Brave or careless? “Cocoy” fatally shot while walking near enemy territory

Brave or careless? “Cocoy” fatally shot while walking near enemy territory
Kasha Theophane (right) and her brother Danny Theophane who was gunned down Friday night.
Kasha Theophane (right) and her brother Danny Theophane who was gunned down Friday night.

The sister of a 19-year-old man who was fatally shot Friday night in Castries city, said her brother may have “felt his death” earlier that day.

Danny Theophane, aka Cocoy, a resident of Conway, Castries, was shot as he walked in the vicinity of the Soufriere bus stop at about 11:20 p.m. He ran and collapsed by the St. Lucia Marketing Board where he died. A female bystander sustained a gunshot wound to the arm.

Kasha Theophane told St. Lucia News Online this evening (July 12), that she was at home when she heard the gunshots.

“When I went outside somebody tell me it’s him (Danny) then I saw him on the ground, but the police told me to stand back,” she said.

Kasha said – based on information gathered from her brother’s friends – Danny behaving strange for most of the afternoon.

She said Danny’s girlfriend offered him food and he refused it. Her brother was also not in a talkative mood.

“… Maybe he felt his death,” she said.

Later in the evening, Danny and his friends decided to attend the Gros Islet Street Party. They all went on a bus, but surprisingly Danny changed his mind, according to his sister.

“He came off the bus and told them he gonna make a round,” she said.

Kasha said about two of Danny’s friends decided to accompany him because they were concerned that he was going to travel by himself knowing that he had enemies in the vicinity.

According to Kasha, her brother’s friends were also concerned that he was taking a route near enemy territory” She said he insisted.

“He knows his enemies on the other side… sometimes there he want to pass,” she said.

Moments later shots rang out and everyone, including Danny, ran.

The wounded Danny ran as fast he could but only made it close to a bakery/Marketing Board area where he fell.

Danny “Cocoy” Theophane

When asked if her brother was a “bad boy”, Kasha said as his sister, she would always be expected to defend him. However, she did admit that Danny regularly hung with Conway “crew”, which made him a target.

She said whether or not someone is a member of a crew, once you’re seen hanging with a crew or any member of the crew, the enemies “will come at you”.

Kasha said she is not aware of her brother involved in any shootings but she said once “you’re in that type of life” anything is expected.

She also tried to explain that having born and grew up in Conway, her brother naturally became “one” with other youths in the community. She said when a neighbouring community or gang has problems with anyone from Conway, all residents, especially the males, become targets. As such, everyone would unite to defend each other.

“They were his friends,” she said.

She said her brother never attended high school. He dropped out in “standard 4 at Methodist school”.

The reason? “He was troublesome,” she said.


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  1. a couple years ago my last brother went to the dance upstairs the market. while he was there a group of young men from conway tried to rob him of his chain. They attacked him when he did not want them to take his chain. he said to me 'sis a whole side of fellas was running behind me to kill me I was fast enough to run away' leaving my bro with a huge gash on his hand, we reported this to the police but they never investigated the matter. I told him bro don't worry all have their day....... I have never forget this up to this day. becareful wat you do to people..... caz wat goes around comes back around!


  2. enemy territory?????? such a low statement......smh this is some crazy shit....R.I.P....hope your soul rest in peace and only GOD your creator can judge matter wat sin u commit jus know no sin is greater than an it u took 1 cent and some body else took 10000 u still sinned and GOD and only him can judge u ...condolences and sympathy to the Theophane family.....cuz one i have learnt in life is who feels it knows it!!!


  3. We living in a satanic world ,where we mistake good for evil,yes we have to blame the parent,but at the same time the government has to take majority of the blame for not putting things in place for parents who don't send their kids to school,and finding out why,government seriously don't care about the poor, more churches needs to go in the ghettos n helping with a lot,most of this children raise in broken homes,where they see their father beating their mother,father into drugs,fathers absent,ghetto kids have it real had I feel their pain,we parents think is all about holding our daughter tight,but we need to hold on to our son tighter,its not about teaching ur son to be rough but showing him love instead of him looking for love from his ghetto friends,its not easy waking up in a ghetto,tough life,R.I.P but we all have to go so don't judge live that for god to do,n if he repent is him n god,we don't know who will enter heaven in dis times weh we all seek things of the world


  4. I am not a school teacher. No! but do not lay blames of child delinquency upon the teachers.
    Why not blame their parents? Most school teacher (if they are parents, their children end up at universities)
    Don't that say alot about the teachers who have to deal with our children and at the end of the day still give their children lessons?
    Some parents should be ashamed of themselves.



  5. Things that child do already nobody was calling for justice but on this friday he had to go n njoi himself he decide to take another road most likely to robe, steal even to look for unnecessary trouble for his other friends cause that's wat they do these days, he was seen before another group first. They both start openin fire on each other he get shot by who know who dies on spot n now his cousin want to come on news with the guts to show her face n talk about justice, smfh. She is one of those that shoplift n steal in town talk bout justice for the ppl ur'll do things everyday.


  6. This is sad, government needs to step in now.I hope he had time ask GOD for repentance because if not he's in a christless eternity


  7. Where is the evidence that lack of education or lack of jobs is the cause of all this violence


  8. To all those who seem to have an issue with my comments and others alike are just being defensive because they may know people from the ghetto, used to live in the ghetto or are still living in the ghetto. Now there is nothing wrong with that, absolutely nothing wrong, but if you search within yourself and you will find that even with your limited means there was something that could have been done to give this child a better life. We like using the ghetto as an excuse for the poor choices we make. This is not a case where a headstrong 16 year old decides not to go school, this was an eleven year, eleven! I will not buy that poverty crap, and please don't feed people anymore of your socio eeconomic theories, they are reall just a scapegoat, we just don't want tomface the real issue here.... parenting!


  9. Once upon a time when a child was absent from school the teacher would find out whats wrong or the police would be notified to visit the home to question the parents as to the child not attending school...this is community policing...just saying


  10. stop the violence people and pray, God is good he'll help you get what you want in life


  11. Leaving school at this tender age. Why didn't the teacher get involved. Why wasn't the police get contacted. Why didn't the parents get arrested. Why Why Why.....


  12. Food for Thought. Why is it that in terms of gang shooting etc. the criminals always seem to be ahead of the Police. Even when the Police has no leads as to who committed the crime the gang members always seem to know who target and retaliation soon follows.
    Have you noticed? It usually doesn't even take them 7 days...

    >>>I believe to many people are covering up.
    If you are afraid to talk, give anonymous tips right here in the comment section of Saint Lucia News Online.<<<


  13. but to me is shots he and his friends came to fire behind some guys. Seems one of his own friends shot him. Cops should investigate deeper....