BREAKING NEWS: Accident in Choiseul (PHOTOS)

BREAKING NEWS: Accident in Choiseul (PHOTOS)
One of the injured persons.

Several persons sustained injuries after a car went over a precipice in Tete Morne, Choiseul this afternoon.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that an ambulance transported about three persons to hospital, but the condition of the victims is unknown at this time.

The accident occurred around 5 p.m. when the car careened off the road and plunged into the River Doree ravine, according to persons at the scene.

St. Lucia News Online is urging all motorists and pedestrians to be cautious on the roads as they make their way to and from Carnival celebrations around the island.


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  1. hunter he was going the same place he borrowed your car to go. Stupid question. I wonder where he was going?


    • Shame, shame on you .Its a stupid question and you had all the answers to it . So who more stupid . For your information I was told that he heading in that direction with my car as you proposed. beside as you can see this is not an off road vehicle.


  2. I blame public works because to me all roads near a precipice should have railings to prevent vehicles from running off.


    • Why not blame the driver for being to careless. We always blame someone else for our stupidity.


  3. While handling of the victim is Di critical, a mother's intuition and care most times kicks in. Sometimes people choke on their on blood snd a slight head elevation of the head keeps us here with us. Rubbing alcohol on hand. People need to be professionally trained to assist in times like this. Cpr etc.


    • Sure would. Many persons have been crippled that way. If my husband was unconscious the time of his accident he would have been crippled today. Because people on the accident site insisted on getting him off the vehicle. But he ask them not touch him wait for paramedics. Thank God he did . he had a broken neck bone and if was not handle properly he would have been like a damage cabbage. He was placed in halow brace for three months to be restore back to healing


  4. Such a bad way of handle someone involve in an accident. His spine could be damage and by handling him this way can cause more damage that can cripple the invidaul. They should have left the person and assure him that help is on way and let the trained personnel to handle the person. Many people have have crippled that way.


    • I was thinking the same thing. I just think that while we are good people willing to help, we do not know better and might end up doing more harm than good. I am happy that everyone is safe and that people were on hand to assist.


    • They giving the victim tender loving care (TLC) which enhances the patient care experience whilst he/she is alive.


  5. Looks bad..i just love to see the way st.lucian ppl always eager to give accident victims life saving attention...but imagine if that same rasta man was hiking a ride he would never get it.


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