BREAKING NEWS: Morne Du Don house destroyed by fire

BREAKING NEWS: Morne Du Don house destroyed by fire


A vacant, two-storey house located at Morne Du Don, Castries caught fire early Tuesday morning.

Reports are that the inferno started in the upper flat of the house at about 5:40a.m.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service encountered some difficulties when they arrived at the scene.

Reports are that the traffic caused the team to arrive late and the nearby hydrant had no water.

When the water did flow, the pressure was too low to help oust the fire.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire.


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  1. Put more storage tanks at the top of Mon du Don to improve the water supply to the community and to increase the water pressure in the fire hydrants.


  2. The fire service arrived after the house was completely destroyed. All they had to do was try to put off the small flame that was left. Also from since Saturday we have no water in the area, though it came this morning the pressure is still very low. Said this to prove the points that there is no efficiency on the part of the authorities. There seems to be no vision for the future, as to realizing that the Morne DuDon Rd, should be a one way giving smooth flow of traffic thus residents with vehicles parking on one side, creating ridiculous traffic most times. My other point, what is wrong with the water situation in St Lucia?
    Just when one would think that WASCO has taken proactive steps to make the water situation better, it rather stays the same for way too long. All that seems to be happening is talk, talk and more talk, but no action, no evidence in the facilities being better or improved. We need caring authorities to look after the needs of the people.............Sorry for the loss of this house, keep strong and lets hope that we come together assist this family in this time of need.


    • you are right on the head, also note that there has been a reduced rainfall since ...? last year November


    • you're right on all but one, the vacant house, no one lives there, not even the homeless.
      also my people besides that please note that there has been a significant reduction in rainfall from since November last year..... becareful how we operate especially with things that can start a fire..


    • People it time we rise up and take a radical stand for this non sense to stop.. Cause it looks like talking is not working any more.


  3. The water pressure was to low because the water is cut every night, how are we saposed to control a fire woth no water?


    • You should read some of the reports about the dam and how much it will cost to fix.

      If you think it's a problem now, wait to see what it will be like in a few more years.


    • we can do it by being mindful of our activities e.g: keep surroundings clean, especially from things that can start a fire, broken glass, tin, fire combustion item,,,, dry tigs / branches, bush and garbage...


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