Bread prices increase!

Bread prices increase!

Below is a statement from the St. Lucia Bakers’ Association

Please be advised that as of Monday 11th August, 2014 the price of decontrolled white bread and whole wheat bread will be increased. The new prices are as follows:

All packets of white rolls, hamburgers, hotdogs, butter bread, butter loaves and french will move from $2.00 per packet to $2.50 per packet.

All packets of whole wheat rolls, loaves, and sandwich will move from $2.50 per packet to $2.75 per packet.

In recent times we have had to absorb the price increases of flour, sugar, water, electricity, value added tax (vat) on salt, yeast, butter, margarine, shortening, packaging, as well as the increases in the wholesale price of gas and diesel.

This increase in the price of bread has become necessary in an effort to try to mitigate the effects of the almost 25% increase in some of the above mentioned items and other indirect costs associated with the production of bread and the operations of our businesses.

We wish to thank our many customers for their patronage over the years and hope that we have their understanding and continued support.


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  1. Now come on people, it is the price of the decontrolled bread that has been increased. You therefore have a choice to buy the controlled bread - that is the creole loaves and the others can remain on the shelf. We need to stop complaining about everything, don't sit and expect things to happen, we need to get up and make things happen.


  2. we can also compare ourselves to Ethiopia where millions starve. A nation's standard of living is not dependent upon how poor other countries are. This type of thinking will surely lead you to swimming in a gutter somewhere. don't we have an ambition to be compared with the best in the world. Don't Americans or even Bermudians clamour for action when their economy drops or there are losses in the jobs market? When the government manages the economy badly?

    I really cannot believe my eyes when I read shit from people who supposed to know better. So Mr/Mrs high and mighty because you have been blessed or privileged to travel to 60 countries and call yourself "Extensively travelled." You think that after you have bled who you have bled the poor you can now turn to the St. Lucian public that the underwear that on them that belong to the bank and tell them look at countries like Cambodia, Vietnam etc. Why don't you try living like that for a while. People in your positions have only benefitted from the hard sweat of workers in building an economy and they take a joyride to the top then come and advise those that they have used.

    Well mister/mam the youth are not going to be like people living in Cambodia or Vietnam living on 1 dollar a day with one leg. pretty soon you are the one who will be missing a leg. Wait and watch.

    We are St. Lucians and we deserve the best so whoever you are get the hell out of our country. We portray to others that we are paradise meanwhile we here living like Cambodians. Man to hell with your Cambodia shit and go preach that to your family so that you could probably stop sucking blood to travel.


    • Get the hell out of your country? I have my own country and I have no desire to move to anyone else's but thank you for the advice.


  3. Ok the price of a loaf of bread increased, biggy? Businesses increase the prices of their product to cover cost if there is an increase in the cost to produce the product. Be it an increase in staff numbers or other expenses such as rent on their business etc. Big picture again guys...

    I don't walk into Woolworth/coles/ M&S etc and say, "oh olive oil has gone up in price what the hell is the government doing?". My train of thought is always I suppose there has been an increase in the manufacturing cost to the olive oil farmer which has been passed on to the supermarket who sells the produce. They need to cover that cost, this is business and then I move on.

    Lastly, as for those of you crying poor. In my time travelling quite extensively to over 60 countries I don't see saint lucian as being poor. I think you guys have a lot more than a lot of countries that I have visited such as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Sudan, Kenya and even some European countries in the eastern block. The number of poor children on streets in Vietnam and Thailand begging for cash, people with no limbs and no means of affording a hospital visit sleeping on streets, mothers and fathers trying to sell you their sons and daughter just to earn a usa dollar to eat. You guys aren't that bad in the Caribbean. Be thankful for that and rather than sweat about the small things work on ensuring you don't end up like one of those countries because you have lots of potential. Less complaining and more action I say. Don't make out like you are the only ones doing it tough in the world, you are not. ( oh and those of you who are going to swear at me and call me ill educated etc. with reference to this post, can I have something a bit more original, it gets a bit tiresome and boring when the retort to ones comment is a tirade of aggression, anger or an attempt to embarrass me. None of which works. lol)


  4. "Watermark" don't be a fool to have other fools following you. How can there be an improvement to the product when in fact what you paid for was just an increase in the cost of producing the same item? I think you are just another one trying to passively justify an increase on poor people. Lcians becareful mof wolves in sheep clothes.

    Poor people shouldn't have to be paying for an increase in bread. NOT AT THIS TIME.


