Brawl near Vigie roundabout temporarily halts “last lap”

Brawl near Vigie roundabout temporarily halts “last lap”

news-logo673Police are investigating a street brawl between of a group of young males that briefly interrupted the “last lap” of Carnival in Castries on Tuesday, July 21.

Police brought several persons into custody. It is not clear if anyone sustained injuries.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that at around 5 p.m. a group of males from Conway, Castries allegedly attacked another group of males from La Clery, Castries. The incident occurred in the vicinity of the Vigie roundabout.

The eyewitness further alleged that a firearm was brandished by one of the males. A police officer nearby also pulled his firearm and the situation was quickly diffused.

“Carnival was on a pause by the Vigie roundabout. An officer almost shot a gun… he halted. Police went with the La Clery guys but they didn’t start the war. The Conway guys attacked La Clery a little after Northwest, but when La Clery retaliated the police got in and rolled on La Clery.”

The source described the scene as “pure commotion”.

“People scatter,” the eyewitness said.

A number of sources told SNO that the Carnival was not incident-free.

“Incident free? I passed a dude yesterday, four fellas buss up the dude’s face. There is no way it was incident-free. Maybe the incidents were not reported.”

SNO also received reports that a Carnival Queen contestant received face/head injuries at the hands of another female during an altercation during Carnival.

A senior police officer confirmed the brawl near the Vigie roundabout but could not provide any details. The officer was unable to confirm the incident involving the pageant contestant.


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  1. The only reason the young man from Conway was not arrested when the police did see him with the because he is son to the Police Officer.... smdh


  2. I was near the brawl and I just see people running. Heard some people talk about the gun fiasco. A friend got a pluck from a bottle.


  3. Just ban that ""Farewell to the flesh! Mardi Gras/Carnival - The festival of the wolf" ting! Do your research! All that useless almost naked revelry in the streets is really something that should not be condoned in a society. But of course it would be something the "majority" would like because it concerns over indulgence in the consumption of alcohol and nasty dancing etc. So lemme see now... how many of them could now b their children school books.... just my opinion! Jesus soon come!


    • The money that is used for carnival should be injected into EDUCATION....there are a lot of people who want to further their education & can't afford. Also, there are students who have POTENTIAL but have to drop out because their parents really CANNOT assist them & when you face the banks - they ask you for all your great-grandmother's information that you have NO idea where to obtain it & at times, when you provide them with the information, you still DO NOT get the finance you need. STOP opening doors to the EVIL world!


  4. Carnival is never incident FREE!!... as long as its music rhum crowds and these useless thugs in the streets..then you will get fights and blood!! its an open space so no one can prevent these things from happening... Just now you will hear ignorant people asking the government to do something about it or police not doing their jobs.


    • "NO ONE CAN PREVENT THESE THINGS FROM HAPPENING! " sure can, it sure can be prevented; in devi dually. Take a stand for GOD: totally surrendering to GOD's will.....are you ready for that! There is a battle for the mind, who is allowed to lead? GOD or satan; it MUST be one or the other, CANNOT be both; your call now, choose ye this day whom ye will serve........if GOD be GOD, serve HIM..... end of story.


  5. I don't why it is always where the law abiding are vagabonds choose to display their bad manners. Ensure they feel the weight of the law.


  6. "SNO also received reports that a Carnival Queen contestant received face/head injuries at the hands of another female during an altercation during Carnival" ... woie. it getting serious when women fighting. and it was a carnival queen contestant getting attacked. wonder what went wrong there


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