Bradley Felix is not looking out for the needs of Choiseulians

Bradley Felix is not looking out for the needs of Choiseulians
Minister Felix
Minister Felix

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Sustainable and Well-planned Development Action Group (SWDAG) agrees with the Parliamentary Rep Hon. Bradly Felix that development should not be “thrust down people’s throats.”

Therefore when people push for answers and ask that things be done rightly and in accordance to the laws that govern Saint Lucia, he should not see them as the enemy or ‘wanting to stop or retard development’.

The constituents of Choiseul have repeatedly confessed to not being informed or consulted regarding the proposed Sab Richard Sunset Bay Fairmont Hotel, (an infringement that did not begin with this administration).

In 2016, early 2017, quietly publicized meetings regarding the project were organised. A small, targeted audience was invited and most of the affected Choiseulians were left in the dark. In response to the groundswell of questions and concerns from Choiseulians on the proposed Sab Richard project, SWDAG organized two Town Hall meetings in the community; one on Sunday July 30 and the other on August 27.

At the August 27 meeting the Parliamentary Rep Hon. Bradly Felix and Pinkley Francis, CEO of Invest Saint Lucia were present.

We brought to their attention a letter from the Development Control Authority (DCA) dated April 22, 2016 sent to the lawyers of the hotel developers GP GROUP JSC. The letter communicated that the DCA Board on April 20, 2016 had granted Approval In Principle for Touristic Land Use and Concept SUBJECT to the following 7 Conditions:

1. All ravine and requisite ravine buffer to be indicated on conceptual plan;
2. The developer has to provide and indicate on plan 341 functional parking spaces dimensioned to DCA standards;
3. The developer to provide and indicate on plan, public access to the beach;
4. The developer to specify the building setbacks as per DCA standards on the proposal;
5. The developer to provide the floor layout for the four bedroom villas;
6. Submission of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report;
7. Advertisement of the proposal.

With regards to the Condition 7, we (SWDAG) pointed out to the esteemed gentlemen that the letter specified the regulations of the Physical Planning and Development Act.

It was communicated to the developers in that letter the requirement to place notice of the development in two consecutive issues of a leading newspaper. A signboard of the proposed plans were to be simultaneously placed in a visible location on the proposed site of the development. The notice of development was to ELICIT comments and or recommendations from any resident or landowner which were to be submitted to the DCA. We made it clear to the head table that GP GROUP had not fulfilled these requirements to date.

At the SWDAG meeting on August 27, 2017 constituents asked for a meeting with the developers. Both Mr. Felix and Mr. Francis promised to do their best to make that happen. We made consistent communication that went unanswered for several months. Seeing that no response was forthcoming, we had to resort to using an unfamiliar number to get to Mr. Felix. He did answer. (That was more than six months after our request was first made.) Mr. Felix confessed to not having communicated our request to the developers. Mr. Francis has yet to get back to us as well. It is apparent to us that the request of the constituents was given the scantest of regard. Work is proceeding on the site and we Choiseulians have seen no signs of a sign, advertising the proposed project. Choiseulians have a lot of questions but no answers.

Mr. Bradly was right when he uttered in his contribution to the Appropriation Bill, “We cannot rush! We have to do things right.”
We want to trust Mr. Francis when he stated at our last meeting that, “nothing happens until the laws of the land is adhered to.”

So just when is Mr. Felix going to begin to look out for his constituents and Mr. Francis going to ensure the law is adhered to? When it is too late ?


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  1. He really don't give a dame.he left it up to Tessa Jean to run choiseul. Hope Tessa help him win next tearm.


  2. Where have YOU been these past years, Anonymous?

    SWDAG has been asking questions of BOTH YellowRed GOSLs, Lorne Theophilus, Bradly Felix, etc... since March 2016.

    Neither Red nor Yellow has any answers...

    The time is RIGHT NOW for People Power!


  3. sawdag sawall this group was formed after the elections why were you'll hiding when Th st project was announced by laba


  4. SNO you should not have even published that article...this is pure BS, I have lived in Choiseul for 45 years since politicians come and go and this is the ONLY person who really has Choiseul people at heart. We really need to stop this red and yellow polarization of our people and give due when its due. Continue Comrade Bradley and do not let naysayers fade you. If Election is called tomorrow we will still have you as our representative


  5. DCA always so quick to shut down local building project for any little reason or even NONE at all. How is it the Bulgarians get away with sooo much environmental destruction in sooo short a time? And Lucians still giving them Passports to sell...


  6. Choiseulians, lets continue to stand up and speak out for what is right and what is yours. Keep putting pressure on them until they deliver what they promised.

    Do the right thing!


  7. It’s sad but it seems like the more things change, the more they remain the same...Especially in Choiseul.

    I had an issue with the rep at the onset of the DSH agreement. His video on the mangroves, and the subsequent declaration by the PM that even the mangroves were on the table severely undermined his authority. And let’s face facts, it made him look ill-informed and very “suspect” as the popular saying goes. Choiseulians have really been taken for a ride with their reps. I remember a kid in Choiseul, the days of Brian. It was bad then, it’s progressively gotten worse under each administration. I’ll be frank in saying that anyone was probably better than the last rep, however Bradley has been a real let down. As a professional, he would have been fired for his role in DSH if he still worked at the bank. As a politician, he gets to be called honorable instead. We all expected a whole lot more from him in particular. There was a real sense of change, a sense that Choiseul would finally be taken from the shadows and brought into the 21st century. It’s with sadness that I write this, but my generation refuses to put respect for elders and upholding the status quo over justice and doing the right thing. The youth have been let down, the constituents in general have been let down by his representation.

    This is not about UWP or SPL. This is about a role model from the soil that we all thought would provide us with true leadership and see to the needs of Choiseulians. Instead, we're been sold down the river just as the rest of the country by one of our own. That's the real let down for me.


  8. You guys are too small to be informed haven't you seen how things are being done in this country now?


  9. No surprise that Mr Hair Club for Men(think he cute) acts in this manner. His palm is well grease. He does not even live there anymore and rear his ugly head now and then. The citizens have the right to know how their quality of life will be affected and therefore hold his foot to fire until they get the answers they are seeking. If all avenue of communication have failed mass civil disobedience on the project. Its your country your quality of life , your god given birthright to know what's happening in your community.


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