  5. Whether an increase in bread or busfare who has to pay for it? So bus drivers are even getting jealous over not being part of the hike or explotation spree on poor people. Jourdi Jour You ever hear something like that?

    Bus drivers, you do not pay tax on your business. We do on all our income and business. We do not get consessions on fuel, tyres and parts. You do. Yet still we still have to drive and maintain our vehicles to do our work. We do not get rebates. You do. Taxi drivers also get duty free consessions on the purchase of vehicles. We don't get that bwa.

    Since this economic crisis wasn't caused by non of us how come is only one set paying? Am speaking of the 5% proposed cut in civil servants salaries.

    Then bus fares and Taxi fares and prices should be cut if the PM says that EVERYBODY has to sacrifice.

    You all will kow whats good for you all when politicians start laughing at you all in public like they have already started. Ye FOOLS.


  6. which ever government that deh they still gonna run us down somehow, but the real question is what are yourll doing to help yourselves in them kinda times? There is worse to come....God said things are going to get worse in the last days he didnt say better so that better days phrase yourll lingering on wasting time AND SAYING KENNY SAY BETTTER DAYYS we all know there is nothing called better days whether u are UWP OR SLP Learn to provide on your own stop waiting for goverment for yourll daily bread!!!


    • What convenience to quote the bible. Remember the bible is over 2000 years old and it never gave a time frame for the worse days and I believe when this worse days come today will be like a very good Christmas.

      Are you saying that the government lied to us when they said "BETTER DAYS ARE COMING"?


      • of course they lie all politicians LIE!!!!!! THEY ALWAYS PROMISING AND OVER YEARS WE SEE ITS ALL THE SAME


  7. "Realist" are you really listening to yourself? Pretty soon nothing will be good for us as long as there is an increase. The privilege that you and others have in enjoying computer communication is a PRIVILEGE. It is not a right and there are several others who are not as privileged as you in terms of affording a nice balanced diet (albeit expensive just the same)as well. So your opinion doesn't represent and you don't speak for the less fortunate among us (who are in the majority) who cannot even afford to have our opinoins made known on this post through not having the technology neither the means.

    This is the main reason why St. Lucia has been a faliure because certain sects among us believe that their opinions represent what others should be thinking. Please think when making these baseless and generalized statements as not eveybody is financially independent as you. Unless you can give a poor mother of five starving children an alternative. B.S. Do Whats Right Stop speading propaganda for lame political parties at the expense of poor people.


  8. Lets look on the bright side, Bread is something that we should try and stay away from..for health reasons, Diabetes hypertension, obesity which put us at risk for other chronic diseases. Lets not eat it everyday


  9. Please be reminded that voting for a party makes no sense. You vote for an individual and last but not least. Stop following you'll party around because you and your family will pay if the party loses. Victimisation is rampant in st lucia and to be honest our PM needs to go. Enforce drink driving/riding and have an independent company control traffic. Police officers don't arrest their friends if they're drunk and driving. Way to many police officers don't respect their uniforms.
    Bread is very unhealthy but it's easier and faster to buy bread so we buy bread. Try to consume less bread and go back to eating oatmeal, cream of wheat, cornmeal etc. Go back to eating bakes, cassava, corn and roti. Work the land lucians like we use to in Sir John's era and im sure you guys remember that our roads were built from the banana farmers money. Things wont get any better unless we stick together and import less. The father gave us the land to work it and we shall rip the benefits of it. We need a government who is a great leader, one who is kind, loving, great leadership skills, one who is patriotic and wants nothing but the best for his people, caring and has the heart of a lion. Mr Anthony is greedy, ungrateful to you the people who placed him there and shall I say grateful to only the ones close to him. To sell our land to foreigners like slaves being sold back in the day or even today. Women run the world, women of our sweet island please put you'll feet down and stand firm. Strike when the government pulls his bull all of you should stay home. See how quick the island gets to a stop.



  10. i would have never imagined st lucia had so many misinformed people how can there be so many ignorant people in such a small space no wonder there is so little improvement ni the quality of life. all these idiots blame government for everything regardless of which party is the government of the day, but this is reflective of the level of intelligence because there have been two political parties for ages can we not find a new breed of politicians to pave the streets of st.lucia with gold or find oil or diamonds so these lazy ... can stop blaming govt for everything


  11. A whole bunch are waiting for government to make the days better. Keep on waiting. The quicker you get off your royals the better the days will become. Just remember that life is "what you make it". Please get off of it to make things better for you.