Boyfriend lying “bold face” after fight

Boyfriend lying “bold face” after fight

Dear Willie: Could you imagine my outrage when the following morning, after my boyfriend and I had a fight, his dad showed up to find out what actually took place? But my problem is that he said his son told them the following:

1: That I don’t cook for him

2: I don’t wash for him

3: I destroyed his belongings.

Whether we vex or not I cook and wash for the man. And his dad, who as I said came to the house, saw nothing was destroyed. I don’t think that my boyfriend even thought that his dad that would question what he said and hear the other side of the story.

My boyfriend lying bold face. I wouldn’t have mind if what he said was the truth, but I can’t deal with the fact he did that.

Dear Miss: Your boyfriend probably lied to get back at you. He was probably lied in anger due to the fight. That must’ve been a big fight or you must have said some things to hurt his feelings.

Regardless, he lied and that is not good. I suggest you communicate this with him when things have returned to normal.

If he has a problem telling the truth on a whole then that’s one less person you need in your life.

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  1. Any man who discusses what happens at his home with his family has not evolved into what a real man is suppose to be.
    He is a little boy in a grown man's body.

    You appear to be a good woman.

    You deserve an educated, sweet, loving and good man like me. And we are out there, baby.

    Just keep on looking.


  2. He's ether man manicoo or just crying I have a bobo to daddy he not a real man cus a real man handles his love life problems alone with dignity and pride as a man and don't run to mum or dad when tings rocky I bet he doh go home and rat out D bump and grind surly da man still in PAMPERS and pacifier


  3. If yuhr "boyfriend" told your dad for you after a fight you should see that you in a relationship with a boy just wanting to play house lolol, I live with my girlfriend and no matter how close I am with my parents I won't go to my dad or mom after a fight and said I argue with you because you didn't wash for me, if he living in house with you isn't he a lil old to be telling on you????


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