Bradley Felix chosen as UWP Choiseul/Saltibus candidate

Bradley Felix chosen as UWP Choiseul/Saltibus candidate
Bradley Felix
Bradley Felix
Bradley Felix

The United Workers Party (UWP) has endorsed its candidate for the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency.

Bradley Felix, a banker, will be contesting against the incumbent MP and Minister of Tourism, Lorne Theophilus.

This announcement comes in light of former MP Rufus Bousquet announcing plans to contest the seat as an independent, if he is not selected a UWP candidate.

Bousquet told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in a recent interview that it was rumored that somebody has already been selected to contest the seat.

“The political leader (Allen Chastanet) has already indicated who his candidate is, although he has not made a public pronouncement. The reality on the ground is that everybody knows who the individual is.”

The party is now left to endorse three more candidates.


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  1. Choiseul/Saltibus is a constituency which has been almost neglected by all who have won that seat. Choiseul has no "mass employers" in comparison to soufriere for example, which has Jade Mountain, Hotel Chocolat, Anse Chastanet, Sugar beach and the list goes on. Think about it for a single moment, where in Choiseul can any unemployed person seek employment??? Ministers have represented this constituency and done nothing to increase the employment opportunities in that regard. I pray that God guides all the voters in choosing the right representative, so we can break this ongoing cycle. Building a hotel in Choiseul has been mentioned multiple times in the past but it has not come into existence up until now. For people in the constituency of Choiseul/Saltibus need employment just like everywhere else.


  2. Let me tell you in 2004 I lost my job and my loan at BOSL went delinquent. Bradley was transferred to the VF branch and he took on a campaign to help customers who was in a similar position like me. He assisted me by issuing me a new loan that I suggested the installment plans. Today I'm still with BOSL like my other friends who was in similar cases like me. This man is a genius and people person. Good catch UWP wish I could move to your area to vote for you. I'm stuck with Kenny in VF and Mondisire not all that?


  3. It’s sad to see that we haven’t embraced a more forward thinking mentality as a people. An educated population tends to breed better leaders and thus accomplish more. Our leaders are truly a representation of the people they serve.

    I know Bradley and he is a good success story and possible role model for any young person who aspire to be successful. Given the choice between the two candidates, I would probably vote for him.
    However, what’s the difference between the Lorne and Bradley? Both successful men in their respective areas, very well accomplished, you can say they should be celebrated. But that does not make for good politicians. We keep looking for these business men to run the affairs of our country. Neither is on the ground taking an interest in the daily lives of the people they are supposed to govern. Is there a miracle that’s supposed to take place when you get elected in St.Lucia? On your first day in office, will you suddenly care about what’s happening in Caffiere, Mongouge, Fiete, Morne Jacques, River Doree, etc, etc? Is this how it works?

    Until we start looking at people who actually are on the ground in these poor communities helping the people, doing what they can with limited resources, we will always get the same service as that from the Lorne’s of this world. We keep looking at career politicians to do for us when we all know it’s just another milestone to be added to their already impressive resumes.

    I know this way of thinking might escape many. We are simple people who believe in the good of people. But we’ve done the same thing for years yet keep expecting a different outcome.


  4. The drums are finally rolling!!! Lorne you con the good and wonderful people of Choiseul. You presented yourself as as a young man with class, education and integrity not knowing you was another ...... You gave everyone your cell phone number during the last election and no one could have reached you after you won....smh. I am now giving you a test and I will vote for you if you pass it.

    Name one (1) project you did Choiseul during the past four years apart from installing five street lamps?


  5. Kenny could not see a man of such integrity and class even if he slapped him in the face.

    Come on people we need to get rid of the men and women who pass for representation in this new labour. The Bradley Felix's of the society are just the quality of persons we should be demanding. Well done Chas and the team


  6. Will Choiseul will FINALLY get a representative that actually lives in the district!!! A true man of the soil.


  7. Great choice UWP. You have my vote Bradley. About time we got rid of Lorne only now you remember that there is a Choiseul. There is no more tourism business to take care of? You suddenly got the time? Worse Rep ever... where is your legacy Lorne?
    As for Rufus your pocket...... Choiseul deserves better. Bradley all the way...


  8. Young people of Saltibus, I see you all have a new candidate for UWP. I don't know too much about this fellow.

    On the surface he looks like a young guy, banker so that means he got some experience in finance that's cool.

    I SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE HYPE "OH BRAD IS GREAT, BRAD IS GREAT" Don't fall into that trap !!

