN, CONES etc. at Grande Riviere and they still speeding and no helmet. To those who feel sorry for him. He will soon be back on the road speeding in traffic and in your community. Let's hope he ain't knock u down or your child or your mothers. The best thing is for them to get cripple or dead so they don't put lives of innocent people at risk. The speed limit is also for motorbikes and scooters. SMH.


  4. It is difficult to feel sorry for motorcyclists because of the total lack of respect some of them show for the well being of residents in various communities. These bikers rev up their motorcycles, pop them up, dally on them, and generally keep a racket in our communities, with no regard for the sick, the elderly, the babies who need to sleep, and the tired folks who need rest after a hard day's work. Their clubs should provide them with a code of conduct that takes account of the need for them to respect people who have a right to peaceful enjoyment of quiet moments at their homes.


  5. Y'all free to speed in y'all cars and drive with no seat belts. no one on y'all back.. But from time is a biker y'all have instant road rage and have everything bad to say. Give the bikers a break..they paying road tax and insurance just like y'all do. If they can pass,let them. The road ain't for cars alone!


  6. The biggest problem I have with motorcyclists is that they ride into communities and rev up their engines to keep noise and disturb people. They also do a thing I think they call "popping", with the front wheel up in the air. They seem to have no regard for the sick, the bed-ridden folks, the babies who want to sleep, or people generally. so, under the circumstances, it is difficult for people to have sympathy for them when they become involved in accidents. If they belong to a cycling club, then the club should impress upon them the need to consider residents in the various communities, and allow people to get the rest they deserve, especially after a hard day's work.


  7. Uh chow.. You thought you could speed pass everything but you so blind you eh check de road have gravel. #*lop!


  8. First of all people is saying wat they want , the young man's head did not swell it was only his eye and who is that idiot saying they dont feel sorry for riders you were not there to see exactly what happened theres always two sides to something you think the man just wanted to ran himself into the pole u idgit smh. the guy had a scooter its not exactly known for high speed. But like the person say said your turn will come ure human prone to any accident n i hope n pray u dont die u live to see another day so u can take back your words you fool. Also if this guy was speeding his injuries would be worse.


  9. I have no sympathy for these reckless boys who ride like crazy taking people's lives and their own. My grandmother became a casualty to one in Dennery on new years holiday. Until they ride like they have some sense no sympathy from me. RIPP granny


  10. The police ready to kill people for not wearing seat belt but the letting the bikers ride all in their faces without proper gear...why don't they stop all bikers and make them wear proper gear, are they afraid of the pee smelling bikers, mabe because all bikers don't really bathe and all most girls like pee smelling guys on bikes...


  11. Whilst he may not have been wearing a helmet and may have known about the road construction, therein lies another contibuting issue the amount of gravel on the roads. Perhaps not only in that area but sometimes in areas you least expect. These pose a hazard to all motorists, not only bikers. I recall a time when our roads used to be cleaned and swept. The big road sweepers used to be seen very early in the morning. Does this still happen?


  12. They are a total bunch of ..., think they are invicible, same the world over. Dont have licence,insurance and ride the higjways like kings


  13. I'm always amazed at the way moto cyclists ride without proper gears, some of them have a female behind them, they have full gears, but the female is without....and government does not have money, charge them, all of them who thinks that the road belongs to them, bus drivers breaking laws too, put traffic officers on the road and charge them, you'll see if they will not take the necessary measures......make money for the state...break laws, pay fines. SIMPLE....Even this one laying on the road should be charged if he survives.......enough already.


  14. Speeding and no helmet is a dangerous out come of a bike accident, i hope he recovers from such and hopefully thats a lesson for those bike riders out there...


  15. i see all of y'all complaining about bikers .Bikers this, bikers that. yall act like yall have road rage and dont like vehicles overtaking ,whereas the bikes have space to pass. I don't see nun of y'all complaining about the government getting the road done and putting measures in place for the trucks that is always damaging the road..throwing cement..and leaving residue of gravel.


    • It's amazing you spoke about the condition of the roads caused by these trucks but I totally agree with your comments and I am a rider myself but always ride with safety gear cause never know what can happen.
      The roads we have can be clean on your way up North and change by the time you on your way back so for that reason it's always best to be very careful towards riding back the opposite way


  16. He should be charged for not wearing a helmet. They don't care like the road is theirs. I few weeks ago I lady got knocked down by one on the pedestrian.And to make it worst some of them would lift the bike to show what they can do. Stop speeding, don't take life for granted. Appreciate it.


  17. These motorcyclists refuse to practice safe driving. Always speeding and making noise on the road, having no regard for anyone else on the road. God forbid.


  18. I don't feel sorry for them stupid riders who think they're invincible by speeding without protective gear especially the female pillion riders.


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