UPDATE: Three held for questioning after gruesome Soufriere chopping

UPDATE: Three held for questioning after gruesome Soufriere chopping


A chopping incident which occurred on Wednesday evening in Soufriere reportedly stemmed from a land dispute between the victim and his four attackers.

Reports are that three of the four men who attacked Stephen Melius, 36, are being questioned by the police and are currently assisting with the investigations.

Melius, from Esperance, Soufriere was returning from his farm when he was attacked.

He was discovered lying in a pool of blood close to the Mocha Bridge, Fond St. Jacques at around 7:00 p.m. and was bleeding profusely from the head.

Residents were surprised by the incident, stating that the community is a peaceful one.

Melius was taken to the Soufriere Hospital and later transferred to Victoria Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.


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  1. Neither of you guys have targeted the real issue at hand....there have been way too many chopping incidents happening lately...the other night as I waited for a friend outside this man was approaching me....cutlass in hand...he was a hundred feet away but I prepped myself for if any should go down...its law that cutlasses be wrapped on public road or among domestic environment....the other thing is...i can go to s&s or any hardware store rather and purchase a cutlass quite easily...


    • It's quite dumb to sat ppl should need a licence to buy a cutlass...will ppl need a licence to buy knives,glasses,ice picks ,wood saws? All these inflict harmful damage....so give some thought to ur comment before you make yourself look stupid


  2. Correction:
    I also said that we will soon be in upheaval when murders are committed indiscriminately because we failed to bring to justice the murderers of persons who we deem of no good character. Fact is even the most wayward among us are still people and if a society supports the murder of any person murder itself will become normal. Well sad to say. Tanto, Tanto. Do you want me to predict the rest?


  3. I am sure you can recall my predictions that any news on St. Lucia would be coming from outside St. Lucia. Even though we live in St. Lucia the current system is designed to keep the masses ignorant, uniformed about their rights and what is going on. I also predicted that what the government don't want to do for the people will be forced upon them to do by outside influences. Look now the US and Europeans are forcing them to establish a better judicial system and open the new hospital. I also said that we will soon be in upheaval when murders are committed indiscriminately because we failed to bring to justice persons who we deem of no good character. Well sad to say. Tanto, Tanto. Do you want me to predict the rest?


  4. You mean to tell me that those bastards chopped the man over land. How many of us leave God's green earth with land, money house cars, clothes and jewelry when our time come to go yonder.
    This shit have been goi ng on for years. About who the land belongs too
    This is a dam shame, why cant we live and let live.
    Naked we come and we dont go with nothing. Greed greed is an absolute sin.


  5. If twenty people can testify to witnessing a murder and can identify the murderer, then you do not even need a murder weapon or even the body for that matter, to get a conviction.
    Forensics have become very important in today's world to get convictions for murders where the murderer has managed to commit the crime in the absence of witnesses and obvious evidence pointing towards himself. (The dead man "talks").
    In St. Lucia the few carefully planned murders in the absence of witnesses are almost impossible to solve, unfortunately. I've always said that you need very brilliant minds to solve murders that people have tried their best to conceal. Average minds may not even be able to solve crossword puzzles let alone solve concealed murders. Murder detectives are, in this day and age, "elite" intuitively gifted and trained persons, not traffic "cops", "beat" constables!! Don't get me wrong we need traffic police and "beat" constables , but not to solve murders.
    Some of those murders that are done in broad daylight, or in plain view of many persons result in arrests, remand without bail and release after 4 to 5 years without a proper trial taking place. Management of those cases over time becomes a problem.
    Remember insanity can be seen as doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results.
    When things are not working you need to do something different!!


  6. Too many choppings and stabbings in this little country. The criminals have become more brazen or emboldened. Oil the gallows and start hanging them.
    I also feel that a dedicated telecommunications network for the Poliice complete with police walkie-talkies and repeater stations is critical to enhancing the effectiveness of the RSLPF.


  7. The tenor of the SLP's Administration since 1997 is coming home to roost.

    Since that time over 500 St. Lucians have been murdered as our society has become more vulgar and crass. We have lost our civility. We have no values or standards. Aside from murders we have increased rapes, choppings and thefts. We do not understand the civility that should come with advancement.

    Does it matter? Yes it does!

    Societies are judged on the quality of life. This quality of life even if our salaries are not as high as some other places in the world assures us that we live at a standard higher than the monetary values. It allows us to leave our doors open at home without fear of breakins, or not hear curse words on the street, or have faith in the stability of our relationships including marriage, or guarantees workplace productivity hence more profits and future investment and more jobs.

    Instead we have vulgar SLP operatives with talk shows spewing venom on a daily basis. We have the undermining of public institutions including the police force by the SLP. We have absolutely no concern about social issues and support for Christian values. We have policies and actions only focused on the self aggrandizement of the SLP elite (and by elite I do not mean people with standards). Regularly we hear stories of millionaire investors who leave St. Lucia because of the 'money under the table' culture and the incompetence of public officials. How many well off visitors would be willing to buy property and invest in St. Lucia like Barbados if we have a decent society. Can you imagine how many potential investors have left St. Lucia after dealing with our self righteous civil servants or after having gone to Gros Islet on Friday night to be offered drugs, prostitutes and any kind of sexual deviancy you can imagine. After driving on our roads for 10 minutes how many potential investors have been put of by the mayhem and potential death by careless driving.
    Over the past 17 years we have probably lost 3 -5% growth every year because of SLP incompetence, mismanagement and their inability to develop a society with the decency for a successful environment.
    But if you raise these issues in St. Lucia you will be laughed at so we will continue to go backwards every year.

    Well there is also another story developing. The world is going into depression that will be worst than 2008 as the scamps in the USA and Europe and across the world are going to be held account for their desasterious economic policies.
    Do not say you have not been warned as this incompetence including that of the SLP comes home to roost. We are in serious trouble in 2016 with unemployment going to climb to 30 or 35%.


  8. My God what is going on in st.lucia? Is this the new trend for 2016. Why are people so heartless. What on God's green earth can have person or persons attack an individual in such a calculated way onhis way from his farm. We need to bring back the death penalty. The cutlass was left by the victim. If this so called lab was operational then detectives could get some finger prints off of the weapon of choice.

    But then again criminals knows we have no dam labs that can do such, hence the reason why we have people chopping, stabbing rapping shooting people because we have no way of bringing then to justice .what a banch of salopta in St.lucia

    The prime minister is not addressing these kinds of criminal activities on the island. Are waitingGod forbid when some fool attack a visitor smfh.


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