Bradley Felix confident of win despite Bousquet’s prediction

Bradley Felix confident of win despite Bousquet’s prediction
Minister Felix
United Workers Party (UWP) candidate, Bradley Felix.
United Workers Party (UWP) candidate, Bradley Felix.

In spite of being told that he will not succeed at the next election, United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus, Bradley Felix, has said he remains confident that he will prevail.

The former banker told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview that he would have liked to work with former UWP minister and Choiseul/Saltibus Member of Parliament (MP) Rufus Bousquet.

“I would have loved to work with Rufus, to allow him to share with me, some of his experience and maybe some of his own plans that may not have come to fruition…but I guess he has his own agenda,” he said.

Bousquet had said that Felix, will lose the election, because he was unwittingly part of a process that allegedly attempted to disenfranchise the people in Choiseul and was handpicked to become the candidate.

Felix told SNO that in going around the constituency, many people have raised the issue that Bousquet has approached asking for their support. But Felix said most of the people have indicated to him that what he is attempting to do, does not make sense and he should support him instead.

Asked whether he is concerned that Bousquet might consider running as an independent candidate, Felix said he has thought about it, but said he is sure that he will not be successful.

“At the end of the day, we will recognise who will be victorious, and I am sure Rufus will not be one of them. Rufus has been one of those persons who has worked for Choiseul, but there comes a time when you must pass on the baton, when your time has come,” the UWP candidate remarked.

Felix recalled Bousquet disappearing completely from the constituency, after announcing that he was ill.

“I guess having recognizing that there seems to be some change, he sees it as an opportunity to come in. But the people have spoken. The people have said, listen, your time is gone,” Felix said.


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  1. For some reason Mr.Felix doesn't look like he'll be doing anything for the community.He looks like the type to be around the big shots & ignore the ppl if he gets into office...I am no fan of Lorne T.A-chillot but Mr.Felix doesn't seem to be a man of the people...Take a close look at him & tell me if you don't see what I'm seeing.


    • I can tell you that's exactly what is already happening. This man wins it's his hot shot friends first. They're already lined up


  2. Are we evet going tk mature as a people? Irrespective of party you would think in 2016 St. Lucians would want to see the backs of political opportunists like bousquet.

    Politics is about serving a community or constituency and not about serving a representative's pocket. Unscrupulous to want to hold your party to ransom just to run a seat for a salary and perks. We have to send a clear message to all political opportunists and their self serving ambitions


  3. Bradley sure doesn't need endorsement from Rufus. What concerns me is the way he was hand picked. At the end of the day it's not Chastanet who is voting it is us the Choiseul people and we should have had a say in who we want to represent us. Already Bradley is surrounded by a group of people who deem themselves to be the elite group in Choiseul and even Soufriere. Just remember on Election Day votes are not rich or poor. Already there's a campaign manager who has undergone training in the UK and everybody knows this man is not a people's person. So who picked your team Bradley? Why are the Choiseul people not involved? You continue on that path and I don't see you winning. We want representation for all big and small; every vote counts.



    A bunch of you'all just like to come and steal, waste and use taxpayers money for personal gain. I AM WATCHING YOU MR.BANKER. You should have good money management skills, lets see you put your skills to task if you win.

    The economy of Choiseul/Saltibus is mostly farming. Let's see you boost the local economy for the people of Choiseul/Saltibus, 5 years is more than enough time for the people to see change.


  5. Hey Bradley everthing you have said there about Bousquet resembles the predicament of your partner Spider? Lol
    You see saying good bye to politics is hard to accept even whrn the cards are stacked against you .


    • Oh you so right about "saying goodbye to politics" or saying goodbye to the leadership even after Kenny changed the SLP constitution in 1997 so that the leader would serve only 2 years. The greed and power.


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