    They said that same thing for LORN NOW THEY WANT TO KICK HIM OUT !!


    Fixing playing fields, and patching roads or fixing gutters in the community is not work THAT IS MANDATORY !!

    According to statistics online Saltibus economy is heavily dependent on agriculture,(bananas, cocoa, and other tropical products are exported). That's means if you all do elect this guy.


    Five years is enough time, if you all do elect this guy TO SEE SOME CHANGE IN THE LOCAL ECONOMY !!



    When it comes to RUFUS don't even study him!! IGNORE THAT !!


  9. Great choice UWP it's time we send Lorne packing. Worse representative ever. At least Evans Calderon would pass and say Happy New Year but Lorne awa.
    You got my vote Mr. Felix


  10. We the people tired of the Sham Loving Party -the SLP. Its all smokes and mirrors, no real progress and endless con artist jobs on the side. We were promised better days, we got bitter tasting days, locally, regionally, internationally. everyone saw how bitter the days were for St. Lucians. Even non St lucians were shamed for us. November is D- day . It is the day of reckoning for you and the gang gone wild and rogue under your watch.


  11. Rufus, your arrogance have at last caught up with you.
    I don't know who the hell you think you are. Your day as a so
    called politician is over. Enjoy your Pension and see after your health.


  12. I know bradley and UWP managed to pick a guy from Choiseul with no baggage like the others. all i can say is start your campaign on the ground quick because the constituency big and you need to show your face in the little corners. you will definitely get my vote. time to tiway lawn san chilot.


    • Spot on. I was thinking the same. Go out there and meet the people now. There is a lot of canvassing to be done. Roll down you'd tinted windows and go speak to your people Brad. There is not much time


  13. The best decision the United Workers Party has ever made selecting this Gentleman to represent Choiseul. Born and raise. This is a man of Strategy, ideas, honest and so much more. Yeah we ready, we ready.


  14. Welcome Bradley . Hope you deliver to us in Choisuel . Lorne full us for the last 4 years in power. My vote goes out to you. Good Luck.


  15. ha i wish five yrs could just go by like today ending and tomorrow beginning to hear all ya'll crying for UWP out and vote Labour in again like ya'll do every election rotate parties. FOOLISH PEOPLE


  16. Congrats Bradley, you will definitely get my vote.
    Lorne, I regret I voted for you last elections. You hardly come to Choiseul, the place is dead !!!
    Rufus, all you are interested in is your pocket, your condo at The Landings & your BMW. Good riddance.


  17. Good choice. Tired of seeing Lorne face all over Facebook all of a sudden. Where were u in the last four years. Now you want votes you crawl out from under your rock? Bye Lorne


  18. Good choice. Fresh faces not running in the same old circles... St. Lucia needs all the 'oxygen' it can get.


  19. What going on in st lucia. That is all people should know of the man. Come again uwp you can send a better press release.


  20. I believe that this is a scoop! Someone with the native intelligence to add an informed opinion on economic and business policy decisions and matters. This fills a huge hole in the quality pipeline and line up of the UWP. I do not know the chap. However, there is much to applaud in UWP attracting such a candidate.


      • In the legal fraternity especially, there are two approaches: 1) You know the person, and 2) You know OF the person. In the first case, you have met the person and have had some verbal exchanges that leads you to have more than a nodding acquaintance. In the second case, you hear, read and have heard people talking about the person. The second case is like you know somebody you have never met, other than on Facebook. Got that?

        This election, and for your personal growth and development, try and get just a little more sophisticated. It will do us a world of good. Don't you think?


  21. It is past time that Rufus bouquet realize that the days of opportunistic politicians are fomonidjing. It is exactly what St. Lucia can do without.
    He did it with Sir John, continued it with Stephenson king and now tried it with Allen Chastanet. Diving in and out of his own party, publicly denigrating his own party and political leader (remember party of mongrels) and holding them to ransom.

    People must enter politics to serve their country and not their pocket. Can a person be so desperate that he would need political office to survive


    • You say those very blunt things to Refus so how comes you dont say that to political rejects like Mr Montoute whom you all are still sending up. Whats so diffrent from Refus and Montoute?
      To me they are the same wasted basket with crass opportunism about them. All they ever think about is themselves.
      Uwp time to examine yourself!


      • Spider knew when to stop but Rufus couldn't help himself he was so blatant and so common no class. Bye Bye Rufus and Lorne.


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