Brazil, Saint Lucia express mutual admiration

Brazil, Saint Lucia express mutual admiration

Ambassador of Brazil, His Excellency Sergio Couri presented his credentials to His Excellency Dr. Emsco Remy, Deputy Governor General of Saint Lucia on August 19 during an official ceremony at Government House.

Ambassador Couri conveyed his admiration for Saint Lucia’s two Nobel Prize winners, and said that he hoped their creativity would inspire relations between Saint Lucia and Brazil.

“Economic and technical missions to Saint Lucia have focused on assistance in areas such as health, public housing, bio-energy, agriculture, and resource management,” he said. “I hope we may be able to foster such discussions, and convey them to concrete actions.”

He also noted that Saint Lucia has a remarkable foundation in multilateralism as it is a member of more than 40 international organizations, and that it has been known to “display an understanding of and support for Brazilian positions.”

His Excellency Dr. Remy agreed that the relationship between Saint Lucia and Brazil is mutual.

“The foundation on which our relationship has been established has resulted in mutual support for the countries’ candidatures to various international and regional organizations,” he said.

“Diplomatic relations between Saint Lucia and Brazil have also strengthened. Brazil recently came to our aid with a donation of US$15,000 through the FAO, to assist our agricultural redevelopment following the passage of the disastrous 2013 Christmas Eve trough. The Government of Saint Lucia wishes to express its sincere appreciation for this, and numerous other projects undertaken through the bilateral assistance program.”

Dr. Remy also expressed Saint Lucia’s admiration for and recognition of Brazil as one of the more important emerging economies of the world.

Brazil’s foreign policy leads it to pursue relationships with all countries, regardless of religious, political or cultural traits, and to enlarge its economic frontiers by means of broad exchange with the international community.


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